Short Conversations About Everything That Matters: Volume Two - During The Storm
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Book Review: Short conversations about everything that matters

Book Review: Short Conversations about everything that matters; Volume 2 During the Storm by Luke Andreski, Author and Philosopher. ISBN 9798762047951 Second book in the series “Short Conversations” by Luke, and a very important book for anyone slightly interested in making sense of Planet Earth 2021. To begin with, let me explain that we at The Dangerous Globe, came across Luke Andreski over a year ago, during our own search for
The 21st Century Lies Pandemic
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Mind Plague 1: The 21st Century Lies Pandemic

Greed is good These human-made phenomena combine to broadcast and support a socially divisive and eco-catastrophic narrative: the chosen world-view of state elites and the hyper-acquisitive 0.1%. I’ve described this narrative, not entirely hyperbolically, as a mind plague: malign, viral ideas which are causing us all harm. Ideas like these: – We’re competitive by nature; evolution designed us that way, so that’s how we should behave – The economy self-balances…
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The Batty Rider

Just to detract from all the doom and gloom we are all currently experiencing, a little bit of comedy from one of our new contributors. (This is a true story :-) Flash Fiction Second Prize - The Batty Rider, by Ann Marcial. The island mini bus was full. The fat woman took up two thirds of the seat. At her stop she heaved herself up. She wore a burnt-orange linen