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Part 4 – Democracy the Biggest Fraud of all

To begin with, Apologies for Absence   We planned to have this piece ready weeks ago, In January we put in a request to the Electoral Commission asking when the 2019 Electoral datasets were being published and they advised March. It didn’t happen, so another request last week got the reply, “hopefully by the end of this month”. While all this was going on, along came Covid 19, and,
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My Grandma’s Little Red Book

Introduction by Lana Lane I had no idea that my Grandma had started writing stories about her life in a little red book until a few months ago. We sat having a cup of tea, accompanied by her famous biscuit tin which makes an appearance on every visit. When she tentatively handed it over and told me she had just been jotting a few bits down I wasn't sure what
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Tory reports missing again

Each headline is a link to the MSM article concerned, because you cannot just make this stuff up and I just wanted to prove it to you August 2014 CONSERVATIVES SECRETLY PLAN TWO NEW GARDEN CITIES Supposed to relieve housing shortages in London and home-counties (and possibly a good way to use up all that lovely surplus land local tory politicians have been buying up over the last 10 years).