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TPS – Total Parking Solutions Scam

Parking Penalty Notices are the thing of nightmares for many motorists and with 32.8 million vehicles licensed in Great Britain, parking is becoming a lucrative system of making money from a simple plot of land. Whilst Local Authority parking sites are regulated under the 2004 Traffic Management Act, private companies are not, they are free to charge unsuspecting motorists whatever they see fit. Usually, the Rules are set out on

Dear Brexit, I love to hate you.

I have been in Arizona for roughly three weeks now. I have been asked what I study by most people I meet. I can confirm that looking into the eyes of an American, whilst I painfully try to explain what Brexit is, still has not become any easier. How is a 20-year-old, who came to the decision to study Donald Trump in order to escape the Brexit chaos, supposed to
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Tory reports missing again

Each headline is a link to the MSM article concerned, because you cannot just make this stuff up and I just wanted to prove it to you August 2014 CONSERVATIVES SECRETLY PLAN TWO NEW GARDEN CITIES Supposed to relieve housing shortages in London and home-counties (and possibly a good way to use up all that lovely surplus land local tory politicians have been buying up over the last 10 years).

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