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Because Spring didn’t know

This is one of the key reasons we started the Dangerous Globe back in 2016, was to share stuff from around the world and give everyone a chance to read things not normally written in English. Below is a translation of a translation, the original is an Italian lady with a lovely mind, Irene Velle, and her story/poem was translated into Dutch by Susan Blanco We took it a stage
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The be-all and end-all

It has now been a week since Brexit. A week for sovereignty to be regained, a week to send out the 50p’s, and a week for the United Kingdom to remain afloat. From Boris Johnson’s majority government, to estimating what the future holds. Alternatively, the past week has meant that the media’s concentration on Brexit has allowed the ever growing inequality within the United Kingdom to be overlooked once again.
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Tory reports missing again

Each headline is a link to the MSM article concerned, because you cannot just make this stuff up and I just wanted to prove it to you August 2014 CONSERVATIVES SECRETLY PLAN TWO NEW GARDEN CITIES Supposed to relieve housing shortages in London and home-counties (and possibly a good way to use up all that lovely surplus land local tory politicians have been buying up over the last 10 years).

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