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Throughout its history the UK Labour party has been flavoured with the notion that it is a “Broad Church”. This is defined  as “a group or doctrine which allows for, and caters to, a wide range of opinions and people” which originated from a description of the Anglican church “favouring a liberal interpretation or doctrine”. I have always had a problem with this loose terminology, and while it may
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My Grandma’s Little Red Book

Introduction by Lana Lane I had no idea that my Grandma had started writing stories about her life in a little red book until a few months ago. We sat having a cup of tea, accompanied by her famous biscuit tin which makes an appearance on every visit. When she tentatively handed it over and told me she had just been jotting a few bits down I wasn't sure what
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Tory reports missing again

Each headline is a link to the MSM article concerned, because you cannot just make this stuff up and I just wanted to prove it to you August 2014 CONSERVATIVES SECRETLY PLAN TWO NEW GARDEN CITIES Supposed to relieve housing shortages in London and home-counties (and possibly a good way to use up all that lovely surplus land local tory politicians have been buying up over the last 10 years).