­ The June 3rd Anthony Fauci testimony before a US Congress subcommittee has dragged the wretched Covid debate back into the public consciousness. The main objective of this hearing was to investigate the US’s response to the pandemic and its mysterious origins.

Going back to the infant stages of Covid 19, March 2020 with the benefit of hindsight we can indisputably say that most of the world’s initial response to Covid was an utter failure. (Info courtesy of cnn.com)

There’s plenty of blame to go around for this debacle. Anthony Fauci has bared the brunt of the public s ire and rightly so. People choose and or are selected for these positions of enormous responsibility on the basis of their superior intellect and impeccable credentials. Therefore they’re naturally expected to have the answers to any of these problems. Unfortunately when they failed so epically the blame falls directly on their shoulders.

Prior to the pandemic Anthony Fauci  was in the midst of a thirty eight year career as Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease beginning in November 1984 through December 2022. His reputation was pristine right up until early 2020. (Info courtesy of niaid.nih.gov)

The origination of Covid 19 is still a hotly contested subject. ­In 2021 we were informed that bats living in dark caves around the Chinese mega city of Wuhan were the culprits. At the time it sounded feasible, but the more investigating people have done it no longer appears to be very logical. Due to the immense distance between these bat habitats and Wuhan city center.

The likeliest cause of the outbreak was a laboratory leak in the city of Wuhan. Many supporters of this theory point to the existence of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which for over a decade studied coronaviruses in bats. Once overlooked in the mainstream as nothing more than a fringe conspiracy has now been taken much more seriously.

The secretive nature of the Wuhan lab and it’s connections to a North Carolina University virologist, Ralph Baric. Baric had collaborated with the Wuhan Institute in the much controversial gain-of-function research.

He would convey his concerns before congressional investigators about Chinas safety protocols. Although he stated that the Covid 19 virus more than likely emerged from “nature” he was quoted in regards to the laboratory outbreak, saying “You can’t completely rule it out.” (Info courtesy of vanityfair.com)

Let’s elaborate on what gain of function is and why it’s imperative to the early stages of the Covid spread.  Gain-of-function is a controversial research due to the enhancement of virus transmittability, replication, immune evasion and vaccine resistance to acquire insights into viral mechanisms in hopes of developing improved pandemic preparedness.

Its recently come to light that in 2014 the Wuhan Institute of Virology was awarded a grant from a US based organization EcoHealth Alliance to investigate the possibility of coronaviruses in bats. EcoHealth Alliance received 3.7 million dollars from the National Institute of Health, $600000 was allocated to the Wuhan Institute. (Info courtesy of bbc.com).

In a sense these American entities paid a Chinese Virology Institute to enhance these viruses contagions, ability to fight our immune system and resistance to vaccination. Its safe to surmise that this was a state, corporate sponsored super virus that threatened the very fabric and existence of mankind.

The first Covid 19 vaccine was introduced in December 2020. The US federal government invested 2.3 billion dollars between November 2020 and March 2022. (Info courtesy of cdc.gov)

Early reports stated that the Pfizer vaccine was 95% effective. Moderna and Johnson and Johnsons numbers weren’t far behind. This was hailed as a tremendous accomplishment modern medicine and people flocked to their local pharmacies or testing centers brimming with hope Covid would soon be completely eradicated.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, people complained of severe arm pain, extreme flu like symptoms and CDC insisted on receiving several booster shots despite the vaccines ineffectiveness.

On Monday June 17, the state of Kansas sued Pfizer Inc. The lawsuit filed by state attorney General Kris Kobach accuses the pharmaceutical mega- corp of misrepresenting the safety of its vaccine. The suit asserts the drug company  deceived the public by assuring the safety of its vaccine. (Info courtesy of bloomberglaw.com)

Getting back to Anthony Fauci, is he being rightfully vilified and the most logical person to blame for this catastrophe? Is Fauci just an easy scapegoat, used to divert attention from others in the US government and the aforementioned pharmaceutical companies?

The timing of this medical disaster was always somewhat curious when you take into account at the height of the pandemics spread was shortly before the US presidential election.

The National Library of Medicine compiled data from various surveys of 1900 participants two weeks prior to the 2020 election. The president’s response to Covid was one of the top three major issues for respondents, 69% of those strongly disapproved of Trump’s leadership during the height of Covid.

Many Trump supporters (those who have excepted the election results anyway) blame the pandemic for his defeat. Some non-biased voters, myself included, do feel that Trump’s failure in regards to Covid may have swayed a fair amount of undecided voters away from Trump.

We’re all well aware that there were a litany of reasons not to vote for Trump.  His bigotry, lack of experience, his reactionary personality and his obvious penchant for criminal activity.

On the other hand Joe Biden has lauded his post covid policies during each of his state of the union addresses. One policy the Biden administration can hang their hat on was the Economic Impact Payments, which were 3 rounds of post covid relief stimulus payments. Starting in late 2020 into 2021 476 million payments totaling 814 billion dollars were sent to households impacted by the pandemic. (Info courtesy of pandemiccoversight.gov)

The societal ramifications from Covid 19 are so vast it’d be futile to attempt elaborating on each one. The impact ranges from bogus booster shots, to the effect on people’s mental health. Not to mention the complete loss of faith in the medical establishment and government leadership.

Anthony Fauci has been picked as the designated fall guy, and for good reason, yet there’s so many other men and women is his field that unequivocally blew it. The FDA, CDC, WHO all crumbled under the pressure. Or maybe, just maybe, for one reason or another this whole covid disaster was just a ruse. If this turns out to be just another JFK assassination, 9/11 styled massive conspiracy you can surely bet the general public will never know the true scope of what truly transpired.


Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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