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Well screw that!

The views of this writer at Sodium Haze express very nicely the views of the Dangerous Globe. My only contribution to this post is that while SH speaks of  the leaders and their “their teenage rages and infantile lusts for omnipotence…” he misses the sheer senility and inane mumblings of the leader of the US in the form of Biden.


Our Infantile Leaders Will Kill us All

By Sodium Haze July 4th 2023

So U.S Army General Mark Milley, has been doing his very best today to spin the disaster and crime against humanity that is Ukraine’s not so grand counter-offensive.

According to Milley it is: “advancing steadily, deliberately working its way through very difficult minefields … 500 meters a day, 1,000 meters a day, 2,000 meters a day, that kind of thing”.

That Kind of thing…

Others in the U.S. military not tasked with fronting this disaster note that despite hideous losses in men and equipment that Ukraine’s forces have not broken through Russian defences in any meaningful way and that the best case scenario offered by Milley would mean the war grinding on for at least 117 years.

Milley in my experience walks a deeply uncomfortable path for someone with a life long and successful military career. I am sure he knows that this counter-offensive is a venal and pointless loss of Ukrainian lives and aches to say so, but he obeys orders and so tries (and fails) to look sincere as he pushes the agreed narrative as far as he can.

I am sure Milley admires the genuine heroism of the Ukrainian troops a great deal and at least acknowledges the truth of the horror they are enduring saying :

“War on paper and real war are different. In real war, real people die. Real people are on those front lines and real people are in those vehicles. Real bodies are being shredded by high explosives.”

Milley added: “What I had said was this is going to take six, eight, 10 weeks, it’s going to be very difficult. It’s going to be very long, and it’s going to be very, very bloody. And no one should have any illusions about any of that.”

It has already been very very bloody and I never had any illusions about it.

These ‘real life is not a movie’ and ‘its a marathon not a sprint’ quotes come from the shared propaganda spin crib sheet that all top Ukrainian and U.S. officials have adopted once the true scale of the current military disaster became apparent.

It’s a volte face from the swaggering claims and predictions made before the offensive started – but just as Sodium Haze predicted, fantasy has been confronted by reality.

This ten week timetable is also pure fantasy as Milley knows perfectly well.

In ten weeks the weather in Ukraine will turn towards winter and when it does, the front lines will become a Passchendaele style quagmire that no amount of second user western weaponry will effect.

No matter.

The U.S. is going to send banned cluster munitions and more long range missiles to Ukraine to shred the ‘real bodies’ more efficiently – to add to the banned depleted uranium.

Who are the good guys again?

Meanwhile Russia is deploying new radar invisible drones, glide bombs, tanks and units. The escalations continue tit-for-tat from both sides with the only result being an ever increasing depth of horror.

History (if there is anyone left to write it) is not going to look kindly on those who didn’t speak out against this war – I am speaking out against it and so should you.

All wars end.

This war will not last 117 years.

Since an outright military victory is now impossible for either side it will now only end in one of two ways:

(a) The public in Russia and the West withdraw their consent for this war, both sides de-escalate and reach a negotiated peace settlement. This will involve painful concessions on both sides but more from Ukraine who cannot maintain even the current stalemate – whereas Russia can.

(b) A nuclear war. F-16 jets will follow missiles. Some PR ruse will be found to send NATO troops into Western Ukraine, Russia will respond by attacking NATO airbases and NATO will hit back at bases inside Russia.

Escalations will multiply until all control of the situation is lost.

It is time too, for citizens of the collective west and citizens of Russia to acknowledge the true and deepening horrors of this war – horrors that are being tastefully hidden from them by huge war propaganda efforts on both sides.

It is time for all to give up on the fantasy of any outright military victory in Ukraine – no amount of escalations will deliver it for either side. There will be no ‘game changing’ wonder weapons to resolve this mess militarily.

Back in February last year, corporate publications in the U.S. were confidently predicting that the war in Ukraine would not lead to World War 3 – such articles have not aged well.

If ordinary people don’t insist that the crazy ‘leaders’ on both sides quit this game then know this – these ‘leaders’ have no plan, no capacity for discernment, no reverse gear, they are functionally insane and if we don’t stand up to their teenage rages and infantile lusts for omnipotence…

…they will kill us all.

As a Dangerous Globe afterthought…. Wars are never started by politicians, they are just the instruments of the Grand Orchestra, the ones down in the Orchestra pit with their backs to the audience. We are allowed to see the Bidens of this world waving their little batons around, while those playing (and pulling) the strings stay in the shadows, those faces we do not get to see.


Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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