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Every Woke Moment

Its 0400, Today. I had downloaded a documentary a couple of years ago thinking it would be important, and yesterday I discovered it was. YouTube had deleted the video when I checked yesterday, but I knew I had a copy….only what had I called it and where had I put it? This morning I woke up knowing where it was, I had it both on my machine and on a back-up
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Grand Theft Britain

Intro Twitter folk this week had been engaged in discussions about the future of the UK Labour Party in the light of its new leadership. Many differing opinions, claims and explanations about how the current situation came about were put forward. all with merit but often seeming to miss the benefit of an oversight of the process. The Dangerous Globe asked some of its followers if such an oversight might
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Part 4 – Democracy the Biggest Fraud of all

To begin with, Apologies for Absence   We planned to have this piece ready weeks ago, In January we put in a request to the Electoral Commission asking when the 2019 Electoral datasets were being published and they advised March. It didn’t happen, so another request last week got the reply, “hopefully by the end of this month”. While all this was going on, along came Covid 19, and, as