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Mind Plague 3: The wall of truth

In the early decades of the 21st Century humanity faces a pandemic of lies, jeopardising both the fabric of our society and the viability of the biological world. This series of ‘short conversations’ by Luke Andreski discusses the weapons we need if we are to overcome our disinformation pandemic – weapons initially of resistance and then of attack.   A trip to Mars We were talking about survival. Individual survival
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Mind Plague 2: Everyone needs a shield of values

In the early decades of the 21st Century human society is faced with a mind plague – a pandemic of disinformation and lies which jeopardises our civilisation and the biological world. This series of short conversations by Luke Andreski discusses the weapons we need if we are to resist this plague: weapons of resistance and attack. The following article, which begins the series, considers the first of our two weapons
The 21st Century Lies Pandemic
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Mind Plague 1: The 21st Century Lies Pandemic

Greed is good These human-made phenomena combine to broadcast and support a socially divisive and eco-catastrophic narrative: the chosen world-view of state elites and the hyper-acquisitive 0.1%. I’ve described this narrative, not entirely hyperbolically, as a mind plague: malign, viral ideas which are causing us all harm. Ideas like these: – We’re competitive by nature; evolution designed us that way, so that’s how we should behave – The economy self-balances…
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I am furious about Brexit, I am incandescent with rage and have been for months now and it is a fury driven by many different reasons.  I am not furious at the people who voted to leave the EU, I fully understand why they voted that way, what I am furious at is being manipulated by politicians working solely for their own personal gain and this is an attempt to
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Doughnut Economics

I was inspired to write this as a result of reading Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist by Kate Raworth. I was hoping it would help me understand the subject (beyond my O Level 2), and a quick peek at a review told me it was written in a really good and understandable style. It was fun too. The Neoliberal script that economists have been using
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The Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn – a reply to Owen Jones by Tom London

Owen Jones has written an article this week in the Guardian calling on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down. I take what Jones says seriously but I think he is wrong. Some may dismiss what Jones says by attacking the man and not the argument. Jones himself anticipates this - “The party’s warring factions now refuse to accept that differing opinions are expressed in good faith - there have to be