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The Dangerous Globe 2017 Budget special

Water is Wet, Red roses are red and Politicians lie to us, we expect them to, it has become the norm, and we have become so well-conditioned, that we just don’t care anymore.

Luckily, my family were all out at the gym last night because I was watching the TV news coverage of the Conservative party budget in the UK yesterday, and getting rather animated at the TV set. If I see something that I find outrageous, I demonstrate outrage.

Futile? Shouting at the TV? Do you think so? Are you never moved by the things that you see? I know I am, I am often moved to happiness, so I laugh, sometimes moved to tears of sadness too, so why is it not OK to yell outrage then?

It is also how I confirm my close genetic connection to my long departed father. He died in the early 60’s and while television was new in those days, my dad took to it like a duck to water. Pick any news programme and mum and I were often treated to an outburst of outrage aimed at the big wooden box in the corner, with some pretty colourful language too. I am merely continuing the tradition, OK?

Yesterday’s Budget, was one such scenario, with the Tories predictably taking money from the less well-off, in this case the NI contributions by the self-employed, (often the likes of “White Van Man” or Taxi/Delivery drivers) and “balancing” this by taking some money from the rich, by reducing Tax free allowances on Dividends over £2000 paid to Shareholders.

White van man could well find himself struggling to pay the extra NI, but anyone rich enough to be clearing a £5000 Share dividend, (the old Tax threshold) might be inconvenienced to the tune of having to forego a pair of Tickets for the opera, or a meal at the Dorchester.

It was also announced this week that the number of people on Zero Hours contracts had increased from less than 200,000 in 2016, to 900,000 this year, and with that, and the budget, in mind, the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, felt the need to give the Prime Minister a well-deserved roasting. Part of this process was asking Theresa May, how Zero hours’ contracts were of benefit to people who often didn’t know if they even had work from 1 hour to the next, let alone 1 day to the next.

The simple and honest question was rewarded by snorts of laughter from the Conservative benches.

The hike to NI rates is also in direct contravention to the election manifesto and pledges of the Conservative party at the last General election, though of course they now say they meant “something else”.

To round off the proceedings, Chancellor Hammond quipped to his colleagues that “They don’t call it the last Labour Government for nothing” to which everyone had a jolly good laugh, including his Boss, Theresa May.

So not only is telling lies a completely acceptable part of British politics now, but laughing at the struggling British people on Camera is now the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for a Party that seems to have finally hit rock bottom in the murky the depths of moral bankruptcy. I was always taught not to laugh at other peoples misfortune, but then, I never had the benefit of a Public School Education
Greed, privilege and enormous wealth do indeed go hand in hand with being total bastards, and it’s time the British public took the wool off their eyes

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