Our society is sick but here's the cure
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The attack You are under attack. We all are. This isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s plain common sense. Why else would political parties and corporations spend tens of millions on political and commercial advertising? Why else would the PR industry exist? It’s an extended brain hack – and the brain they’re hacking into is yours.   Universality Advertising, the news media, social and political commentators, television celebrities, influencers, politicians – they’re
Short Conversations About Everything That Matters: Volume Two - During The Storm
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Book Review: Short conversations about everything that matters

Book Review: Short Conversations about everything that matters; Volume 2 During the Storm by Luke Andreski, Author and Philosopher. ISBN 9798762047951 Second book in the series “Short Conversations” by Luke, and a very important book for anyone slightly interested in making sense of Planet Earth 2021. To begin with, let me explain that we at The Dangerous Globe, came across Luke Andreski over a year ago, during our own search for
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A short conversation about how we got into this political sh*tfest

1: Where it went wrong “So,” you ask me, “how did it all turn to shit?” What, precisely? “This! This world of ours!” I nod sagely, as if I’ve a clue what you’re asking. Luckily you barely pause for breath. “What happened to our dreams of caring for one another, of making this world fairer and kinder for everyone? What happened to our hopes for a brighter, better future?” Ah.