Hiding Reports

Oh Look! Another Report Has Gone Missing

Hint: “The dates” below link to missing reports and the original articles


Tories Secretly plan 2 new Garden cities to relieve housing shortages in London and home counties. They planned to build them Underground in the hope nobody would notice


Research and reports on Drug abuse in the UK were instigated because the Tories had a bit too much cash that they couldn’t account for and had to spend it somewhere. When the report came back and stated that Society was all screwed up and bent out of shape by drug abuse due to Neoliberal austerity measures Tories launched an investigation that found that it was Tories that had applied austerity in the first place. Drug Report consigned to shredder


Bunch of Facebook workers leaked a story about Facebook either being used to tell stories, or ignore stories or to cover up stories that might or might not have a public interest factor on the grounds that the public wouldn’t be interested


Surrey County Council were tinkering with ways of either making some money or taking some money off the taxpayer (Either way the buggered it up) “A report” was written, and shortly after it was supposed to be used for a Budget Meeting it disappeared only to re-appear 6 weeks after the meeting was held…. too late thus. Some people got angry, a letter was sent to The Times. Everyone forgot


Somebody decided that funding Terrorism was a rather lucrative business. The Ethics committee were sent to the Caymans for a few months and deals were done. Some bloke somewhere commissioned a report, and blow me down, the report was deemed to be of a sensitive nature and had to be filed away in the folder marked “Sensitive stuff, HIDE for 50 Years” In the middle of the Hoo Hah, Germanys Intel outfit pointed the finger at some people. Everybody felt they had really investigated the shit out of the matter and went home to a nice cup of Tea


An Ex- Conservative MP (lost his seat poor chap) was given the job of being Chief of Staff to the PM, whose main responsibility seems to be similar to those of a broody hen, sitting on things until they hatch. This time it was some silly old report about how people living in Tower blocks might be at risk of dying due to poor precautions and safety measures in the event of a fire. Luckily for this particular chap there was just such a fire and indeed a lot of people did die, so he was given a timely reminder to get off the report and make it be known to everyone. It seems to have – a) Gone missing, or b), Never been done, or c) Been done and been deliberately lost.

I am still none the wiser


The Labour party and some 9/11survivors got fed up waiting to the report on Terrorist Funding to be published. Like me, they are still waiting


A report that was supposed to be suppressed managed to escape. An Ofsted report that criticised the abuse by a private company of its management of government contracts managed to get itself blamed for the potential collapse of that private company. This is what happens with reports, If you hide them people complain and when they are out in the open other people complain


Leaving the EU is likely to cause a large rise in the price of food in the UK…. says a report. That is a bit scary for the government of the day so they had better bury the report quickly and hope that nobody notices the price of a loaf of bread hitting £5.


Hiding reports has become so commonplace that Theresa May has decided to enter into a bulk purchase arrangement, binning 9 reports all in one go, so far it’s a record. Let’s see what October brings.


Tory Government lose Amber Rudd to the Windrush scandal about forcibly returning bonafide invited migrants back home, some times after decades of hard work in the UK. The paperwork on the affair was deliberately hidden from public scrutiny in a cowardly move by PM Theresa May who seems to have been implicated in the affair during her previous position as Home Secretary


From Evolve Politics headline – Tories caught LYING about existence of report exposing devastating effects of austerity on UK Justice System

Buzzfeed News originally filed a Freedom of Information request with the MoJ for the contents of a report that assessed the impact that the legal aid cuts, carried through under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO). In response, the MoJ released a six-page summary of the report, but denied that a full report even existed. Now, they’ve been shown up, and their pants are alight.


The Tory Government has made a total bodge of trying to initiate what it laughingly calls “Universal Credit” and it is causing very real hardship for thousands of people, so guess what they do? They instigate an impact assessment on the shambles they have created and when the report is published You and I may not see it…its a secret never to be told. Give me strength!


Looking back on the last few months, there has been at least one story per month about the “scandalous dereliction of duty” that is the covering up of secret reports.

One a month is not a co-incidence, it is orchestrated, it is in itself one big cover-up. The whole Tory party Smoke and Mirrors game is there as a distraction, just like the Donald Trump circus in the US.

The major corporations have eroded our governments and our law courts and they are a mere sniff away from fixing it so that we cannot even change things back when a more caring form of government takes control again.

Our Democracies are being stolen and shredded, and the big vested business interests of the Kochs and the Trumps of this world think they are close to the winning post.

They may well be, and if they are it will be our fault, for not kicking up a holy stink and demanding those reports get an airing…we paid for the bloody things after all.

Tony Broomfield

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