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Dear Brexit, I love to hate you.

I have been in Arizona for roughly three weeks now. I have been asked what I study by most people I meet. I can confirm that looking into the eyes of an American, whilst I painfully try to explain what Brexit is, still has not become any easier. How is a 20-year-old, who came to the decision to study Donald Trump in order to escape the Brexit chaos, supposed to explain what Brexit is when our own elected members of parliament haven’t had a clue themselves for the past three years?

Brexit begins with B and so does Bored, yet I am still here checking the news

If you want to envision Brexit, imagine receiving a text from your ex. Your friends – with your best interest at heart – tell you to blank it, it has been so long now and what possible good could come from reengagement? Yet for some reason… when you get that notification…it is a little exciting.

That my friend, is Brexit. You think all is going well and then you see …‘BREAKING NEWS’!

Brexit means Br- whaaa?

If I had to explain Brexit, I would tell you it was the hijacking of the British people. David Cameron called the Referendum in a quick attempt to appease the Brexiteers and silence the Remainers – job done, right?

Not quite.

The remain campaign was shambolic. Divided yet again by partisanship, politicians failed to come together to express why the UK really should remain part of the EU. The leave campaign strategised by scaremongering from every angle possible.

Farage and his poster of endless refugees? You bet!

We’re back in the 1930s, but do not fear, it is Corbyn and the loony lefty’s that will rush you back to the 1970’s. Our newly appointed Prime Minister promised the country 350 million for the NHS, and was so sure of it, that he printed it across a big red bus, and then denied having done so. You sure bro?

I was unable to vote in the referendum. So were many of my friends. I would have voted remain and apparently 73% of 18-24-year olds felt the same. Yet 65+ year olds who voted leave at 60% were able to decide my future, my children’s and grandchildren’s.

Even more interestingly though, 44-year olds were also a majority for remain – switching to a majority for leave at 45+.

(Maybe someone at Cambridge Analytica had drawn a line under “45 Year Olds”? Ed.)

Since the 23 June 2016, and all the confusion demonstrated so far, I became frustrated at the armageddon media. We have seen every aspect portrayed as ‘the end of the world’. This is nothing new. World War I. World War II. The Cold War. But this is no war. Britain is the fifth richest economy in the world and countries will continue to trade with her.

One thing I have noticed, however, is the shortage in my epilepsy medication due to European suppliers and it will not only stop there. Yes, there will be alternatives. But if the referendum was won – by 4% – based on misinformation, you do have to query whether the people deserve to reconsider, or if parliament should put their differences aside and do so on our behalf.

Don’t be boastful Boris

When Johnson became Prime Minister, he bragged that he would have his Brexit deal delivered by October 31. No ifs, no buts. He firstly tried to dictate this through calling parliamentary recess. Fortune favours the bold, not the foolish. It was going to take more than sly scheming to undermine the rest of Westminster.

I would thank the Conservative members of parliament who helped topple his majority, at least I would – if their morals were not as barbaric as his and if they had not supported tory cuts during their time in the party. No, this is merely political posturing.

Instead, I will thank Corbyn for continually holding Johnson and the tories to account. The Labour party has been awaiting a General Election and if Johnson believes his threat of an election on October 14 is going to scare Corbyn and the Labour Party, he might want to visit the other three leaders he has shown the door to.

Corbyn swiftly told those sat across from him that “standing by your principles does not always harm your future prospects”. And it was about time. The media love to portray the Labour leader as a danger, ready to invite terrorists to 10 downing street. What they fail to represent is that Corbyn’s voting record does not dither. He has remained a champion on human rights, he has been an ally to women, he has remained true to working class communities, he has defended the LGBTQ+ community timelessly.

Johnson? He posts a picture with a pride flag when it is favourable and then abstains from same sex marriage votes – comparing it to three men and a dog.

Abstaining from abortion and maternity leave as well. And as the old saying goes: the silence is deafening.

With the snap election still being pushed and debated, it is ever more crucial that we do two things. First and foremost, we are prepared by being registered to vote. Secondly, we educate ourselves over who we can elect. The Conservative’s have increased austerity. Due to this food bank usage has risen, homelessness continues to grow, more hospitals have been forced to shut, and they have now failed to deliver a successful Brexit deal. The Liberal Democrats have demonstrated that they will accept the likes of Phillip Lee, a man who demanded that migrants who are HIV positive be barred from the UK. If this is the bigotry they are happy to represent, then I assume we are back to 2010 with the yellow tories. The Labour party has demonstrated difficult internal division, causing voter turn off. Is this a party that can seriously deliver a secure Brexit whilst centrist parliamentarians cannot trust their leader?

I believe so. Corbyn was elected by the Labour membership, not once, but twice and with overwhelming support. Unlike our prime minister who was chosen by the few.


Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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TheReal.News is a search engine that has had the spin removed. We use sites that we have studied for some time and monitored for integrity and we don’t use sites that we have seen which either spin or lie their way to the front page. Everybody is biased in some way or they aren’t breathing, but Bias and Bollocks are not the same thing.

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