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No Irony There Then

After a truly dreadful week in Westminster, those giants of political fuckwittery Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttal are once again on the BBC to advise us on how we stop a 52 year old extremist preacher of hate from Kent. No irony there then.
Of course they believe you can stop terrorism by creating a feeling of hate and with the destruction of multiculturalism, which makes about as much sense a Nigel Farage’s two tier flat tax or me attempting to teach my cat how to speak Flemish. Still it could be worse, I could have Douglas Carswell’s jaw line.
It does make you question why the BBC allows the Daily Mail driven UKIP agenda of mindless drivel to cluster fuck up on our TV screens on a daily basis. Is this really what public service broadcasting has become? Still at least we have Great British Bake Off to keep the proles from questioning the existence of BBC4.
Vacuousness is not illness, but it certainly feels like a plague at the moment. Voting for Trump and Brexit to poke the ‘political elite’ in the eye whilst shooting yourself in the bollocks is nearly as insane as four million voting for UKIP to prevent immigration, whilst voting for a Huguenot who married a German and is now apparently shacked up with a French women.
It appears to me that the nearest some of our country men and women get to understanding this Sceptred isles history is watching Poldark. Immigration doesn’t create terrorism, hatred does.

Nothing to see here...please move along.
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