Small acts of resistance

Is it time?

Peaceful protest suppressed.

Brutal policing encouraged.

A divisive Home Secretary.

A deceitful PM.

An increasingly sham democracy.


Tell me, is it time to rebel?


A Resistance Library

Here are 67 small acts of resistance from @EthicalRenewal on Twitter, documented by the Ethical Renewal collective alongside followers and friends. Any selection may be suitable to your personal circumstances, or none at all. @EthicalRenewal are anti-authoritarian pacifists, so none of these actions should be attempted if they may cause you or others harm.

BUT…. there is one opponent we must attack: the malign corporate and ultra-capitalist narrative that is dominating our world. These acts may be a small step towards achieving that.


Please share, copy, re-use, re-post, apply, enact, proclaim, distribute, disseminate and broadcast as best you can.



#1 small ACTS of resistance #1


help someone


empathy is the powerhouse of ethical change….





#2 small ACTS of resistance #2


buy less, buy local or don’t buy at all…


reducing consumption is a revolutionary act





#3 small ACTS of resistance #3




this small act is actually pretty big… Question everything said by the powerful; they’d rather you didn’t





#4 small ACTS of resistance #4




learn as much as you can about as much as you can: knowledge is power





#5 small ACTS of resistance #5


mock the powerful


authoritarians and bullies hate your insight and laughter





#6 small ACTS of resistance #6




share as widely as you can the history & actions of authoritarian politicians or eco-destructive corporations; they hate it: it shows them for what they are





#7 small ACTS of resistance #7




hijack adverts to deliver a radical message





#8 small ACTS of resistance #8


use asymmetrical messaging: spray can, leaflet, poster, voice


they have the media & the money; we’ve got the many





#9 small ACTS of resistance #9


Communicate creatively: reframe, reposition, refute


they’ve got the cash & the media: we’ve got our imagination and us





#10 small ACTS of resistance #10


challenge lies and propaganda whenever you hear or see them


be quick to respond; don’t let the lies gain traction; use RAPID: Recognise (it’s propaganda); Analyse (it’s intent); Publicise (the fact it’s propaganda); Identify (its sources and their motives); Demolish (with mockery, logic and facts)





#11 small ACTS of resistance #11


challenge authorities at every given opportunity when there are obvious shortcomings


they’re expecting passive acceptance because generally that’s how people can be; disabuse them….



Thanks, @toubuya



#12 small ACTS of resistance #12


tell anyone/everyone about the promise of a better world


why should autocrats and billionaires define what’s possible? Offer the alternative





#13 small ACTS of resistance #13


right-wing mags, leaflets, newspapers? You know what to do….


bung them in recycling, turn them face down on their stands, put better publications on top





#14 small ACTS of resistance #14


in libraries or shops put mocking magazines or books over/next to the images of authoritarians



Thanks, @DocMcfly



#15 small ACTS of resistance #15


hit back at the biased media


refute, mute, boycott & block the billionaire news media, e.g. the Liverpool boycott or Twitter’s #IBlockedTheSun





#16 small ACTS of resistance #16


at election times buy the gutter press to bin/recycle it


clear out a small newsagent of The S*n or Mail for a day or two….



Thanks, @stylophobia



#17 small ACTS of resistance #17


switch off TV when mainstream news incoming


corporate propagandists hate losing viewers



Thanks, @BStott9



#18 small ACTS of resistance #18


switch to Ecosia instead of Google


save it as a default on your devices and browsers. They plant trees with searches



Thanks, @DSAMontenegro



#19 small ACTS of resistance #19


before you back a politician check their record: Do they have integrity? Are they consistent? Are they honest?


UK MP’s voting records can be checked here:





#20 small ACTS of resistance #20


msg/email/write to a politician every day, asking what they’re doing to tackle climate change


corporations, shareholders & the rich profit from an extractive economy; it’s time this changed





#21 small ACTS of resistance #21


  1. Cancel your TV licence
  2. Stop buying newspapers
  3. Don’t be reactive, be proactive
  4. Be honest
  5. Share your knowledge



Thanks, @societyatpeace



#22 small ACTS of resistance #22


email your Tory MP and flood their inboxes; jam the switchboard at No10.; get creative!


little things like this can all add up….



Thanks, @Surailian



#23 small ACTS of resistance #23


visit the timelines or conversations of known populists and bigots; set the record straight


they’ve got a platform…. but so have we





#24 small ACTS of resistance #24


mute, block, act contrarily to or deliberately ignore advertising


we don’t need more sh**…. and if they’re paying to spread that muck it’s probably bad for the planet





#25 small ACTS of resistance #25


radicalise yourself


read everything you can about humanism, environmentalism, socialism and ethics; they are vaccines against selfishness





#26 small ACTS of resistance #26


promote ethics and human rights


educate yourself & others re online psychological profiling, data security, voting manipulation and psych ops. Learn from Finland’s educational programme…



Thanks, @Jojo67460456



#27 small ACTS of resistance #27


add the cognitive weapons from Luke Andreski’s Short Conversations to your weekly routine

    • Mon: The Socrates Bomb
    • Tues: Chaplin’s Stiletto
    • Wed: Kate’s Garrotte
    • Thurs: The Truth Grenade
    • Fri: The Alternatives Ambush


…and on Saturdays and Sundays? Hunker down with your shield of values, your wall of truth…





#28 small ACTS of resistance #28


challenge aggression, both in yourself and others


aggression atomises and divides us; empathy and cooperation bring us together and make us stronger





#29 small ACTS of resistance #29


put your emotional distress into positive creative action


focus on one thing, no matter how modest or how wild; just do it….



Thanks, @Jojo67460456



#30 small ACTS of resistance #30


work-to-rule if your job is demeaning or eco-destructive


why ease the way of the establishment or line the pockets of the rich? When you can, move to more moral work





#31 small ACTS of resistance #31


join a union


authoritarian governments and greedy corporations hate it when we unite



Thanks, @Jojo67460456



#32 small ACTS of resistance #32


join a campaign/protest group/mutual aid group; get involved


the biggest threat to the powerful are people acting in solidarity (there’s more of us than them)



Thanks, @ValueSurplus



#33 small ACTS of resistance #33


speak to strangers, speak to your neighbours


loneliness and division are a weapon against us





#34 small ACTS of resistance #34


try to give something away each day: a little of your time, food, possessions, money…


in a society infected by ‘Take-Don’t-Give’, giving is an act of resistance





#35 small ACTS of resistance #35


if someone disagrees with you on social media, don’t insult or block them unless they’re clearly bots or trolls


engage; act the way you want the world to be



Thanks, @guyinaredtie1



#36 small ACTS of resistance #36


social media is designed to earn profits and enrage; don’t get enraged


watch out for clickbait and provocation; just respond with a better message



Thanks, @hexam4pa



#37 small ACTS of resistance #37


go green


for ideas for small steps you can personally take see





#38 small ACTS of resistance #38


try to find a moment each day to admire and feel love for the biological world


our profit-seeking, hyper-consuming society despises the natural world. Resist that





#39 small ACTS of resistance #39


grow stuff


any green growth uses up CO2





#40 small ACTS of resistance #40


Grow (some of) your own food


Just one crop (even in a pot) gives you more control over what you eat and how it’s grown



Thank you, @sophiejayhudson



#41 small ACTS of resistance #41


plant a tree


guerrilla planting; roadside planting; garden planting…. why wait for the state to act?





#42 small ACTS of resistance #42


join or set up a seed co-op


try for acclimatised local seeds from local allotments, organic gardens and farms, but any non-geneered/non-patented seeds are good



Thanks, @AllanMAL4MD



#43 small ACTS of resistance #43


become vegan or as close to vegan as you can manage


intensive animal farming is not only disastrous for the planet, it’s also horribly cruel





#44 small ACTS of resistance #44


travel less


travelling has become an act of consumption; staying local becomes an act of rebellion





#45 small ACTS of resistance #45


work from home if you can


save money, protect the planet, stay safe





#46 small ACTS of resistance #46


buy local produce and goods


keep food and product miles to a minimum and help local communities become sustainable





#47 small ACTS of resistance #47


when you receive your takeaway at the drive-through unpack & return the excess packaging before you move on


don’t indulge their waste



Thanks, @JohnFos00105853



#48 small ACTS of resistance #48


use your local pubs, cafés & restaurants when you go out for drinks or meals


boycott the mega-chains; give the finger to their greedy owners



Thanks, @vikingowl



#49 small ACTS of resistance #49


don’t burn stuff or use transport that burns stuff


gas, petrol, wood, coal, bio-fuels – they all generate greenhouse gases; and hydrogen is not yet a green alternative as CO2 is frequently generated while producing it





#50 small ACTS of resistance #50


green activism can start small…..


you may not have the time or health to join the big campaigns – but change is a numbers game, so add yourself to the numbers



Thanks, @triodosuk / @friends_earth



#51 small ACTS of resistance #51


avoid any products containing unsustainable palm oil


demand #DeforestationFree #PalmOil and #ChooseSustainable #PalmOil #SaveOrangutans



Thanks, @orangulandtrust



#52 small ACTS of resistance #52


individual ways to tackle ‘the system’

– #GoVegan

– move you pension to #Green investments

– refuse to be consumer!

– boycott unethical businesses



Thanks, @VoidThatBinds



#53 small ACTS of resistance #53


avoid/switch off GMB/Lorraine type ‘sales tv’ programmes


they’re pure avenues for advertising, encouraging throwaway fashion; don’t buy anything they promote



Thanks, @AOnewith



#54 small ACTS of resistance #54


many Amazon sellers have their own websites; search on Amazon then simply buy direct


time for Amazon to pay their taxes, pay their staff and improve their job security and working conditions



Thanks, @vespalien



#55 small ACTS of resistance #55


uninvited pre-paid envelopes for credit cards etc – post them right back


whichever company’s trying to scam you pays the postage; maybe they’ll learn?



Thanks, @EthicalUprising



#56 small ACTS of resistance #56


avoid Cruelty TV


Jeremy Kyle was accused of causing a suicide; I’m A Celebrity was accused of animal cruelty; don’t collude with cruelty





#57 small ACTS of resistance #57


bear witness to police action whenever you can; use your phone or camera to record


police are sometimes necessary and often decent/well-meaning, but they easily fall prey to establishment values, no matter how anachronistic or outdated



#58 small ACTS of resistance #58


give up or cut down on a costly bad habit


drugs, smoking/vaping, alcohol all make you poorer and less healthy & the dealer/distributor richer and nastier



Thanks, @PeterG4NES2019



#59 small ACTS of resistance #59


donate what you’d spend on a film/theatre/lottery ticket to alternative journalism, community support orgs, ethical-tech replacement coops etc


our small contributions will help bring about the change we need



Thanks, @Jojo67460456



#60 small ACTS of resistance #60


make it plain what you think of drivers of big cars


small is beautiful; so is electric; bikes and public transport are better





#61 small ACTS of resistance #61


share a simple morality

    • nurture those around you
    • nurture humanity
    • nurture and protect the biological world

simplicity is strength





#62 small ACTS of resistance #62


love and protect ALL animals


in today’s selfish world love and protection are acts of resistance…



Thanks, @tandoreo



#63 small ACTS of resistance #63


teach yourself and others how to see through the propaganda and lies….


digital literacy and a clear ethical focus are essential in our propagandised world



Thanks, @Jojo67460456



#64 small ACTS of resistance #64


Want to help the poor?


Local Credit Unions provide cheap loans, keeping the vulnerable away from loan sharks and banks. Unused cash? Open an account – instant access and fully protected. See:





#65 small ACTS of resistance #65


use cash not card whenever possible


why make life easier for the banks?



Thanks, @PaulStr67981729



#66 small ACTS of resistance #66


be hopeful


hope inspires; hope empowers; hope is an act of defiance





….and lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all….



#67 small ACTS of resistance #67


be kind


kindness is the enemy of power-hunger, selfishness and greed



Thanks, @AnneDel81230567




Ethical Renewal and Dangerous Globe are believers in cognitive autonomy (think first)… so please only undertake any of these actions as a result of your own measured decision-making and not if they may cause you legal, physical or psychological harm….

On the topic of thinking first, you may also like this free ebook from Luke Andreski: Our Society is Sick but Here’s the Cure

For more detail about this book, see here.


With thanks to Chetvorno via Wikimedia Commons – Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication for the Resistance image.

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