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A great piece we picked up on the wires from Alison Bevege in Australia about a TV program that opened up a can of worms and then could not get the lid back on fast enough.

“The title of the piece”?…. I hear you cry?…in Alisons words…..

” A limited hangout is a defense used when a cover story is blown and official lies are no longer believed by the public,

so the government resorts to acknowledging or even volunteering a small part of the truth, hoping to defuse outrage before changing the subject.

This is the piece in its entirety:-


Spotlight on Seven: What didn’t make the cut might save your life

Why weren’t we told about the black triangle scheme during covid?

JUL 02, 2024

Many Australians only believe something is real when they see it on commercial TV. So when Channel Seven’s Spotlight promised a current affairs special for those harmed by the covid response, hopes soared that the censored would finally get a hearing – especially the gene-vaccine injured.

Spotlight: After Covid did give a voice to the gene-vaccine bereaved family of Katie Lees, killed by AstraZeneca, and to former Australian Medical Association head Kerryn Phelps and her wife Jackie Stricker-Phelps who were both injured by Pfizer.

But it was a limited hangout. I know, I was there. Spotlight allowed the injured to be acknowledged without discussing the problem that led to them being injured – and that will injure and kill others in future if it is not fixed.

The part you didn’t see

My question addressed this root problem. It got cut. I’m not sore about it but I do think it is important for people to hear.

Some excellent person recorded audio so here it is – thanks to the wonderful Café Locked Out who posted it on X (Twitter). My question starts at 2.06. I am not technically gifted, so I can’t rip the video and put it in. I’ll update this story if I can work it out. Here’s the transcript.

I held up a laminated A4 printout of a big black triangle point down, with the words: Black Triangle Scheme, and asked:

“Why is it that most Australians don’t know what this symbol means?”

“This was on your vaccine box – your gene vaccine. The mRNA products for covid. This was on the box and the inserts.

“It means they’re provisionally registered. They would have been illegal in 2016. They changed the law in 2018 to allow products on the market that hadn’t finished all the testing required for full registration. So they were only provisionally registered.

“This symbol meant your doctor or you were supposed to report any possible side-effects to the TGA because they’re still building the safety profile of the drug.

“Because people didn’t know about this, they didn’t report their side-effects.

“So the TGA does not know the exact number of people who died and were injured from these products.

“That’s why you’ve got an audience full of angry people. Thank you.”

It’s vital people understand what it means when medications are on the black triangle scheme and what provisional registration really means because many new medications are being rushed to the market without full registration. Provisional registration was sold by then-health minister Greg Hunt and industry lobby group Medicines Australia in 2017 as a legal change that would allow terminally ill people to access experimental medications.

It wasn’t supposed to be for prophylactic vaccinations given to the entire population of healthy people against a routine illness. But that is what it is now being used for – a regulatory shortcut, with devastating results. People need to be aware of it because it’s not just the covid gene-vaccines that are being given provisional registration. It applies to many new products like the RSV vaccine.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the federal Department of Health and Aged Care have done nothing to raise public awareness of the Black Triangle Scheme. They don’t want you to think about damaging side effects or reporting them. They want you to take the product without hesitation. Government and Big Media promoted the covid gene-vaccines relentlessly – but they were wrong.

Because they were badly tested, they injured and killed a large number of people, which cannot be exactly quantified because the TGA safety system relies on voluntary reporting.

The only way now to find out now how big the death toll actually is, as distinct from what the TGA claims it is, or how many were reported, is to get the all-cause mortality figures stratified by age and vaccinal status.

A big thanks should go to Spotlight host Michael Usher and producers Karen Willing, Rob McKnight and Sandra Cleary as perhaps it wasn’t easy to get this show up at all. They did a reasonable edit given the censorship and group-think that has paralysed Australia’s corporate media for the past four years.

But then Spotlight put medical expert Professor Robert Booy onstage to talk up the gene-vaccines, without disclosing his financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Big Pharma’s point man onstage, conflicts undeclared

Professor Robert Booy was introduced as an infectious diseases pediatrician who “has worked at the University of Sydney for almost 20 years in the fields of vaccinology, epidemiology and infectious diseases”.

Spotlight did not tell the audience that Professor Booy is paid by companies that make vaccines and, like almost everyone in medical science academia, his career progression is reliant on Big Pharma favour and funding.

He received more than $81,000 in payments plus more than $2600 in travel costs from Big Pharma companies from November 2020 to April 2023 according to industry lobby group Medicines Australia’s disclosure log. The drug makers include GSK, Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Sanofi, Merck, Roche and Janssen-Cilag (better known as Johnson & Johnson).

Professor Robert Booy was on the board of the Immunisation Coalition as of March this year, but is now listed only as the chair of its scientific advisory committee. The Immunisation Coalition is a non-profit front group funded by vaccine makers to promote vaccines. Donors include Moderna, Pfizer, GSK, CSL Seqirus and AstraZeneca.

Professor Robert Booy has a conflict of interest when commenting on vaccines

Professor Booy receives funding from GSK along with Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche and Sanofi Pasteur for sponsored research, conference travel or consultancy work; all funding received is directed to research accounts at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, according to the conflict-of-interest statement on a 2016 paper he co-authored here.

Professor Booy frequently speaks in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) press releases such as herehere and here, promoting their products and advocating for their inclusion on the taxpayer-funded National Immunisation Program.

He is also an “independent voting member” of the Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee, a committee advising drug regulator the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), on the preferred composition of flu vaccines for the following year.

Letters From Australia asked the TGA for a copy of his current conflict of interest declaration, but they have not responded. I will update this story if they respond later.

Given this close relationship with vaccine makers stretching back years, it’s hardly a surprise that Professor Booy would defend the gene-vaccines in the face of the injured and bereaved audience members.

Edited out of Spotlight was the repeated anger of the studio audience who were enraged by the things he said onstage. They were yelling “that’s not true”, “rubbish” and then “bullsh*t” and “snake-oil salesman” at which point host Michael Usher (quite rightly) got angry and said he would not tolerate swearing.

To understand why people were so angry, have a look at what was being claimed.

Let’s look at just one statement from Professor Robert Booy.

Vaccines used to take 10 years of safety testing before they made it to market.

But Professor Robert Booy said of the covid jab testing:

“Yes it was less than 12 months and those vaccines were based on 10 years of experience with using the mRNA platform, using the viral vector platform. Both of them had gone into trials with different diseases 10 years earlier so we had more up our sleeve than people thought and what they did was to run parallel studies Phase I then Phase II then Phase III, Phase III proving it was effective in tens of thousands so that they sped it up. But they didn’t cut corners.”

Let’s break that down.

Excluding the viral-vector platform (AstraZeneca) which has been taken off the market. Consider the following for mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna):

“Those vaccines were based on 10 years of experience with the mRNA platform”

One of the most important inventors of the mRNA platform, Dr Robert Malone, has explained that it was being researched as a gene therapy. It failed because the immune system would immediately attack the cells treated with the inserted “good” gene.

“(mRNA) had gone into trials with different diseases 10 years earlier”

Moderna had been testing mRNA for years as a therapy for rare diseases and had never made a single product safe enough to be sold on the market.

It was trialed and it was unsafe and failed. So how could it be recycled as a gene-vaccine for covid?

The US military and BARDA wanted a platform technology to fast-track vaccines through the approvals process in case of bio-attack, as Robert Malone details here.

They wanted 100-day vaccines from lab to jab and decided mRNA might fit the bill since it provoked an immune response. Once mRNA was approved and accepted as a platform technology it could be re-programmed with whatever sequence of virus was needed and testing time cut.

The US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) led by Rick Bright and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under Anthony Fauci injected billions of dollars into co-developing the covid gene-vaccine, as Whitney Webb reports.

Moderna had a suspiciously large valuation and no products just before covid – but it had mRNA patents.

Here is the US contract for Moderna’s mRNA gene-vaccines. As you can see it was the US military and BARDA that ordered 500 million doses of Moderna’s mRNA product in August 2020, saving the company (and mRNA) with billions of dollars for its first ever product.

Pfizer then used the Moderna mRNA patents with the two companies still fighting in court about it.

“What they did was to run parallel studies Phase I then Phase II then Phase III”

The drug industry is constantly lobbying to reduce testing time for their products because they can only charge high prices while they are protected under patent, which is a maximum of 25 years in Australia. After that, anyone can make them and sell them for $1 a box. Like Ivermectin.

If it was possible for vaccine makers to safely produce a product in under 12 months instead of 10 years, do you think these billion-dollar companies would have worked out how to do that by now and pressured the regulators they fund into allowing it?

The answer is that of course they would have and it isn’t possible to safely run “parallel studies” because you need the early data to inform the later tests. Also you simply need years of time to see if cancers or other problems will surface in the treatment group but not in the control group. If you destroy the control group you won’t know.

“Phase III proving it was effective in tens of thousands so that they sped it up.”

What do you think “effective” means? More people died in the treatment arm of the Pfizer trials than in the control group of all causes.

The criteria of “effective” was measured in “cases”. How many “cases” were diagnosed in the control vs placebo group.

Not only were Pfizer’s Phase III trials subject to sloppy practices including data fraud, but the efficacy endpoint was reached after just 170 cases of covid were recorded in 41,135 participants who had received their second doses by November 13, 2020, according to the Daily Clout analysis of the Pfizer documents released under court order.

“Effective” also never meant stopping transmission, which is why mandates made zero sense. It was not tested for that – because Pfizer already knew it couldn’t.

The injected mRNA products produce blood-borne antibodies.

But immunologists know that blood-borne antibodies are a poor proxy for immunity especially for an aerosol-spread virus like Sars-Cov-2, because it enters through your mucosa, which has its own separate immune defense, as Emeritus Immunology Professor Robert Clancy has explained.

It was never going to stop transmission.

“tested …in tens of thousands…”

The public never got the Pfizer shot that was tested on “tens of thousands”.

The product made for the Phase III trials was made by Process 1: polymerase chain reaction (PCR) which is not a diagnostic test but a replicator of gene sequences.

The vaccine given to the public was made by Process 2: cooked up in huge vats of antibiotic resistant e.coli bacteria, and these products were tested on just 250 participants, as the BMJ reported.

The manufacturing process is extremely relevant to product safety.

“But they didn’t cut corners.”

The planned three-year Phase III clinical trials for the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA gene-vaccines (an entirely new class of drugs) were cut short at 2.5 months, as soon as Emergency Use Authorisation was granted in the US, before Christmas 2020.

They immediately destroyed the control group by injecting them with the product, so that if the mRNA causes increased cancer rates or other problems in two years, you won’t know: there’s nobody to compare it to.

What a limited hangout is

A limited hangout is a defense used when a cover story is blown and official lies are no longer believed by the public, so the government resorts to acknowledging or even volunteering a small part of the truth, hoping to defuse outrage before changing the subject.

A limited hangout gives a taste of the truth that is stage-managed and controlled. It misdirects away from the depth of the scandal, withholding key information that could damage the powerful.

And that’s what Spotlight did.

A limited hangout might be for example, when vaccine-injured people ask about product safety but an expert only talks about the danger of one side-effect already publicly admitted for AstraZeneca (a product already withdrawn from the market).

This gives the impression they are forthright and the problem is dealt with, nothing to fear – when in reality the mRNA carnage is widespread, ongoing, hasn’t been accurately quantified, the products are still on the market and factories are being built to make more.

The official covid lies can’t be maintained any more. There are just too many people injured by the covid gene-vaccines – everyone knows someone. It can’t be hidden. And almost everyone has had covid more than once, despite more than 90 percent of Australians having been jabbed like a pin-cushion.

Covid was not a public health emergency other than that created by the government’s own actions.

The virus at its worst (before Omicron) had a median infection fatality rate of 0.07 percent for people aged under 70, unvaccinated. That is not much worse than a bad seasonal flu for the entire working-aged population, and it was statistically zero for children.

The median age of death from covid was 85.5 years in 2022 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics – older than the average life expectancy.

So Australia shut down completely, closed the schools, worked from home, shut the borders and then paid more than $18 billion for badly tested mRNA gene-vaccines that injured people and expensive anti-virals that didn’t work.

The government went insane, behaving as though covid were flying ebola, when all that was needed was to act sensibly.

When economist Gigi Foster, who founded Australians for Science and Freedom, told the panel that the government got almost nothing right during the pandemic, the audience cheered for her, as she spoke the truth.

Spotlight did its best: but this was a limited hangout with an undeclared pharmaceutical industry representative on the panel.

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