A Limited Hangout

Introduction ( By Dangerous Globe Sen Editor) A great piece we picked up on the wires from Alison Bevege in Australia about a TV program that opened up a can of worms and then could not get the lid back on fast enough. "The title of the piece"?.... I hear you cry? Alisons words..... " A limited hangout is a defense used when a cover story is blown and official
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The Covid Enigma: Fauci, Vaccines and Its Mysterious Origins

­ The June 3rd Anthony Fauci testimony before a US Congress subcommittee has dragged the wretched Covid debate back into the public consciousness. The main objective of this hearing was to investigate the US's response to the pandemic and its mysterious origins. Going back to the infant stages of Covid 19, March 2020 with the benefit of hindsight we can indisputably say that most of the world's initial response to Covid

TikTok Ban. Time is Running Out: The Social Media Giant Faces US Ban

­Dissecting the proposed US Congress lead banning of the social media stalwart TikTok, one of the most powerful proponents and scapegoats will surely sound familiar. ­Let's start with the demonization of the Chinese. From the origins of Covid, to a wayward spy balloon, and now we have a supposed government sanctioned US civilian information theft campaign via TikTok. It has become ever more apparent that China has taken the place
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‘Voto Segreto’ – the ‘Secret Vote’

We came across Roleigh Martin a few days ago, on X, with this long and interesting read on an old voting system the 'Voto Segreto' - the 'Secret Vote', that apparently originated in Italy and was used with some success for 70 odd years between 1848 and 1922. I confess a long lasting and ongoing desire to build a truly democratic society, a citizens society, free of vested interests and
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Chatham House

POWER AND CORRUPTION: THE PUBLIC-PRIVATE IMPERIAL MAFIA Posted on May 15, 2024 by Paul Cudenec   Chatham House, the name commonly given to The Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an extremely influential “think tank” based in London.  It has enjoyed the patronage of the British monarchy for a century now, with Charles III recently joining the list of royal backers. Director Bronwen Maddox said on May 9 2024: “Chatham House
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Lab-Leak Theories?

Did Covid 19 originate in a Laboratory? The following list isn't just Lab leaks, but they do form the bulk of it. Taken altogether they provide total justification for Barak Obama to call a moratorium on "Gain of Function" activity in 2014, until such issues could be properly evaluated. We got fed up with waiting for that so we are doing our own evaluation right here right can help
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Happy Easter 2024 from a very dangerous globe

This appeared yesterday on the Twitter feed of Remco Van Velzen (@VelzenRemco) and it rang a very loud bell in my mind. With all of the censorial bullshit that the politicians and their masters and ringleaders are spewing out lately it might ring one in yours. When we asked Remco if we could post it here he immediately said "Of Course" Thanks Remco. I had to tweak the translation a bit and
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Another piece from Winter Oak, in which Paul Cudanec takes a somewhat deeper look into Wars and the people that make a living out of "cultivating" them. With the assault on Gaza by Israel splashed all over the headlines on a daily basis, it might be worth remembering that the Rothschilds had a major part to play in the foundation of Israel in the first place. Tony Broomfield Snr Editor