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The Gentrification Effect

Growing up in a lower middle class bastion had it's many difficulties: Dealing with moving from several apartments, forced to attend public schools, always making ends meet by the skin of our teeth. Not to mention my parents divorce which made matters all the more unseemly. All the times throughout childhood thinking how I would never want to spend the rest of my life in the neighborhood I felt was,
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The Death of the U.S. Working Class and Rise of Ultra Capitalism

There hasn't been a more unfortunate consequence of  modern day society than that of the virtual disappearance of the working class, AKA middle class. The spread of an ultra-capitalist, feudalist system, where making even a modest living is becoming almost obsolete, is sending a clear message of not only who will forever run things but also who the really important ones are. Hedge fund managers, CEO's of Defense Corporations, Wall