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The Proxy War in Ukraine

This is a Twitter thread posted by @NatalieStrecke which asks why "The Left" seems to always adopt a fixed "For/Against "stance for any set of given circumstances. We posted it in the light of a Twitter pile-on we experienced the other day relating to the Ukraine war. Apparently our efforts to point out that the US was up to its neck in building the situation that led to the war
Israeli Palestinian Peace
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How to support the Jewish community without being anti-Palestinian

And my experiences of the weaponization of antisemitism in Jersey. 2020 has continued our clear descent as an international community into neo-fascism. There are many excellent articles, that I could not hope to improve upon that have been written on this subject, so I will not cover this issue, but will recommend a brilliant book I read last year by Jason Stanley — ‘How Fascism Works — The Politics of Them
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Is it time for committed anti-racists to ‘Stand Up To Racism’?

Saturday last week, I attended the People’s Assembly ‘National Demo’ in London. The demo was to raise awareness and protest a number of long-standing issues, and to call for a ‘new normal’ post-Covid. The demands included (not an exhaustive list) the following: ending austerity and committing to tackle poverty, funding our NHS and giving nurses a much deserved and needed pay rise, protecting our environment, an end to Israeli apartheid, withdrawal of