The Truth Grenade - Luke Andreski
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Mind Plague 7: The Truth Grenade

We are fighting an asymmetric comms war – a war which, if lost, jeopardises not only our society but the biological world on which all life depends. Dangerous Globe is featuring a series of ‘short conversations’ by Luke Andreski, looking at the weapons needed to win this war. Luke began by looking at weapons of defence – a shield of values, a wall of truth – and now turns his
Wall of Truth
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Mind Plague 3: The wall of truth

In the early decades of the 21st Century humanity faces a pandemic of lies, jeopardising both the fabric of our society and the viability of the biological world. This series of ‘short conversations’ by Luke Andreski discusses the weapons we need if we are to overcome our disinformation pandemic – weapons initially of resistance and then of attack.   A trip to Mars We were talking about survival. Individual survival