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Surveillance Capitalism and It’s Effect on the Citizens of the World

In an age where the right to privacy continues to be relegated to an antiquated notion, whether it's governments spying on it's citizens or corporations watching your every move, our lives seem forever compromised. Surveillance Capitalism is defined as: An economic system centered around the capture and commodification of personal data for purpose of profit. Google and You Tube are two of the most egregious examples of this ever growing,
Deep State
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Deep State? What Deep State?

From a new contributor; Matthew Angst "I heard Matthews heartfelt plea from right across the Twittersphere and thought he needed a bit of support" Tony Broomfield   "I think we need to stop beating about the bush and call a spade a spade. I'm tired of hearing the term deep state, since I was a boy I have known there is something very wrong in our world, not just a

Surveillance everywhere, just not for Boris.

Keeping your nose out of your neighbours business seems to have been a part of the basis on which Boris Johnsons’ neighbour should not have recorded the altercation at Boris Johnsons (Possibly the UK’s next Prime Ministers) current place of residence. The other part of the argument was that recording such an event was a breach of privacy. In an age where we are monitored by so many different surveillance