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A short conversation about how to rebel

A short conversation about how to rebel 1: Strange times We are living in strange times. What’s a person to make of today’s world? Climate change. Pandemics. Economic recession. Populism. Nationalism. Argument. Division. A sense of imminent doom. When did it all begin to go so wrong? Governments are untrustworthy, negligent, corrupt. The media lies1. Corporations and big business draw ever closer to their ideal: profit at whatever cost. People and
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The spectre haunting the left

In 1844 Marx and Engels wrote “A spectre is haunting Europe...” as the opening line of The Manifesto of the Communist Party. They continued “The spectre is communism”.  If I was to repeat those words today I might say: “A spectre is haunting left politics in Britain. The spectre of the Labour Party.”  It is clear that the Labour Party, like one of the dementors in Harry Potter, suck the oxygen