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No Theory, Just a Conspiracy.

This is reprinted, with permission, from a solid Twitter Thread posted today by @simonmaginn  The subject? 10 repulsive, and apparently orchestrated, attacks upon the Labour Party and its senior members over the last few years. Claims of Anti Semitism were the weapon of choice, making it an even more repulsive series of acts upon people that are probably the LEAST antisemitic in the entire UK. Here we are pleased to publish
Labour Party Split
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Labours Assassins

THE LABOUR PARTY, HOW WE GOT HERE IN 2021 AND WHY:   AUG 2016: "BLAIRITES RAISE £250,000 WAR CHEST TO FIGHT CORBYN" "Anti-Corbyn Labour officials worked to lose general election to oust leader, leaked dossier finds" Blairites raise £250,000 war chest to fight Corbyn “A group of leading Blairite figures has raised a war chest of more than £250,000 to battle against Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader. Labour Tomorrow was
Theresa May

Prime Ministers No-Questions Time

So all the excitement of a General Election is upon us, assuming your excitement is derived from listening to a women who looks more at home in a Tena Lady advert, repeatedly failing to tell us why we are having an election. It seems todays blame story is the opposition to Brexit in the Palace of Westminster, I am sure you remember them, they are ones who triggered Article 50