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The Absurdity of Capitalism

Peter Joseph is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, a grassroots, worldwide organization that advocates an alternative economic system based on sustainability, cooperation and human need. His most recent book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement,’ delivers a startling exposé about the violent oppression that defines our economic order, while issuing an urgent call for global activism to unite to replace it. Watch the full episode here: Prof. Werner brilliantly
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There’s Only One News Story

There’s Only One News Story, Repeating Over And Over Again Doing daily commentary on world power dynamics feels a lot like staring up at the sky watching clouds. Sometimes you see a three-legged pony up there, sometimes a gargoyle, sometimes a laughing baby, but really you’re only ever watching tiny water droplets being moved around by atmospheric winds. They can take on any number of different shapes, but no matter
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Killing Democracy II

I came across this story by accident and while checking it out found very few people alive in the US today know anything about it, so I am assuming even fewer people outside of the US ever knew about it in the first place. It also serves my purpose while writing a series on the “Stepping Stones” which tries to explain How, When and Why the Anti-Democracy movement was created
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A short conversation about the economy

1: Enemy Let’s talk about the economy. You agree: “A logical next step.” Would you mind if I’m blunt? “Fire away.” It’s shit. “The economy?” Yes. “Well, that is blunt.” You ponder for a moment, then ask, “Is this another of your enemies?” The economy? “Yes.” An enemy to humanity and the biological world? “Yes.” I hope, by the time this conversation is complete, you’ll tell me.   2: Taking the good