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On Nitrogen, Farmers, Co2 and Food

Foreword We have recently been dragged through a whole series of crises in the name of food production, each time with bogeymen like Co2, nitrogen, overpopulation, or glyphosate to blame. Each of these crises was followed by new volumes of regulation and legislation to confuse and confound farmers all over the world. Agriculture is now being blamed for the disruption of nature, which is blindingly obvious when you think about
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They steal your dreams, then sell them back to you.

In the early eighties, some bright spark came up with the idea that if you irradiated freshly picked fruit and vegetables with some form of Ionizing radiation, the produce would "keep fresh far longer than it would with traditional storage methods". There were quite a lot of questions raised about this suggestion, the main one being that while the produce might look fresh after this treatment it would not necessarily