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Who left the oven on?

There have been many changes to our way of life since the turn of the 20’s. So much optimism for roaring 20’s parties and ambition, which quickly turned into fallen topside down melted ice creams. 2021 is the year officially, where Chocolate went from being a cupboard food, to a fridge food. The years of English people moaning about the overcast crap summers are over, almost in a painful blink
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A short conversation about how to rebel

A short conversation about how to rebel 1: Strange times We are living in strange times. What’s a person to make of today’s world? Climate change. Pandemics. Economic recession. Populism. Nationalism. Argument. Division. A sense of imminent doom. When did it all begin to go so wrong? Governments are untrustworthy, negligent, corrupt. The media lies1. Corporations and big business draw ever closer to their ideal: profit at whatever cost. People and
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Fukushima, the slowest, most catastrophic train wreck in the world.

On the morning of 12th March 2011, I reported for work on the Seismic exploration crew I was working on in S.E. Asia. At breakfast there was a lot of talk about a massive earthquake that had happened the previous day and was so strong that it had obliterated several seismic records we had made at the time. Considering that we were using explosives drilled into solid rock, that’s not