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A Developing Evil

Another piece by Paul Cudanec, written last year (2022), asking some pertinent questions about development and what it really means. Like most things these days there are meanings....and there are alternative meanings. Development is progress, advancement a way forward with our lives and generally good for everyone, at least that was what I thought some time ago...well 60 years ago maybe. But then I saw the money involved in "Development",
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The Professor, the Journalist and Censorship

A conversation between a Dutch Professor, Cees Hamelin, a former UN advisor to Kofi Annan and Journalist Karel Beckman from the Cafe Weltschmerz, a very thoughtful Dutch news website. The subject matter is based on the fact that YouTube (aka Google aka Alphabet) saw fit to ban two Cafe Weltschmerz video programs. Here they discuss the reasons and ramifications of this censorship, from both a scientific as well as a
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Electoral Politics Does Not Work

❖   It says a lot that AOC wasn't even able to vote against an Israeli apartheid measure that everyone already knew would pass regardless of her vote. I mean, how far gone is your progressive revolution if you're not even allowed to have a perfectly safe performative "no" vote?...If even the illusion of opposition is banned? ❖   People say, "Why pick on AOC when other lawmakers are way worse?" They're
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True Progressive America, Forever a Pipe Dream

How has the jewel of Democracy, the envy of most every other country in the world arrived at the point it is today? Income inequality has never been as prevalent as it is now, and certainly not what our founding fathers envisioned 240 plus years ago. From the late 1940's through the late 1990's the middle class were the backbone of a truly successful democracy but more recently they have
Democracy extinct
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Democracy Under Attack

How much do you value democracy? Seems an odd question to ask, doesn’t it? So ingrained is the idea that we live in a parliamentary democracy that, rather like the NHS, it will not be until it is gone that people will realise just how much they valued it. I don’t want to be alarmist but the very fabric of our right to call ourselves a democracy is under a
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Transforming Democracy

  Last week a Twitter user called @Posh_Jock made what at the time I thought was a flippant remark. “ I was just wondering........would you consider running the country for us?......please..pretty please ”. I dismissed this in a light hearted way but then @GailMac27 supported the idea: “Don't sell yourself short. I've often thought that what we really need is individuals like you as opposed to the bunch of self
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We don’t need no Representation

Last week I wrote a piece called ‘The case against FPTP’ which was a deliberately misleading title, because many people would have, wrongly, assumed, that I was making the case for proportional representation (PR), which I wasn’t. I expected people to be critical of me for not jumping on the PR bandwagon which has been steadily building up a head of steam in left circles. Most critical responses to the