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The attack You are under attack. We all are. This isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s plain common sense. Why else would political parties and corporations spend tens of millions on political and commercial advertising? Why else would the PR industry exist? It’s an extended brain hack – and the brain they’re hacking into is yours.   Universality Advertising, the news media, social and political commentators, television celebrities, influencers, politicians – they’re
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Mind Plague 4: The Socrates Bomb

In the early decades of the 21st Century humanity faces a pandemic of lies, jeopardising the fabric of our society and the environment on which we depend. Dangerous Globe is featuring a series of ‘short conversations’ by Luke Andreski, looking at the weapons we need if we are to overcome our disinformation pandemic. Having looked at weapons of defence, Luke now turns his attention to weapons of attack.   Shrapnel
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Punk Media Insurrection

This is a sentence. This is another. Now write a column: Why can't the media fight corruption? Because it won't cut its own deadwood! We're stuck with a prog press when we need a punk insurrection.   In 1977, Tony Moon produced a fanzine called Sideburns and, to fill space, scrawled out a drawing showing three guitar chords (A, E and G) and captioned: “This is a chord. This is another. This