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The attack You are under attack. We all are. This isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s plain common sense. Why else would political parties and corporations spend tens of millions on political and commercial advertising? Why else would the PR industry exist? It’s an extended brain hack – and the brain they’re hacking into is yours.   Universality Advertising, the news media, social and political commentators, television celebrities, influencers, politicians – they’re
The 21st Century Lies Pandemic
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Mind Plague 1: The 21st Century Lies Pandemic

Greed is good These human-made phenomena combine to broadcast and support a socially divisive and eco-catastrophic narrative: the chosen world-view of state elites and the hyper-acquisitive 0.1%. I’ve described this narrative, not entirely hyperbolically, as a mind plague: malign, viral ideas which are causing us all harm. Ideas like these: – We’re competitive by nature; evolution designed us that way, so that’s how we should behave – The economy self-balances…