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Handbag Hammond’s Budget Backhanders

Well it has been a funny old week in British politics, unless of course you were unfortunate enough to hear Philip Hammond's budget funnies. His budget made as much sense as a Louise Mensch Sunday Politics interview,.. and she makes David Icke appear rational. So as the wheels fell off the budget, and 'Spreadshit' Phil became as popular with Tory backbenchers as Douglas Carswell at a Nigel Farage dinner, the
Finance Politics

The Dangerous Globe 2017 Budget special

Water is Wet, Red roses are red and Politicians lie to us, we expect them to, it has become the norm, and we have become so well-conditioned, that we just don’t care anymore. Luckily, my family were all out at the gym last night because I was watching the TV news coverage of the Conservative party budget in the UK yesterday, and getting rather animated at the TV set. If