Crystal Palace Premature Evacuation

Steve Parish, the Crystal Palace Chairman must have read my previous article, (which feels like I only wrote yesterday) and with pure spite in his heart, has sacked their manager Frank De Boer. (After pleading to give him enough time to implement his style at the club). I am now genuinely concerned for the owners sanity and the future of my beloved Eagles. It was clear from the onset of his appointment and indeed was vocalised by the Chairman himself, that De Boer was hired to change the style of play to a more attacking and attractive brand of the beautiful game. Does he think that this can be done within the time-frame of just 4 competitive league matches ? It is obvious to most, if not everyone, that more time was needed but even so, the defeat yesterday to Burnley was unlucky in the extreme as Palace dominated the proceedings with even Sean Dyche, the Burnley manager admitting that Palace were the better side.

So things were certainly improving and with that, BOOM, off you go Frank. Rumour now has it that Roy Hodgson is in the frame for the hot seat and after this sacking, the Palace Managers chair is probably the hottest seat in the Premiership. I am not convinced any manager worth their salt would contemplate for even a second taking a job at Selhurst Park under Steve Parish now, which is almost certainly why Roy has been mentioned. The guy is 70 years old for fucks sake. When he was playing football they were still kicking around pigs bladders. Thanks at least go out to Steve for keeping us Palace supporters entertained, even though for completely the wrong reasons this time by being a total mad bastard.

Apologies for my language and I will sign off now so I can go hang myself.

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