Sutton FC Wayne Shaw eating a pie
Football Fraud

Betting Scandal in FA Cup

Brits love betting, football and pie in equal measure and all three were in full effect when fifth division Sutton United hosted Premiership giants Arsenal in the FA Cup (which as any self respecting football fan knows, is still the best competition in the world bar none). Sutton’s second goalkeeper Wayne Shaw, is shall we say, a bit on the larger side than your usual footballer so a betting provider let punters gamble if he would eat a pie during the match. While Sutton lost to Arsenal (0-2), Shaw was actually seen munching on a pie whilst sitting on the bench. It turned out that his friends were taking part in this bet and because football players are not allowed to place wagers on games, Sutton has released Shaw from the team. The famous British sense of humour seems to be seriously lacking in Sutton and how eating a pie can be considered in anyway match-fixing is anyones guess. Karma is a bitch though as in their following game, their Number 1 was injured and they did not have a replacement keeper available.

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