Another one of those stories we have been trying to write since forever, but then research from Ali Mohammed came in and we reproduce it here, undiluted. At the end of it we add some extra pieces of information that we came across recently. Just to be clear, anyone who claims that by writing this up somehow makes us Putin Lovers or Apologists is “The Enemy”as far as we are concerned. We do not agree with war, any war EVER! The use of war under any pretext is obscene, and to wage war against others in the name of profit and power is the language of the cave man, the savage and the morally bankrupt. Sadly our files on “Crimes Against Humanity” just keep getting bigger, like the growing untaxed deposits in Swiss Bank accounts following “A jolly Good War”.

WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes. In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.

Major General Smedley Butler War Is A Racket (pp. 5-6). .


The Russia/Ukraine War Can Only Come To An End If We ThePublic Are Fully Informed on How & Why It Began.

2014: Here Zelensky Explains It Himself In A PerformanceWhich Is Actually A Statement. It is a film clip inside the video below.

@TheOliverStone Documentary “Ukraine On Fire” (96 min) gives us a  contextualised history of Ukraine leading up to the 2014 Maiden Coup which was facilitatedby the US insurrection organisation NED led by Victoria Nuland.

Ukraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west-Europe. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea. 2014’s Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media. But was it? “Ukraine on Fire” by Igor Lopatonok..

The coup in Maiden empowered Neo-Nazis which led to open attacks of the Russian speaking population of Ukraine. One of the consequences of this was the people of Crimea voting to join Russia for their own safety.


This is from Forbes.Com March 2015 – It doesnt get much more Mainstream than that.

From their page….

1    “In June 2014, a Gallup poll with the Broadcasting Board of Governors asked Crimeans if the results in the March 16, 2014 referendum to secede reflected the views of the people.  A total of 82.8% of Crimeans said yes.  When broken down by ethnicity, 93.6% of ethnic Russians said they believed the vote to secede was legitimate, while 68.4% of Ukrainians felt so. Moreover, when asked if joining Russia will ultimately make life better for them and their family, 73.9% said yes while 5.5% said no.

2  “In February 2015, a poll by German polling firm GfK revealed that attitudes have not changed. When asked “Do you endorse Russia’s annexation of Crimea?”, a total of 82% of the respondents answered “yes, definitely,” and another 11% answered “yes, for the most part.” Only 2% said they didn’t know, and another 2% said no. Three percent did not specify their position.”


The people of Crimea under Russian protection escaped the forthcoming Neo-Nazi led violence & killings.
This report is from September 2014 & I ask you to remember the name Ihor Kolomoisky as he plays an integral role as stated in Zelensky’s video above.



To show how “heightened & savage” the demands have become for widespread slaughter. In April 2014, News Channel Hromadske TV gives licence to journalist Bogdan Butkovich to say the genocide of 1.5 Million people in Donbass region is “justifiable”. It is worth noting here that NATO organisations fund this “News”channel

Link toVideoViaTwitter



Life for the Russian speaking people of Eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region is under Artillery Bombardment. 2015 🇷🇺 Vladimir Putin 🇺🇦 Petro Poroshenko 🇫🇷 Francois Hollande & 🇩🇪 Angela Merkel create The Minsk Accord to end military siege & ceasefire.

Full BBC story Here.

[Angela Merkels part in this questionable deal is dealt with at the end – Dangerous Globe.]


The Minsk Accord was not implemented by the Ukrainian government.
2016 French CNews War Correspondent Anne-Laure Bonnel reports the continuing slaughter & how no channel broadcast her documentary on this. (Strange with Macron on the Minsk agreement Peace brokerage team?)

Note Russia did not invade despite being requested to by Donbass.

Above shows the Neo-Nazi regime killing its own people. @TheOliverStone documentary shows how these Nazis came into power. Now this thread shows how the US & NATO countries want a Russia-Ukraine War.

Below US Senators John McCain & Lindsey Graham with Victoria Nuland. A speech for the Nazis.

A little taster of US Diplomacy at this time with Nuland dropping the ‘F’ word about the EU at the 3 minute mark, how very diplomatic (DG Insert)


Here @TheSpyTheState reports for the LA Times on discovering the CIA is trainingUkrainian Neo-Nazis in the US & in Ukraine since 2015. The pretext is preparation for war with Russia. Essentially, it’s Terrorist Training and how to apply Terrorism.


Since 2014, the US has empowered, armed, trained & covertly financed Neo-Nazis totake control of Ukraine. 2016 @thenation reports US Congress passes a bill which overtly states that they finance,arm & train Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. $2.76 Billion so far.


@CovertActionMag Report from 2021 explaining foreign mercenaries & more to contextualise Terror Wars



2018 – @MaxBlumenthal @aaronjmate writers for @TheGrayzoneNews
This is being added to give context as to why Isreal is also involved. If you prefer to read the Transcript of this video the link to the Grayzone has the full TS

2018 Haaretz News. “In the past, Israel has armed anti-Semitic regimes, such as the generals’ regime in Argentina, it murdered thousands of Jews in camps,  its soldiers stood in watchtowers guarding the abducted prisoners with their Uzi submachine guns.”


@declassifiedUK by @kennardmatt
Report “Britain’s Op Orbital has so far trained 22,000 members of Ukraine’s armed forces. In 2020, that training was expanded “to incorporate broader operational & capability orientated maritime & air capacity building”

@declassifiedUK by @pmillerinfo
“Ben Grant ex-Marine, was filmed by Reuters in Lviv train station on Sunday. Declassified understands that his mother is Helen Grant, the MP for Maidstone and The Weald, in Kent, and also a former justice minister”


A thread by
@BenjaminNorton from @Multipolarista giving further information/evidence on countries involved in creating this Russia Ukraine War. “Ukrainian Nazis have been trained or armed by the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Israel.”

On the subject of Canada, and its unwavering and somewhat servile funding and arming of Ukranian forces who just “Happen”to be wearing a fine array of Nazi symbols…we published this piece by Thierry Meyssan in May this year, offering some deeper insights into Canada and its Nazi connections…

Canada and the Ukraine

So far, everything is orientated around empowering a Neo-Nazi regime & military. In all of this, it is the people of Ukraine who suffer while politicians & generals “play war games.”
Here is Yevhen Karas, leader of Neo-Nazi Street Gangs C-14 which we NATO countries finance & arm.


2019 People of Ukraine shout they don’t want Neo-Nazis by voting for Zelensky.
Among 44 contenders for President of Ukraine. Only 1 candidate can be formally attributed to the far right – Ruslan Koshulynskyi. He received 1.62% of the total votes.



2014 Zelensky’s Video. “But the main Banderas man Kolomoisky prohibited it.” A brief & horrific introduction to who Bandera was & the genocide of Jews he facilitated during WWII.
Ihor Kolomoisky is todays Banderas, where Ukrainians of Russian heritage are to be killed.

A 2 minute video to explain what a nice bunch of people the post war Banderas turned out to be

2015 “Estimates suggest Kolomoisky could call on over 20,000 troops and reserves. His Dnipro Battalion, also known as Dnipro-1, includes around 2,000 heavily armed
fighters. The unit reported to have cost the banking billionaire $10 million to set up.”

And more on this nice chap…..


NATO Reps give their version. What is critical here is that Jaresko is the IMF/US channel controlling $$$$ for Ukraine.

(Financial Colonialism, the gift that just keeps on giving DG)

The country’s former Finance Minister, Natalie Jaresko

From the page, “

Jaresko spoke at an event hosted by the Atlantic Council hours after learning she had lost her job in a government shakeup—the most significant since 2014—marked by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s resignation and the appointment of a new cabinet of ministers headed by Volodymyr Groysman as the new Prime Minister. Disbursement of a third tranche of loans from the $17.5 billion IMF bailout package has been delayed amid political turmoil in Ukraine.”Describing the IMF package as a “huge asset,” Jaresko said: “A new Ukrainian government must stick to the IMF program and implement it fully, including painful reforms, such as continuing to increase gas tariffs.” 
Ukraine must also “continue down the path of fiscal restraint” and “shrink our budget deficit and live within our means,” she added.



2015 Natalie Jaresko US citizen & Ukrainian Finance Minister. $17.5 Billion in “aid” from theIMF. (Oh what a tangled web we weave DG)


2016 “Ukrainian authorities nationalize PrivatBank to safeguard financial stability” ChristineLagarde IMF Managing Director 33% of Ukrainian people have their money stolen by Ihor Kolomoisky, which the US & IMF enable by having his bank nationalised.

Central Banking – A nice business to DO people with![DG]


(2019) Kolomoisky steals [at a minimum] $5.5 Billion, this was known as the nationalisation Bailout was $5.9 Billion. Kolomoisky wants another $2 Billion in payment.

From the page…..

“The former chairwoman of Ukraine’s central bank dubbed it one of the biggest financial scandals of the 21st century.”Valeria Hontareva was describing the alleged theft of US$5.5 billion from PrivatBank, once the country’s largest commercial lender. The suspected masterminds are the bank’s two oligarch owners: Ihor Kolomoisky and Hennadiy Boholiubov, who stand accused of absconding with an amount roughly equal to 5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. According to court records, both men are said to have recently been living in Switzerland, though Kolomoisky appears to be spending time in Israel.”


(2019) @OCCRP 

2016 Ukraines economy shrinks 10% & now more @bneintellinews


Above shows how Kolomoisky was paid off by the US. He was also protected by the US to escape Ukraine. A Genocidal Oligarch & the US regime, a perfect fit.
Kolomoisky controlled the oil company Naftogaz, creating an oligarchy conflict.



Kolomoisky laundered his stolen money globally & especially in the US. His crimes inthe US became so apparent that he would have been told to leave, which he did. FBI”Investigating”.
Note: Bidens son worked for Kolomoiskys ‘Burisma’ 2014 to 2019.


2016 to 2019 Kolomoisky splits his time between Switzerland & Israel. This is where this thread shows the relationship between Zelensky & Kolomoisky.
“Zelensky has flown to visit Kolomoisky in Geneva and Tel Aviv a slew of times over the past years.”



2012  Zelensky’s production company Kvartal 95 enters into a production deal withKolomoisky 1+1 Media Group.
Pandora Papers shows that at the same time, Zelensky’s company sets up offshore accounts or money laundering by proxy.


Zelensky’s rose to greater fame with his show Servant of The People broadcast on the 1+1channel from 2015 to 2019. He plays a teacher who fights to win the presidential election to defeat corruption. In reality, a propaganda vehicle.


2019 Zelensky’s has a landslide victory, winning 73% of the vote for the PresidentialElection. Nothing could be more clear for what the people of Ukraine want, peace & stability.
“I will never let you down,” Mr Zelensky told celebrating supporters.”

BBC on the election


2019 Kolomoisky
“If I put on glasses and look at myself like the whole rest of the world, I see myself as a monster, as a puppet master, as the master of Zelensky, someone making apocalyptic plans,”Mr. Kolomoisky said. “I can start making this real.”


Zelensky now as President campaigned on an anti-corruption & anti-war platform.
Everything within this thread is factually & contextually accurate as possible. Zelenskyknows he’s a war prop & behaves like one @RealAlexRubi
for @TheGrayzoneNews

The Hero of Ukraine



Jewish President Zelensky meets with Azov Nazis

Zelensky is a law graduate & actor, not a humanitarian or strategist. Consolidating control for the US/NATO, not the people of Ukraine. Shuts down the Kyiv Post, turning into pro war Kyiv Independent for Western public consumption.


April 2021 Russia deploys troops alongside the Donbass region borderline & secure Crimea as a Naval strategic point. They call it a training exercise, but it’s clear that a defensive line of attack is being deployed – (due to duration of deployed troops).


February 2022 Russia deploys troops to invade Ukraine by land, air & sea. Vladimir Putin calls it “A Special Operation” to DeNazify Ukraine.
Russia presents to the media intelligence showing that Ukrainian troops were planning to attack Donbass.

You can see by the “Stay Informed” tag at the bottom of this item that the Fact Checkers have been all over it, apparently these documents have been taken “Out of Context”. Well lets review that context taking into account all that has been said above this line, and that which is about to come below it. There is much more to life than Twitter [DG]


Russia attacks multiple targets including US Bio Weapons Labs. A very detailed investigation was carried out by @dgaytandzhieva exposing these US BioWeapons Labs in 25 countries. Ukraine is one of them.


In what is surprising, the US publicly challenge the question of their Biological WeaponsLabs in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland answers that if Biological Weapons from their labs are used in Ukraine. Itwould be the fault of the Russians, not their own or Ukraines.



I can say as a former soldier that this is slaughter not strategy. “President Zelensky signed a declaration on Thursday ordering a general militarymobilization and prohibiting male citizens between the ages of 18 to 60 from leavingUkraine.”


This strategy has been used by the US in Iraq, Libya & Syria. It’s done to create lethal anarchy within a population. “Zelensky has said he will be releasing prisoners who have “real combat experience” so they can assist with the war with Russia.”


War Propaganda is applied to every conflict, but MSM unfortunately is pro war to the extent the so-called left leaning MSM uses subterfuge to promote war & not report factually to help end war.
Surprised when a UK News business countered propaganda.


War Propaganda tactics repeated by US/NATO. In Syria, it was “Save Aleppo” underattack. In Ukraine, it’s “Save Mariupol” under attack. @EvaKBartlett
is in Ukraine & has been put onto a Kill List. Targeted by Ukrainian forces.

Twitter Link


When you release prisoners, arm Neo-Nazis, give anyone a weapon from fascist gangs toMr whoever. The fallout is horrific as these people are out for a joyride. If you’re lost in someHollywood saviour epic, it really isn’t like that.

Twitter Link



Remember at the top of this thread, Ukrainian News Channel HromadskeTV promoted genocide of 1.5Million people in Donbass & to present it as justifiable? 
These pictures show who funds this propaganda.



Hromadske show Amnesty International on their page.
I believe in Amnesty International & know they have conflicts within the organisation. Yetthe broadcast for genocide was in 2014. They still appear to sponsor Hromadske.

Link page may be removed.



Zelensky furthers total control by banning opposition parties. This literally means a dictatorship in Ukraine, with a Neo-Nazi command structure. The Guardian a world renowned “left wing” News Business. Make up your own minds war collaborators or not?


I swear that I heard Zelensky on multiple occassions telling us that his nation was a democracy…must have been hearing things[DG]



Here NATO PR Reps tell us how war is “aid.” “The U.S. has been by far the largest supplier of military aid to Ukraine in its war withRussia, providing $15.2 billion in weapons packages to date since Moscow invaded its neighbour in late February.”



Hilary Clinton wants Russia in a long-term war or “Forever War” in Ukraine to maintain global supremacy, etc. These people have no care for all that have and will be slaughtered.
The US has done this for 2 decades & don’t want it to stop.
Just a personal internal memo to our favourite researcher Ali, “the US has been doing this stuff EVERY year since WW2…and possibly beyond” [DG]




Zelensky ordering all males 18 to 60 means single mothers, lone women, girls & boys have fled Ukraine on their own seeking refugee safety in Europe. Reality is that sexual predators will exploit this as an opportunity as done in the Middle East Wars.


Organised gangs would have set-up networks in Europe to target women & children forwhatever is in their imaginations. This war will or is creating a rape industry.
Ukrainian women victims of Scandinavian prostitution networks after fleeing war.”




It is difficult to imagine what you yourself have not experienced. Please read through this article to help understand the torture mothers are put through seeking safety for their children.

Vulnerability & desperation are ruthlessly & mercilessly exploited.



We can end this war and all other wars if we choose to arm ourselves with hard evidence provided to us by courageous people in war zones & at home reporting the truth, not constructed lies via MSM. We must confront politicians & MSM with these hard facts & push them to end wars.

More Very Reliable Sources @EvaKBartlett @johnpilger @VanessaBeeley
@wallacemick @AsaWinstanley @KevorkAlmassian @Antiwarcom @AbbyMartin
@andrewfeinstein @timand2037 @ClareDalyMEP @KortkampJanice @KitKlarenberg
@NaomiAKlein @MintPressNews @sahouraxo @For2000years @wikileaks



The usual Fire Sale going on in Ukraine right now with western money buying up vaste swathes of Ukraine, in just the same way they have done all over the planet wherever a war “Breaks Out” (As they say in the western media) 

War doesnt break out it is coldly and carefully planned and executed by the same people that make the weapons and ammunition, and those that end up buying up all the land of the nations they helped “conquer” at the expense of the local population. 

Be warned, while watching the above video, which is very informative indeed, you may well be blessed with very large on screen advertisments portraying the front cover of Time Magazine showing Zelensky as the 2022 Person of The Year.

There are some very sick comedians running the world right now.

Scott Miller US Ambassador in Bern CH

From an article in the Swiss Media channel RTS about a TV interview with Mr Miller….

 “The US ambassador in Bern also hails Switzerland “as a formidable partner in the context of the sanctions against Russia after the unjust and illegal invasion of Ukraine”. 

He underlines the role played by the United States, via its embassy, even before the offensive launched on February 24th. As soon as he arrived in Bern on January 8, he said he had discussions with federal advisers and secretaries of state, presenting them with American intelligence that the invasion was going to occur.

US Had prior knowledge of Russias plan to invade?


Image and text unashamedly stolen from…….

In an interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit last week, former German chancellor Angela Merkel revealed the West’s real intention behind its negotiation with Russia and Ukraine to promote a ceasefire in 2014. She admitted the Minsk agreements were an “attempt to give Ukraine time” and that Kiev had used it “to become stronger.”

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Merkel’s remarks were “completely unexpected and disappointing.”As the US media New York Post pointed out, Putin felt betrayed by the West following the Minsk agreements. “It has turned out that no one was going to implement the agreements,” the Russian leader pointed out.

Western diplomacy at its very worst [DG]


I dont know about you but I have seen more than enough on the subject of Nazis and the Ukraine. My anger at the creeps that have somehow managed to turn round the entire history of the last war into the farce that it is today.

I am so glad my father isn’t alive today to see the treacherous sight of  British Officers sitting down to train Nazi Ukrainian troopers in the fine art of killing Russians. The same Russian Army that liberated Europe and laid down 20 million lives to defeat Nazism in 1945.

In those days, the Good Guys were “The Allies”…who else? US, UK, Canada, and Israel, all good mates fighting the Nazi plague, and dying by the million. The Bad guy? Germany of course, the evil Nazis. But both “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” are now united in an embarassing stampede to see who can give the most money to the marionette clown actor Zelkensky and his Nazi cohorts.

Nazis have always been the enemy of humanity, their behaviour in World War two is ample testimony of that simple fact, and if they could do that stuff back then just imagine what they can do now with all that money WE have paid to arm and train them YET AGAIN. 

No Nazis in Ukraine? Really? Did you not read the top elements of this post from Forbes, BBC, Newsweek, Associated Press, USA Today? They had no problem finding Nazis in Ukraine.

We  line up on Armistice day, behind our so called leaders, to mourn the loss of our families and forefathers and then go indoors to knit socks and have a whip round to collect money to give to help arm and train the people that put our ancestors in the ground.

I feel nauseous.

Taking a break for a while. See you next Year.

T Broomfield

Senior Editor

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Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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Luke Andreski
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Valuable insights into one of the great geo-political disasters of our time.