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The Cummings-Krueger Effect

February 29, 2020

(A true Leap in the Dark day)

Tony Broomfield (With thanks to @poetinpyjama who did a great deal of the work that made this possible)


The first piece of a 5 part mystery thriller about the theft of British Democracy and the rigging of UK Elections and Referenda.

Rather than an opinion piece, it is an evidence locker, and seeks to present enough material to support our theory that the last 3 General Elections + the Brexit referendum were rigged. If it is a conspiracy theory, it is because there is a conspiracy, and we are aiming to track down the conspirators. Its a long story.

The Senior Adviser to the current UK Prime Minister is Dominic Cummings, who has built a reputation for himself for “Getting things done”, and he isn’t too particular about the methods he uses to achieve his ambitions.

The reason he is first up in this series is simple, he has been in the thick of it for the last few years and took a prominent position in the manipulation of all things Brexit. He is hailed, as a mastermind, and for sure he has a winning way when it comes to appropriating data. Using data extracted from the Facebook pages of millions of people, he can extract what he believes we are thinking, and construct targeted advertising and propaganda campaigns to press all of our various emotional  buttons.

While researching this piece we came across something that we are sure Mr Cummings is aware of, but I am not so sure the British public know about, it is about the UK Tory party and their right wing US connections.

The American Enterprise Institute, AEI, is the” intellectual command post” of the neoconservative campaign for US regime changes in Iraq, Syria, Iran , Yemen”, (Some of the 7 nations to be absorbed into the US Empire, according to General Wesley Clark)  The AEI previously helped create and fund an anti-Iranian lobby group in Washington DC and now works to confront the Iranian “threat”.

Many of the  US architects of the invasion of Iraq and the bombing Iran, are associated with the AEI,  John Bolton, and former vice-president Dick Cheney,  to name but 2 . (These seem to be the people that have been pulling the strings that have operated every US president since Kennedy was assassinated.) If I was the cynical type, I would say that hitting Iraq and Iran was probably some form of perverse 2 for 1 offer, saving fuel and ammo, plus all those worrisome travel expenses. I am sure Body Bags are much cheaper by the Ton

The AEI is politically as far Right as it is possible to get without travelling off-planet.  It has always enjoyed unlimited access to POTUS and “The Hill” with Zero responsibility or accountability, often supplying Researchers and advisers to the likes of George H W Bush, the man who invaded Iraq the first time and GW Bush who did it again (not to be outdone by Pa.), and both of whom clearly needed a bit of help getting things done

So why are key British ministers, on the far right of the Conservative Party helping to promote regime change in Iraq/ Iran and how does this is influence UK foreign policy?

      • In September 2018, Boris Johnson flew first class to Washington for a three-day visit to receive an award at the AEI’s annual dinner. The organisation giftedJohnson £16,840 to cover the trip, more than £5,000 per day. One hell of a hotel that must have been.
      • Sajid Javid, former Chancellor to Johnson, attended his first AEI conference in March 2011, within a year of becoming an MP. He subsequently attended six out of eight AEI annual conferences from 2011 to 2018. In total, Javid received £31,285 in gifts from the AEI.
      • Michael Gove,attendedevery AEI conference from 2015 to 2019 except one and has been gifted £22,763 by the AEI over the past four years.
      • In 2019, Gove was joined by another cabinet minister, Liz Truss, who was gifted£8,200.54 by the AEI for her four-day visit,
      • Philip Hammond and Nicky Morgan have also delivered addresses to the AEI.

The AEI don’t publicly disclose its funding, nor are these conferences and speeches to be found in the public domain.

Normally if sources of funding for British politicians Jolly Trips about the globe are unclear, questions about accountability are asked, but the UK media no longer seem to bothered about working for a living, seemingly relying on Twitter to supply them with the news.

With Johnson now briefed and primed as a fully-fledged US Neo-Con Representative but sadly only armed with a dog-eared copy of a Rudyard Kipling primer, and sporting the brain power of a cheap 60’s Casio pocket calculator, it was clear to most, (Including Johnson himself) that he needed a helping hand, and possibly somebody close by, to make sure he kept his foot out of his mouth and his trousers fastened properly.

Right on cue,

“Need a hand Boris?, Dominic asked helpfully…?”

Now read on…

Dominic Cummings – The EU Referendum

(He has the technology)

Enter Demonic Cummings, (Demon, to his friends), born in a Think Tank and a rabid hater of Order and all forms of Democracy, he is also allergic to taking up the reins of power the boring old fashioned way, by standing for election. None of that shit for Demon, he just gets politicians by the scrotum and has a word in their ear, making them offers they could not refuse. His recent specialty is firing the advisers to ministers without bothering to tell the ministers involved. A sure way of endearing yourself to your colleagues in government.

By many accounts Mr Cummings isn’t a very nice person, prone to outbursts and temper tantrums with anyone who doesn’t see life the way the he does. He may well be a very clever man and have some outstanding ideas (I stress “May”) but stomping about in a temper and generally pissing off people is hardly helpful. On his blog he rails mightily against the excesses and shortcomings of the Civil Service a.k.a. The Gnomes of Whitehall. I totally agree with most of his comments here, but what he fails to mention is that the Head Gnomes are cut from precisely the same Etonian cloth as most of the cabinet he is happy to work for.. As I go through this for the umpteenth time, I have just heard that a Top Gnome has just resigned after a run in the the UK Home Secretary….the blood is flowing already.

Demon is now advising Boris Johnson, the UK PM and thanks to the Brexit fiasco, in which Mr Cummings played a major role, we must now dump our European neighbours in favour of getting closer, to the ultra-right wing war machine of the USA. What could possibly go wrong?

Cummings and Johnson were co-instrumental in making this happen, and what interests me most, is Cummings’ immersion in the field of Voter manipulation, and the arrogance that sees the public as mere cattle to be steered and manipulated wherever Dominic Cummings wants them to go. Its almost as if we had no say in the matter, which is a bit rich from the Government that talks so much about Liberty and personal Freedom. Maybe Liberty and Freedom is just for Posh people huh.

VICS – Voter Intention Collection System

Cummings developed the VIC system, documented here, to gather data on each and every voter using data sources both “Conventional and Unconventional”.

I am not sure which of these 2 options you would use to categorise the harvesting of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica, I choose “A diabolical Liberty” maybe I am just being picky. Once the raw data is gathered, VIC steps in with an analysis to isolate these 3 very useful strands of Data, and possibly, more.

  • Identify people likely to vote in a particular way and if they planned to vote
  • Identify “Floating Voters” and apply Influence.
  • Identify people who don’t vote at all.

Surprisingly, No 3 is most interesting of all, not specifically for the EU referendum, but certainly in the 2017/2019 General Elections, more of which later, in our coming section on Postal Voting.

The fact is there is an entire industry out there making profit out of their ability to make you and I vote for things that we would not normally vote for. In short, its brainwashing. They say that its harmless harvesting of data and that we have all consented to it, but then they apply a wide variety of techniques to alter our mind and control how we think and vote.

While looking for more information on Cummings we visited his Blog, which is pretty extensive, and includes a “Blogroll” with a list of names that for one reason and another Cummings finds relevant. 2 items stood out, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, and Yudkovsky (Eliezer) whose work is supported by the MIRI. Just following my nose lead me to this piece on cognitive biases.

We all suffer from these, to a greater or lesser extent, I seem them as the trigger for the conclusions we often jump to. The PDF document that the above link takes you contains some very interesting examples, and while reading through it, I began to make my own links.

I use Facebook rarely now, Brexit appeared and I found myself locked in mortal combat with people I love very much, so I bailed out fast. What that experience taught me was that cognitive bias is alive and well and worn on our sleeves on social media. I am as guilty as the rest, and have to double-double-check myself very often.

The biases, assumptions and preconceptions are what Cummings seeks in his data-mining processes, they are our push-buttons he needs to identify, which he can then press with just the right image or phrase to get our anger and hatred stirred up. The biases are not in our DNA, they are taught to us by those nice people at Newscorp or Saatchi and Saatchi.

Look no further if you want to see why Jeremy Corbyn is now one of the most hated people in the UK, when in reality he is a really nice, possibly a great human being. This meddling and interference in our lives is also why I am so bloody angry with all things political right now.

Dominic Cummings, the Brexit referendum “Vote Leave” campaign director, utilised the services of Canadian firm Aggregate IQ, (AIQ had also worked with John Bolton on the Trump campaign/Pure Coincidence ;-). AIQ were spawned by Cambridge Analytica, and Cummings later confirmed that the Facebook campaign leading up to the EU Referendum was “highly successful” Soi successful in fact that he felt the need to tell us all how he did it and here is a Video Explainer  from the man himself

Hear how he TARGETED 7 million people, (Gasp) with 1.5 Billion “Digital Ads” (Oooohhh) over a relatively short period of time”. This may not sound particularly controversial, but many of those ads were dishonest, to say the least, often with false claims about the non-existent benefits of Brexit, and often with misogynistic and racist overtones, but they hit our preconceived ideas, knobs, buttons and triggers bang on target.

In a parallel universe, the world of Facebook, Aggregate IQ, Vote Leave and the Tory party, the former CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix explains how they do it, by “aligning their message with those of the target audience”.

Folks with clear issues about immigration for example, can easily be spotted on Twitter/Facebook, and make prime targets for the Farage type posters of lines of immigrants queuing up at Dover to get in the UK.

The truth doesn’t live here any more

 “It sounds a dreadful thing to say, but these are things that don’t necessarily need to be true as long as they’re believed.”

Alexander Nix (Former CEO- Cambridge Analytica)

Well Mr Nix, it sounds dreadful because it is dreadful, and when it comes to messing about with elections that directly affect the lives of 60+ Million People, having unelected amateurs like you tampering with our voting system is frankly treasonous. Having said that Mr Nix, two can play at that game, anyone for tennis?

The costs for all of this tampering and fiddling came out of the Vote Leave campaign funds, and despite the spending limits put in place to prevent abuse of the democratic system, the Leave Campaign went right ahead and abused it anyway. All of the accusations and investigations in the world had no chance of success in this corrupt climate, but we live in hope.

Such comprehensive targeted advertising raises major ethical issues anyway, but when it is conveying a false narrative to attain a political objective it is wholly unacceptable. We can only conclude that the people responsible, especially Cummings in his front row position, hold the British Public in the utmost contempt.

It seems that Mr Cummings may have taken his eye off the ball at the General Election of 2017, when Theresa May squeezed in with only 4 seats over the majority line. Perhaps he didn’t get on with Mrs May, or maybe she told him to naff off. We will never know about it now, but it was a close run race with the Labour party taking far more (30) seats than had been predicted despite an abominable anti-Corbyn campaign.

Let us fast forward to 2019 UK General election and recall what I said above about people that don’t vote at all being valuable points of data. There is a growing swell of opinion that finds it likely that the election was rigged. We set out to offer evidence of that claim in the next 5 reports so for the moment I will just leave you with a few interim thoughts.

Just supposing…

  • You are Dominic Cummings
  • You already have 100% of the media working your case
  • You are planning to add a boost to make sure your side wins in an election, an insurance policy
  • You have another list of highly marginal seats that you simply must win
  • You have been advocating that people use the Postal vote system
  • Your party has a direct line into the PRIVATE Company that administers that system
  • You have a list of several million people that have no intention of voting.
  • You have succeeded at the very last minute to secure the services of IDOX Software Ltd, just before new regulations were about to be enforced, in order that to revamp the “Major software changes to the compilation of the Electoral Register” *

*In the August before the 2019 December GE there was a bit of a flap on in Downing Street, with both Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings demanding of their staff that all possible data must be gathered and archived immediately in order to help them with their No Deal Brexit planning…assuming they won the GE in December

People have started putting things together.

To be continued…Link to Part 2  

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The government hired several murky companies plying the same methods as Cambridge Analytica in their election campaign


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Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

A free to use, comprehensive and independent search engine which is about to become your favourite.

TheReal.News is a search engine that has had the spin removed. We use sites that we have studied for some time and monitored for integrity and we don’t use sites that we have seen which either spin or lie their way to the front page. Everybody is biased in some way or they aren’t breathing, but Bias and Bollocks are not the same thing.

People that tell the truth are quite easy to find because they cite references and sources to back up what they say. The opposite is also true.

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