After a historic showing of English football teams in Europe this season, UEFA has announced that they are to expel all British clubs from their competitions after Brexit. This means that British teams will no longer be eligible to compete in any European tournaments, including the International Euro’s. We have learned that the vacant cup places will be shared mainly amongst the, French, German, Italian and Spanish leagues, with the Belgian and Dutch leagues getting one extra place each.

To people who do not follow football, two English teams (Liverpool and Chelsea), have won both of the major European tournaments this season. This was of course a given, as an unprecedented four English teams made it to the Champions and Europa League finals.

In the coming weeks the English national team could make it a treble as they have a very real chance of winning the Nations League, the new international “friendlies” competition. It should be noted that Englands’ last two games (should they beat the Netherlands in the semi-final this Thursday), could be the last chance for the few classy supporters to throw perfectly curved bananas at black players. Maybe they will keep one for posterities sake, knowing that next season they will finally be able to throw bananas of all shapes and sizes without any interference from the European Union.

The Dangerous Globe appreciates that the last comment was possibly slightly biased, inferring that the banana throwing, racist football hooligan voted “leave”, but these statistics have not been researched and we stand by our guesstimate. We all know that there was a major North / South divide with the Brexit referendum results, so it is safe to assume that more Liverpool supporters voted “leave” than Chelseas’, whether it was the 99.9% of genuine fans or idiots alike. What we would really like to know is if anyone has taken a poll of travelling football supporters, with the emphasis on travelling, and what Brexit they voted for?

Side note: Having worked as an “Away-End Security Steward” at my beloved teams’ stadium in the 90’s and witnessing first-hand the behaviour of what I can loosely call humans, it is genuinely disturbing and truly upsetting to see that not a lot has changed. (I will not name the ground or the supporters involved as the Dangerous Globe cannot afford court cases or death threats).

To add another gross assumption, the Brexit North / South divide results would show zero relation to the “away fan” votes. When the TV News-Room results graphic is painted over the British Isles, it will be the same shade of red-white-and-blue from North to South, East to West. No politician, pundit, analyst or bookmaker would have a clue. These figures should in future be taken as a solid reference point for any governments calling referendums regarding nationality. There are now billions of people more interested in football than politics.

The irony of this, is that football is the medium with which the establishment have chosen to placate and sedate the populous, yet their arrogance does not take into account that they pay taxes and are eligible to vote. (This was a blatant oversight from Cameron but the disconnect between the Tories and the electorate is well documented, to the point they called a European referendum).

Getting back to the entertainment industry that is football, if this UEFA-EXIT article were true (which of course it never will be, as the English Premier League is the wealthiest in any sport and UEFA, along with FIFA, are as honest as the Tories and as straight as a European banana), it would be interesting to see how these supporters could have swayed a 52-48 vote. How many of these fans who voted for “leave” would change their minds if they were told UEFA were to expel their team from participating in European competitions? Also of course and not forgetting ALL of the votes COMBINED if England and the home nations were to be excluded from the International Euro’s.

With the uncountable amount of lies, propaganda and ridiculous “alternative facts” surrounding the UK’s relationship with the European parliament and with the EU’s ridiculous directives for flame retardant tower block cladding, the sharing of resources and of course the shape of fruit, had the average away football supporter been “properly” informed, the UK would still be in the EU.


This article is of course not true, (or at least, not that we know of) and is a blatant attempt by ourselves to shamelessly publish a click-bait page, aimed squarely at the British football fan who voted “leave” in the Brexit referendum. (and we will enjoy ignoring the torrent of social-media abuse which undoubtedly follows).

The Dangerous Globe always strives to achieve the highest standards in journalism, research and reporting (unlike the Murdoch’s and BBC’s of this world) but if other so called “news” outlets are free to print alternative facts, uncorroborated articles, propaganda, lies and outright fiction at the behest of their owners, then why aren’t we. (Rhetorical).

JUST IN: Our Editor-In-Chief, Lord Tony Broomfield has won this year’s Miss World competition, pictures to follow…

We would also like to add that we know it is a very small percentage of football fans which are “hooligans”, not all travelling football supporters voted “leave” and not all racists throw bananas at black folks. Sincerest apologies if we have offended anyone and feel free to leave a comment.


Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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