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This piece is sincerely dedicated to everybody out there that honestly believes the events of the last 2 years are somehow a remarkable and unusual series of events.

I am probably older than many of our readers and can assure you that I have witnessed most of the incidents you are about to read about. (except the bit about the 1918 Spanish/American Flu. I am not 104 years old.)

1918 –  Spanish Flu

Originated – Nowhere near Spain. It was First documented (1) case in Kansas USA

Coverage – Worldwide

Media – In 1918, and up until Armistice Day 11th  November, the world was still busy with WW1. The worlds wartime media, such as it was, were too busy working on wartime propaganda to worry about an outbreak of flu. Spain was not affected so much by the ongoing war and it was the Spanish media who first picked up on the existence of the flu in America and by doing so they probably created the term “Spanish Flu” in the process

Predicted Deaths – In 1918 this sort of technology/communication/global information gathering skill did not yet exist

Observed Deaths – History books range from 50 million to 100 million, which is understandable for that era. Global news travelled much slower back then. It was not accurate to claim them as Flu deaths though. (See Below)

Summary – During the original outbreak specimens of Lung Tissues had been removed from servicemen who had died “from the flu” and these were analysed at the time and fortunately had been kept preserved for future use.

In 2008 a group of doctors took samples of that tissue and subjected it to close scrutiny using 2008 technology. The findings were conclusive and very surprising. The primary cause of death during that pandemic was bacterial pneumonia and not the Influenza itself. Had this outbreak occurred today, most of those lives would have been easily saved with todays antibiotics. (See Notes at the 2008 Level)

Vaccination Issues – In putting this piece together we unrearthed a whle now story still to be told but its going to take a while to research it

Notes – This Science paper (2)was published by David M.. Morens, Jeffery K. Taubenberger, Anthony S. Fauci on October 1st 2008. Within the abstract they draw a comprehensive conclusion and this is it:-

“The majority of deaths in the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic likely resulted directly from secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory-tract bacteria. Less substantial data from the subsequent 1957 and 1968 pandemics are consistent with these findings. If severe pandemic influenza is largely a problem of viral-bacterial co-pathogenesis, pandemic planning needs to go beyond addressing the viral cause alone (e.g., influenza vaccines and antiviral drugs). Prevention, diagnosis, prophylaxis, and treatment of secondary bacterial pneumonia, as well as stockpiling of antibiotics and bacterial vaccines, should also be high priorities for pandemic planning.”

This telling piece of evidence does not seem to have stopped the pandemic machine using the 1918 “Spanish Flu” horror story to scare people every time a new Flu derivative appears on the market. They are still doing it in 2022.

Also, it is worth noting that the advice the authors gave in the conclusions regarding, prophylaxis, treatment of secondary infections, stockpiling meds etc, not only seems to have been largely ignored in today’s 2020-2022 Covid terms, but it seems to have been thrown overboard completely in favour of the single market dogma that claims that vaccines are the ONLY solution.


Random Notes 1953/1954

Dr Bernice Eddy(3) at the American NIH (National Institutes of Health), for nearly 30 years, was instrumental in discovering the Poliomyelitis virus and also worked on the vaccine development to combat it

During this time, she identified a fault in the vaccine contents, (See the Wiki entry in the last link under the heading “The Cutter Incident”)namely a cancer-causing strain of a live monkey virus (SV40). She informed her superiors and was promptly rewarded by having the locks changed on her lab to keep her out and being instructed not to speak of the matter or get involved in interviews and speeches.

 As a result, the offending vaccine(4) was distributed to millions of people(5) and caused serious damage to many.



1957 – “Asian” Flue (6)

Originated – In China.

Coverage – From China to Hong Kong and then globally in rapid succession

Media – No hysteria

Predicted Deaths – redictions were not readily available, probably due to absence of media panic

Observed Deaths – From its outbreak in October 1957 to its “Seasonal” disappearance in April 1958 the UK had reported 30,000 fatalities and the US reported 80,000. Global estimates quote 1 million deaths. At that time there was insufficient data to say if these were all “excess” deaths or if the may contain “seasonal” flu deaths within the numbers

Summary – Scant information on this event, it was managed by allowing it to run through the population

Vaccination Issues – None known. It seems that vaccine development at this time was focused on childhood diseases

Notes – None



1968 – Hong Kong Flu (7)

Originated – USA

Coverage – Global

Media – The media took little part in anything other than reporting known stats and reports, seemingly there was little or no hype at that time.(Or little remaining evidence of any.)

Predicted Deaths – Little evidence of predictions, especially by media

Observed Deaths – Estimates vary wildly between 1 and 4 million people globally illustrating the poor data gathering of the authorities concerned at the same time it was being spoken of as “One of the deadliest pandemics ever”.

Summary – The 1968 pandemic was caused by an influenza A (H3N2) virus comprised of two genes from an avian influenza A virus. It was first noted in the United States in September 1968. The estimated number of deaths was 1 million worldwide and about 100,000 in the United States. Most excess deaths were in people 65 years and older. The H3N2 virus continues to circulate worldwide as a seasonal influenza A virus,  and the 2 following winter flu seasons were almost as bad as the 1968 season.

Vaccination Issues – Vaccines were developed during this time but had little overall effect as few were administered

Notes – None



1976 – Swine Flu (8)

Originated – US Military base Fort Dix, New Jersey

Coverage – US Military base Fort Dix, New Jersey. (It did not go anywhere)

Media – Widely reported in broadcats and print media that “this was the same strain as the 1918 Spanish flu Which had killed 50,000,000 people worldwide”

Predicted Deaths – Starting from 50 million, the sky was the limit acccording to the media.

Actual Deaths – 1 (From the Flu – See below for the vaccine numbers)

Summary – NIAID (national Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases)reported to US government that Fort Dix swine flu(H1N1) was same strain as the 1918 “Spanish Flu” that had killed 50m worldwide. This was not true, both CDC and HHS knew from Lab results of the soldier that died that H1N1 was an ordinary pig virus with no risk to Humans. At this time Dr Fauci was chief of the Clinical Physiology section of the Laboratory of Clinical Investigation in NIAID

A loud publicity campaign called for mass vaccination using the US president, Gerald Ford, and various personalities (some not even aware their names were being used). $135 Million was appropriated from Government for vaccination of 140 million US citizens

Secret Meetings were held between Merck officials and NIAID to create a scheme where Vaccine manufacturers no longer would be held liable for Vaccine injuries and the government was to underwrite future claims.

Vaccination Issues – $134 Million was put up by US Government to help fund vaccine rollout in which 49 million Americans were vaccinated. By 1985 over $83 Million had been paid out in claims for vaccine injury. News accounts of the day stated that the Flu was 7 times greater in the vaccinated population than those who were unvaccinated.

32 Vaccine deaths were recorded, with 500 cased of Guillain – Barre nerve disease, 400+ paralysations, and 4,000 other injuries. 1600+ Lawsuits took place.

Several Doctors and much of the media of the time viewed this whole affair as an elaborate fraud to make money for Big Pharma. A whistle-blower* in the FDA was thrown under the bus, but after legal redress managed to get re-established. A 60 Minutes Newsreel of the event is here(4)

Notes 1977  – The *whistleblower mentioned above was a 36-year veteran of the NIH, an influenza vaccine expert, Dr John Morris. He had told his superiors that the flu scare was a farce and simply an effort to generate income for vaccine manufacturers. His immediate boss told him to stand down and not talk to anybody. Soon afterwards vaccinated people began reporting adverse effects and Dr Morris, refusing to be silenced, spoke up to say that Swine Flu was not contagious to humans, and that the vaccines could produce serious neurological affects.

The locks were changed on his office/lab door, his papers were confiscated, he was instructed not to discuss the issue and months afterwards dismissed from office – after 36 years of service. This was the second time such measure were taken in a Government department and it would not be the last.

In late 76, after vaccinating 49 million Americans the number of vaccine reactions caused the NIH to cease further vaccinations. Media reports of the time claimed that Flu was 7 times more likely to strike vaccinated people than the unvaccinated. The toll of these vaccines is highlighted in the above section.

In 1977 Dr Morris issued a wrongful dismissal claim against the NIH and it was unanimously decided by the law that his supervisors had wrongfully dismissed him. Former FDA and NIH scientists endorsed his criticisms of the agency stating that your “only option to comprising yourself within the NIH was to leave it”.

US government had paid out $134 Million for helping develop the vaccine programme.

By 1985, due to the earlier “Arrangement” made with the Vaccine manufacturers, the US government had paid out a further$83 million in injury claims, effectively making the American people pay for the weapon that had injured them as well as for the injuries they sustained from it.

A Nice Business to Do People with!

Watch Mike Wallace and his 60 Minutes programme (9) on the Swine Flu Fraud of 1976, at which time 4000 citizens were claiming a total of $3.5 billion.



Random Notes 1986

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was enshrined in US law “to protect Vaccine manufacturers against law suits for Vaccine injuries” thus clearly expecting to Injure people. It seems that the US government had chosen to side with Business against the US public, and no lessons had been learned from the 1976 experience.

Random Notes 1995

Wellcome Trust sells stock ($30 Billion Endowment) to Glaxo Smith Kline, making the world’s 4th largest pharmaceutical foundation and THE largest BioMed research financier on the planet.

Random Notes 2001

Fauci Paper on “Infectious diseases: Considerations for the 21st Century(10) (PDF on File) issuing warnings “about the possibilities of a new form of virus passing from bird to human population”. His prediction was one of “carnage” to the human population.

Random Notes 2001

Imperial College London publish a projection by Neil Ferguson over the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease (11) in that year resulting in the culling of >6 million Sheep and cows.

Random Notes 2002

Neil Ferguson predicts up to 136,000 deaths to the UK population as a result of Creutzfeldt-Jacob (Mad Cow) disease. (This disease was caused by a feed merchant devising a cattle food from dead diseased animal carcasses, possibly sheep. This practice was not contagious, and when it was stopped, so did the disease. Feeding remains of animals to grass eating herbivores such as cows and sheep is a sign of a certain sickness in the human mind, exemplified by dwindling profits in the animal feedstock industry).

The death toll from “Mad Cow” itself stopped at 232, whic coincided with when they stopped feeding dead animals to live grass eating animals


2005 Bird Flu (Avian Flu)

Originated – Vietnam

Coverage – Global expectations

Media – Neil Ferguson, a professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College London, told Guardian Unlimited (12-1) that up to 200 million people could be killed. “Around 40 million people died in 1918 Spanish flu outbreak,” said Prof Ferguson. “There are six times more people on the planet now so you could scale it up to around 200 million people probably.”

David Nabarro, one of the most senior public health experts at the World Health Organisation, said “outbreaks of bird flu, which have killed at least 65 people in Asia, could mutate into a form transmittable between people”. “The consequences in terms of human life when the pandemic does start are going to be extraordinary and very damaging,” he said. Both of these are from the same same Guardian Article(12-2) in September 2005. The whole planet lit up with similar stories, but hey, no need to be afraid. Business as usual. World Bank claims Bird flu could cost the world $2 Trillion. US Government releases Billions to NIAID and other agencies to fight “the war on Bird Flu.”

Predicted Deaths – Pick a number between 5 and 150 million, (there are other numbers available).

Observed Deaths – By May 2006 it was 100

Summary – This was a Non-Event, In fact many voices(13) could be heard calling the whole thing a hoax and just a way of Big Pharma making even greater profits out of vaccines.

Vaccination Issues   The worlds human population dodged a bullet on this one but vast sums of money were released to fund vaccine efforts that produced no specific vaccine and inoculated almost nobody. (President Bush, had allocated $1.2 billion for bird flu vaccines to inoculate 20 million Americans, a further $3billion for seasonal flu vaccines and a further $1 billion for antiviral drug storage)


Random Notes 2006

GlaxoSmithKline Director, Tachi Yamada, who also sat on the same board with Neil Ferguson at the Imperial College, London, was appointed to the BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) initiative called the Global Health Program. Neil Ferguson, from the modelling centre at the Imperial College, was also on the staff of the Wellcome Trust with Jeremy Farrar. The modelling centre is also largely funded by BMGF




2009  Swine Flu “Hong Kong” v2

Originated – In secret meetings between the WHO, (at this time heavily funded by BMGF) and various “Other Parties”, it seems that they decided to have a pandemic, after all 4 years is a long time without one. Apparently the WHO had seen “a slight uptick in global seasonal flu deaths”, fewer than 150 in fact, deemed it sufficient evidence to hit the PANDEMIC alarm bell. The WHO to this day refuses to say who those “other parties” were.

Coverage – Implanted in millions of minds worldwide with many getting sick of the usual seasonal flu

Media – NBC News claimed “Swine flu could sicken(14) over 2 billion in 2 years” and later from CNN, “Up to 50% of Americans(15) over the next 2 years, and as many as several hundred thousand people could die if the vaccine and other measures do not succeed”

Predicted Deaths – Pick a very big number, there is no real way of telling anymore, but it was in the millions at least. UK HMG were advise by Neil Ferguson that UK could expect to have 65,000 deaths, and that up to 1/3rd of the world population could be affected by this disease.

Observed Deaths – In the UK it is claimed that 457 people died from the “Swine Flu” as well as the “uptick the WHO had observed of around 150 Flu Deaths.

Summary – Little known to the public, due to the utmost secrecy surrounding the issue, the WHO and BMGF had previously applied pressure on many governments in Europe and Africa to sign agreements with vaccine manufacturers, Glaxo included, to supply $18 Billion worth of “Emergency H1N1 Vaccines” in the event of a future pandemic. These vaccines were exempt from all legal liability, experimental by nature, as yet untested and approved, and Glaxo just happened to have one Pandemrix by name in the event of a pandemic being called.

It was around this time that the definition of *Pandemic was “adjusted” by the WHO, and it seems that a Pandemic did not need to be deadly, “according to the classical interpretation of the word.  The WHO were heavily criticised for this move, initially stating it was untrue, but eventually admitting that downgrade in “Secret Meetings” with US Government and Scientists. (and the WHO demanded that the names involved must remain Top Secret). There is a discussion on the topic here.(16) and in the notes below

And so it came to pass that this new Human Friendly Pandemic triggered $18 billion contracts across the planet to supply a vaccine for a disease that was not deadly and most likely did not exist. See the notes below for more information

Vaccination Issues – The inputs from the WHO broke almost every rule in the book when it came to conflicts of interest, with WHO advisors close links to Vaccine manufacturers simply being ignored.

Notes 2009 – Following up on the 2009 swine flu outbreak that never broke out, there was a considerable amount of outrage about every aspect of what had taken place. The BMJ were heavily critical(17)of the WHO handling of the situation.

Reference the WHO adjustments of the Pandemic definition, and on a personal note, I have spent considerable time as an HSE Advisor to large Oil and Gas companies across the globe and am well conversed in the principles of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and Management. The idea that it is possible to identify and manage a risk without a “Severity” component, which is effectively what the WHO seem to have done, is frankly ludicrous

One of the SAGE advisors Sir Roy Anderson(18), a board member of GlaxoSmithKline, and Rector of the BMGF funded Imperial College London was one of the first to use the “pandemic” word in consultations. (Anderson was also involved in the 2001 Foot and Mouth Outbreak and the resulting cull of millions of animals based on numbers supplied by Neil Ferguson, Imperial College- See Milestone 2001 Above) Professor Fergusons figure were questioned and some criticisms of them(19) began to circulate

Pandemrix & Swine flu-Hong Kong. In a 2018 article by Peter Doshi(20) through the BMJ, it was claimed that “Early Warning signs” over the vaccine Pandemrix were ignored. The diagram, (see below) is from GSK themselves, is evidence of problems enough, and that was published in December 2009. The vaccine injuries continued way past that date.

As late as 2018 new cases thought to be associated with the Swine Flu(21) vaccine were still coming to light. More recent reports confirm that Dr Fauci was the driving force behind the mass vaccination scheme in the US. The CDC was again busy inflating numbers of “Victims” and scaring people to the Vaccination centres.

In a Chatham House, London Conference in 2019, the Belgian Pandemic Tsar, Marc Van Ranst(22) can be seen explaining his successes with the 2009 Swine Flu to a much-amused Chatham House audience. He takes the total manipulation and misinformation campaign against the Belgian public very easily in his stride.


2016 – Zika Virus

Originated – First documented in Uganda, a virus is transmitted by Mosquitos to humans. 2016 was when Zika was first brought to the attention of the US public en masse.

Coverage – Zika was found across Africa, Pacific islands, southern Asia and central America.  Only 14 cases of Zika had been documented prior to 2016 throughout the world.

Media – In 2016, Dr Fauci pointed at “an epidemic of microcephaly in new born Brazilian babies” with the implication that the US was next on the list.   The media took charge of the story and made it sound as though the people of the US were in immediate danger. A log of US media activity in 2016 is below and there seems to be a fair amount of noise

Predicted Deaths – The threat this time was primarily birth defects, mainly very small skulls and brains in children which could often be fatal in the longer term.

Observed Deaths – There was no substantiated death toll

Summary – Dr Fauci stated that he was pulling funding from Malaria, TB and Flu research to finance Zika vaccines. He requested an extra $2 billion from congress with the support of the BMGF. $125 Million was channelled to a start-up called Moderna who were also financially boosted by BMGF.

BMGF also funded a US Company called Oxitec, near Oxford UK, with a scheme to release millions(23) of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil to kill those insects blamed for carrying the Zika virus. In 2008 BMGF funded a Japanese initiative to produced GM mosquitoes to “Inject vaccines into people(24)” seemingly at random, and certainly without consent.

The impending microcephaly epidemic that Dr Fauci had claimed earlier was in fact around 100 cases in Brazil. Total Zika virus figures for 2016 hit a peak of over 5,000 cases and  Florida and Texas, in the low 100’s contained the only US cases, with no microcephaly.

In 2019 there were only 15 Zika cases in the US, all being free from microcephaly.

Vaccination Issues – No Functioning vaccine as yet, despite $2 Billion Funding.

Notes – Zika virus does not necessarily cause microcephaly, although a lot of effort is being made to blame it. In the area of Brazil that is under the microscope the agricultural use of Atrazine, Metalachlor, and Glyphosate has skyrocketed, and studies show side effects from these three are restricted fetal growth, small head circumference, and Microcephaly. It makes perfect sense to blame  Zika though, because that would warrant a vaccine, whereas stopping the use of dangerous agricultural chemicals would not




2016 – Dengue Fever

Originated – Earliest recorded outbreak of Dengue was 1779

Coverage – Principle areas are Southeast Asia, Southern Asia, and South America.

Media – Little attention was paid to Dengue until vaccine programmes started to become prominent in the news

Predicted Deaths – These vary enormously

Observed Deaths – 600 Children, maybe more


November 2003     NIAID under Dr Fauci’s direction, the agency applied for the first of over 300 Patent applications for “new technologies to combat Dengue” in its various forms.

December 2003    BMGF announced a $55 Million grant(25) to support large funding support for the PDVI, (Paediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative)

September 2006   Sanofi Pasteur(26) enter into partnership with PDVI

July 2007                Vaccine prototype from NIAID is stated by Dr Fauci to have a promising future as it completes preclinical trials and several companies were offered the formula for development.

Early 2008              AMA Journal carries a warning from Dr Fauci that a disease (Dengue) unknown to the US public so far, was continuing to expand with the danger of becoming endemic in the US, as well as become more severe and deadly in nature. (Efforts to control mosquito populations were proving unsuccessful so far).


Vaccination Issues

August 2010         NIAID announces clinical trials of new dengue vaccine as a priority due to cases found in Florida and worsening disease severity.

July 2014              BMGF Director of “Neglected Infectious Diseases”, Lance Gordon announces the Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine (Funded by NIAD and BMGF) trials were showing good clinical results, while at the same time quietly letting it be known that a certain set of trials in Brazil had “Shown signs of pathogenic priming”. (Since the 80’s this “Enhanced Immune Response” had been known to trigger responses to vaccinated persons subsequently exposed to the disease itself that were many times the severity expected in an unvaccinated person.) This news should have rung alarm bells with all concerned.

To support this warning there had been 2 previous sets of data collected in the recent past: –

In 2004 an NIH sponsored MERS vaccine trial showed “Robust antibody” responses in vaccinated children but afterwards, when exposed to the disease itself they suffered terrible illness and many fatalities.

In 2012-2014 Chinese and US collaborating scientists(27) had produced corona virus vaccines which, when tested on animals, produced the necessary antibodies, unfortunately subsequent exposure to the live virus resulted in the animals dying.

With Lance Gordons 2014 warnings, and the knowledge from these two trial groups in hand it would be reasonable to expect a halt

in the roll-out of this new vaccine to address these issues.

NIAID, BMGF and Sanofi Pasteur all felt that was not needed and went ahead with the development anyway, and in January 2016 Dr Fauci announces the continuance with the vaccines.

Sanofi Pasteur supported by the BMGF spent 20 years and $2 Billion developing Dengvaxia and tested if with large trials on over 30,000 children worldwide (122)

Dr Scott Halstead read that trial data(28) and saw that vaccinated children who went on to contract Dengue were suffering much harsher reactions to the disease than non-vaccinated people could expect. With children who had no prior contact with the disease Dengvaxia appeared to drive an increased risk of a deadly complication known as plasma leakage syndrome causing severe shock and often death.

Dr Halstead rang six alarm bells(29) over this situation in scientific journals and even made a video warning to the Philippine Government(30) of the situation.

Dr Fauci, BMGF and Sanofi-Pasteur ignored the warnings and Sanofi even published a rebuttal to them.

In April 2016 BMGF, WHO and Sanofi issued a recommendation for Dengvaxia to “all children between 9 and 16”. After Mexico, the Philippines was then slated to become “the world’s second country to approve Dengvaxia shots”.

18 months later Sanofi admitted that Dengvaxia did indeed increase the risk of hospitalisation and cytoplastic leakage(31). Out of 800,000 vaccinated Filipino children at least 600 had died as a result.

WHO changed its previous recommendation and stated that 100,000 of the Filipino children should not have been vaccinated and in future Dengvaxia was only to be used on children that had a prior Dengue infection

Following the Autopsies on the children that died the Philippine Government indicted(32) 14 Government officials and 6 Sanofi Executives for criminal homicide

































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