It seems that Capitalism only works well when it works equally for everyone, which is hardly ever.

While Socialism has existed in the past and gradually brought improvements over time, only the 1933-39 FDR Government in the US and the 1945-51 Attlee Government of the UK, made ‘Giant Leap’ type developments of social policy benefitting citizens as a whole, and almost every US & UK Government has tried to dismantle them ever since.

Hardly surprising when you consider that todays capitalism is a product of the European invasion of North America and the subsequent Slave Trade.

It can be clearly traced back to the halcyon days when Capital got extremely comfortable with the idea of getting Free land, Free raw materials(Incl. Free Gold) and Free manpower.

This is still the default setting for a certain class of capitalist.

The very idea that they must pay the full price for all of those things and, perish the thought, taxation as well, is considered to be an assault upon their liberty.

These Top Drawer Capitalists feel they have a god given right to exploit and manipulate, and waste no time in doing just that.

Notice that the 13,0000,000 Native Americans slaughtered to enable this surge of “ Free Enterprise” doesn’t get a mention in this ripping yarn about Capitalisms wonders.

When Capitalism only serves the Masters we end up with a few hundred people owning half the planet, as we have now.

This state of affairs has the potential to make Hitler and Mussolini’s version of fascism look like a Teddy Bears picnic. Coming to a Theatre of war near YOU sometime soon.

 Smoke and Mirrors

The entire fiction of Libertarianism, or Neoliberalism is a man-made strategy to deliberately strip the global population of its assets and deliver them to the people who would have us believe they are the elite.

They are no such thing, simple greed is their motivation, and complete power over the whole planet their objective.

Who are they? Follow the Old money especially, follow the people who have got far too much wealth to be of any benefit to anyone.

You can drive a big red bus through all of the bright shiny soundbites like: “Trickle-down economics”, “A Rising Tide Floats all Boats” or the one where we all live in a “Free Market Economy”.

These terms are the equivalent of the guy who sets up his open suitcase on a busy street corner to flog knock off watches to unsuspecting passers-by. (Psst! Wanna buy a Rolex for 500 Quid mate?).

None of those bright shiny soundbites are true for the vast majority of global citizens. We already saw how the Global South accounts for 4.6 Billion people living in poverty, and even the MSM agrees that 99% in the Wealthy Global North are not doing so well either. In the UK alone 6.8 Million working age claimants need some form of benefits in order to survive, and yet the unemployment figure is only 770,000.(2019 Figures).

On the other hand, the “Trickle Up” effect does work a treat – if you are in the 1%.

{Disclaimer – Lists of billionaires names are always published with a few that never seem to make it on to the list, often because the lists speak of “Ownership “of wealth not “Control” of wealth.

Some will be missing simply because the owners of them don’t want us to know who they are. And some will be missing whose wealth is so well hidden, buried under mountains of Cayman/Channel Island Sea- shell companies, that only a handful of people know how to unlock it.}

In 2019 the list of the worlds billionaires list looked like this, and we have just learned that in 2020 Forbes say there are another 600 billionaires have appeared, now with a combined total wealth of $13.1 trillion, a 34% increase in their assets in a year when the populations were locked down due to a deadly pandemic.

Must be a coincidence that the biggest year-on-year asset strip in history took place in a year the MSM told us that businesses had been suffering so badly due to the Corona Virus.


For a bit of perspective here –  The 2019 total of $8.7 Trillion shared between 2,604 people equals roughly 4 times the total amount of Money in US circulation that year.


Look back in anger

The last time Inequality looked like this was just before the 1929 Wall Street crash which went global at a time when Carrier Pigeons were thought of as high speed communications.

Its often commented:-  “The less well-off, voting for a system designed to transfer vast wealth from the poor to the rich, ….how dumb can you get?”

Well, it would be dumb if we had a truly representational Democracy in force, but neither the US nor the UK has any such thing.

The people we “Elect” to office are already selected for us, they not people chosen by us.

You get Trump/Clinton or Johnson/Corbyn, like it or lump it, them’s  ‘yer choices.

This wholly corrupted system created vast wealth for a handful of people whilst leaving millions struggling to survive. A system which promoted hatred of the poor by people often one pay-packet from being poor themselves.

A system fuelled on the complete indifference to the plight of others whilst praising the virtues of greed and ignorance.

50 years of this vile economic plundering has created a vast underclass of poor folk, millions of whom are actually in work but still cannot survive without Food Banks and yet we STILL we don’t care enough to do anything about it.

Today we have the worst inequality in history, the disabled are left to fend for themselves, the poor and disadvantaged constantly stigmatised, often by upstanding pillars of the Christian community. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” seems to have left the building.

We have been taught to blame the poor for their own misfortune, after all being poor is a ‘lifestyle choice’. TV Programmes like Benefit Street exist for a reason and it has nothing to do with entertainment.

The fact that many of us are living on extended credit, goes unnoticed in the ‘live now pay’ later world. “I’ve got myself a nice shiny SUV and a TV set the size of a snooker table which all goes to prove to me that “I am worth it”, as for the rest of you losers….”

In 2021, UK, personal debt averaged out at £32,000 per person. Lose your job and a world of hurt is waiting round the next corner. Get sick and going bankrupt in the US is often the only option.

After the Tories finish selling the NHS (which the Tories do not own) to Wall Street,  UK folks will find out just what millions of Americans have been learning for decades. Get Sick – Go Broke.

Maybe it is time we spared a thought to those already in that situation instead of bragging about how “Worth it” we are.

Almost every human support structure has been slashed to the bone and sold off cheap, to enable private profits to be made out of public misery. We are told Socialism is a bad thing which enables idlers and enables scroungers.

But watch Corporate Socialism attract the Banksters when their businesses collapse, watch them go cap in one hand, begging bowl in the other, to take advantage of some Corporate Welfare. All of a sudden Socialism for Capital is NOT such a bad idea after all.

Indeed, stand back and watch in amazement, as the first instalments of that Corporate Welfare are used to pay their Top Execs a nice fat performance bonus, a middle finger to the Taxpayer if ever I saw one.

The ruling class now own our gas, electricity, railways, water, and media. Not content with that, they are steal our pension funds, our NHS, our roads, our schools, our green spaces, and our DNA, our very Identity in fact.

They have systematically destroyed the unions, dismantled our protections, pay us poverty wages, and have dismembered the welfare state.

They deliberately caused an economic crash which bankrupted our economy and yet they walked away with their wealth not only intact but vastly increased.

We have seen low taxes for the wealthy, stagnation for the middle class, and poverty pay for the still working class.

In addition, about 1.5 million people are using food banks.

Since 2010, millions of people have seen no rise in living standards, in many cases they have suffered wage freezes and the “Lucky ones” that did get a wage rise found that inflation had eaten it..

In 2010, the richest 1,000 people in the U.K. were worth £335 billion. Today, in 2021 they are worth £743 billion.

What happened to all that wealth the City of London has looted from the Global South over the centuries, the stuff of our first report?

In Physics we are told that you cannot destroy matter, but in Economics that law doesn’t apply to Money, which has the ability to magically disappear off the face of the earth for the lucky 99%.

While ALL of this has been going on, what of  the opposition?

The only effective opposition leader for decades was obliterated from our minds and right in front of our very eyes, as we sat and let it happen. Not only watching but paying for the Hit Man’s contract.

The Sun, Mail, Express Newspapers, Fox & Sky News subscriptions, BBC license fees all gone. Working people shovelling their own hard-earned money into the pockets of the very assassins as they skillfully slipped the knife between Jeremy Corbyns shoulder blades. Corbyn was the ONLY man in Westminster prepared to stand up to all this and we stood and watched him get slaughtered in the name of protecting the Rich.

The beneficiaries of our generosity our glorious 4th Estate?

Shooting Grouse on Paul Dacres 17,000 acre estate?

Barclay Brothers swanning around on their private channel Island estate?

Murdoch surveying the plebs of New York from his $57 Million penthouse?

And Dirty Desmond, former Porn Baron, bimbling around London’s Bishops Avenue?

It’s time to get angry, because none of our politicians are going to.

We need someone to speak for the millions of hard-working people who want a decent life for themselves and for their kids to have a secure future.

Someone that speaks up for all of us, not just a privileged few.

Someone that tells us that compassion and empathy are not garbage, something to be sneered at.

Someone that tells us that ordinary people can expect to have a decent job, a decent house and decent healthcare. It is not a gift for Pete’s sake,  we still have to pay for it

Someone that tells us our elderly can live out their final years in a degree of comfort. (Having spent 50 years paying for it)

Someone that tells us our sick and disabled should be allowed to exist with a shred of dignity.

Someone that tells us that the poorest and most disadvantaged will not be looked down upon as scum.

Someone that tells us that our kids can still have hopes and dreams.

The sheer hatred of the 99% by the establishment is stomach churning gut wrenching stuff, and yet we are all to blame for allowing this to happen.

We stand and watch as the top 0.01% take 50% of the country’s wealth, and then scrabble around for the scraps they let us have, not even questioning that a system run like this is insanity.

We are all born equal, and have the potential to develop, achieve and succeed. But the vast majority of humans are condemned to a life of struggle by a handful of greedy men.

Our life support systems have been deliberately destroyed in the name of profit.

Education, Health and Welfare are not commodities to be traded on Wall Street it is totally immoral, and it’s high time we all stood up and said so!








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