The date was December 19, 2019, the location, an institute of virology in Wuhan, China, where the most significant and deadly pandemic in more than a century was released upon an unsuspecting, unprepared planet (dates courtesy of

The source of the Covid virus is still very much a mystery. Did it really originate and spread from a meat market in the center of the city of the Wuhan, China? Perhaps the “gain of function” experiments and testing that was, more likely than not, taking place at the aforementioned virology institute really was where the dreaded covid 19 virus was born. No one has and probably ever will be able to gather enough indisputable evidence to truly announce to the public, with any conviction, where the pandemic has its origins.

What we do know is the Covid 19 nightmare quickly spread across oceans, mountain ranges and six continents by the early months of 2020. By October of 2021, Covid 19 deaths reached 5 million worldwide. Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom were hit especially hard by covid due to several parameters including poor leadership, an aging populace and some bad luck. The United States would soon take the mantle as the most ravaged country, currently the US has 52 million total infections and over 815,000 deaths attributed to the coronavirus(courtesy of

Donald Trump, the CDC and the lax protocols in the early stages of the pandemic helped the virus to spread like a wildfire, especially in Florida and Texas, whose governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott respectively, did very little to enforce social distancing and mandatory shutdowns ( The early stages of vaccinations began in the summer of 2021, as Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson received a combined, 5.2 billion dollars from United States Congress in the unfortunately titled Operation Warp Speed (

Currently, 250 million Americans have had at least one dose of a covid vaccine, according to the Center for Disease Control. Yet, its painfully obvious these vaccinations have been an immense failure so far. December 2021 has seen some of the largest numbers of infections and hospitalizations due to the newest variant, Omicron, which has forced governments around the world to once again consider drastic measures.

My opinion has swayed throughout this international calamity.

Where did this scourge really come from?

Were the majority of poor decisions that world leaders made the main reason millions of people lost their lives?

At times, with the amount research I have compiled during the last two plus years, I can’t help but look into the various conspiracies that have been mentioned in accordance with Covid.

The top five Covid conspiracies include: Bill Gates and his seemingly, spot on prediction of Covid three years before the first case was discovered.

China, in response to theories that the virus was purposely released by their government, blames the United States military for possibly bringing covid to Wuhan in attempts to wipe out large swaths of the population.

Of course, you have the “Deep State” angle, that certain US government cabals started Covid to help spark the “New World Order” takeover.

Now the two I’ve taken quite seriously of late is the possibility covid 19 never really existed. And that it’s simply a ploy to further erode our freedoms.

Perhaps the millions upon millions of deaths were staged, giving governments carte blanche to implement lockdowns which have been protested by hundreds of thousands of anti vaxxers all over the world.

The final theory and the one I most closely identify with is that the coronavirus was a Big Pharma plot to gain billions of dollars for funding to eradicate a virus that never really existed in the first place (

My hatred and disdain for the pharmaceutical industry has never wavered.

Since the Sackler Brothers evil pursuit for billions of the dollars lead to the opioid crisis which still haunts society to this day,  I have done all I can to educate folks on the disgusting acts of Big Pharma.

Now since Covid 19 has suddenly raged on once again my suspicions have risen.

The medias constant commercials imploring citizens to get vaccinated even though they seemingly have no positive effects for battling the symptoms of Covid also has become unbearable.

I still cannot bring myself to say for sure that covid 19 is a farce.

I believe much of what we’re seeing now is an attempt to vaccinate as many people as possible to fatten the pockets of companies like Pfizer and Moderna.

I will not get a booster shot and I will never promote these pointless and potentially dangerous inoculations when they’ve proven to be a complete failure.

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Robert DiBlasio
Writer/Podcaster. Socialist, Pluralist, Free Speech Advocate. Born in Jersey City, NJ.
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