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Well its only week 345 of the general election, and my blisters have got blisters on, but not on my feet, oh no, nothing so comfy, they’re on my ears from hearing the phrase ‘Strong and stable’ ad nauseum, (When in fact the words “Piss-poor” and “Deranged” would surely be more applicable. Theresa May is as strong and stable as Tim Farron’s flowing fringe.
The main story of the week for me has been the attack on the NHS, and I don’t mean the cyber crime stuff, I’m talking about the 7 years of Tory under-funding onslaught, that is the real reason why the NHS is on its knees. While this has been building to a climax, the UK Tory owned newspapers have been busy talking about Jeremy Corbyn’s pyjamas and how much they resemble  Joseph Stalins moustache, which the press feel is far more important than dealing with real issues that affect the lives of the greater part of the population.
We can console ourselves that while things look a little bleak at the moment for the left leaning voters in the UK, they look even bleaker for any sane American. Trump’s Nixonesque sacking of the FBI director is just another example of his bat shit crazy, paranoid fuckwit stupidity.
That man needs to be impeached, but ‘ The Donald’ would no doubt see that as a vote of confidence.
But let’s get back to the UK, where the establishment are determined to destroy JC (and we all know why)… Rich establishment figures having to pay more tax might be a clue.
Andrew Marr for example dragged up a speech from 6 years ago about NATO, but fails to drag up any of Theresa’s remain speeches because firstly that would be patently embarrassing, and secondly, they were were barely audible, in fact all that could be heard was the sound of pistol shots as many people in the audience shot themselves in the head as boredom levels reached the critical level necessary for mass suicide.
Why is it that someone is seen as ‘stable’ when they are just dull? (Even duller wearing “Come and Fuck Me” shoes)
Maybe its her Damascian leap to Leave at all costs, because that pleases the lunatics of Fleet Street irrespective of the immense harm it will do to our economy. It’s hardly fucking strong or stable to allow bigots to draw breath, let alone direct your total economic collapse from the sidelines.
It might also do May some good to ponder the fact that the Brexit cat is well and truly out of the bag now with this mornings publication of this   Psychologcal warfare on your own population
Once this has been digested by enough people I fully expect some very serious charges to be brought

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

A free to use, comprehensive and independent search engine which is about to become your favourite. https://thereal.news

TheReal.News is a search engine that has had the spin removed. We use sites that we have studied for some time and monitored for integrity and we don’t use sites that we have seen which either spin or lie their way to the front page. Everybody is biased in some way or they aren’t breathing, but Bias and Bollocks are not the same thing.

People that tell the truth are quite easy to find because they cite references and sources to back up what they say. The opposite is also true.

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