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A group of mask-wearing protesters in Brisbane, Australia, are gathered behind a banner bearing the words “Pro Vaccine, Pro Health, Anti Fascist” – a nonsensically self-contradictory combination of labels if ever there was one.

Using an aggressive tone traditionally reserved for arms dealers, corporate politicians and actual fascists, a woman expresses her hatred for Australians who have taken to the streets to oppose the Great Reset tyranny and demand the return of their freedom.

She angrily denounces as “conspiracy theories” and “lies” any suggestion that Big Pharma’s jabs might not be safe.

These are “dangerous ideas” she says, which “demonstrate a wilful disregard for the health and safety of the majority”.

“Shame! Shame!” bleat her comrades in unison. “You freaks make us sick” declares one of their placards. “Don’t be a scab, get the jab” says another.

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Questioning the official Covid-1984 agenda is apparently, for this conformist cult, a heresy of the worst kind.

Their stance is yet another reminder that there is something about the 2020s “left” that really stinks.

What is supposedly an “opposition” movement against corporate control of our lives has progressively abandoned all positions which actually challenge the status quo.

Instead, its memes, talking points and pet causes serve merely to reinforce the narratives of power.

There are a number of articles on my blog and on the Winter Oak site which analyse what has happened to the left, including the anarchist wing of which I have long been part.

I had recently been feeling that I had perhaps now said enough on the subject and that it was time to move on to other things, but the video of the Brisbane group (whoever they are) prompted me to take another dip into this phoney-radical world of manipulation.

Ever since March 2020, leftists have been busy denouncing those who question the official pandemic narrative and sometimes physically opposing anti-lockdown protests, notably in Germany.



But I am now wondering if we are seeing the start of a more dangerous instrumentalisation of these political pawns, who will be used to reinforce, with physical threats and violence, the official “fascist” smears used systematically and indiscriminately against genuine dissidents.

Anti-fascists using “fascist-like” tactics when confronting fascism is one thing, but using the same approach against those of us who are opposing the very real fascism of the system would be a giant goosestep into a parallel upside-down universe!

Who are exactly are these people?

The overall picture that has emerged from my research is of a vast interlocking network of “progressive” organisations closely linked both to the world of international finance (particularly impact investors) and to state-linked “think tanks”.

A typical node in this fake-left global web is the Dutch-based Transnational Institute (TNI).

It boasts on its website that its history “has been entwined with the history of global social movements and their struggle for economic, social and environmental justice”.

And yet on the same page it admits that its origins lie in the US military complex: “It all began at a high-powered State Department meeting full of generals and defence industry executives in 1961, at the height of the Cold War”.

Its latest financial report shows that its funders include the EU, the Dutch government, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit and various “philanthropic funds” such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Open Society Foundation.

It also receives money from the impact-orientated Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer in France and TNI board member Imad Sabi is a founding member of the Board of Engaged Donors for Global Equity (EDGE), whose key role in the interface between impact investors and the “left” I exposed in this February 2021 article.



TNI is in fact the European offshoot of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, a high-profile “think tank” initially funded by the Sears heir, Philip M. Stern, and banker, James Warburg. Most of the money came from the late Samuel Rubin, a rich businessman who founded cosmetics firm Fabergé, Inc.

Indeed, it appears that the Samuel Rubin Foundation has been “an important funder of the Transnational Institute for many years”. TNI set up the Samuel Rubin Young Fellowship Programme in honor of Rubin’s support.

TNI narratives are (of course!) endorsed by Naomi Klein, the fake-left fake-green poster girl of the global financial mafia.

In trying to understand where “pro-vaccine” activism fits in with all this, I found that is being embraced by numerous “left” groups.

Take, for instance, Global Justice Now, which describes itself as a “democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world”.

recent tweet showed photos of a protest the group had held regarding Covid jabs.

Their claim was that “the UK is complicit in Covid deaths” because not enough human beings are being jabbed. “Vaccinate the world”, their banner demanded.



Of course, being a supposedly left-wing group, they have to wrap this position up in terms of global injustice (it’s not fair that people in the Global South are not getting same same drugs as us!) and even of criticism of Big Pharma (whose patents are said to be pricing some countries out of the market).

But essentially this is exactly the same demand as that being made by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, which condemns “vaccine nationalism” and supports the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in its desire to “accelerate the development and manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines, and to guarantee fair and equitable access for every participating country”.

The WEF’s profit-orientated angle, stripped of the “progressive” tinsel, is that “making sure everyone has equal access to COVID-19 vaccines could be worth more than $460 billion to 10 major economies by 2025”.

The Left In the European Parliament, with its vision of “a socially equitable and sustainable Europe based on international solidarity”, also strongly supports so-called “Vaccine Equality”.

Amnesty International is less concerned with the abolition of freedom in the post-Covid world than with promoting the same #vaccineequality meme, declaring: “None of us are safe until we’re all safe”.



Meanwhile, in France, the “left-wing” Attac network is engaged in a struggle against what it calls “Vaccine Apartheid”, by which it does not mean the exclusion of millions of unvaccinated people from society via the pass sanitaire.

In an article illustrated with a grim image of Mother Earth being injected with an unknown substance (against her will, one might imagine), it tries to pretend it is bravely taking on “Big Pharma” by calling for unhindered worldwide jabbing.

The Tax Justice Network, an international group calling for “equitable, inclusive and sustainable development”, has been promoting “Civil Society Organisations Calling for Vaccine Access and Equity For ALL”.

A similiar mesage comes from Human Rights Watch (“Protecting Rights, Saving Lies”), which is keen to reassure us regarding safety concerns around universally available jabs “because stringent regulatory authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) would continue to play their existing role as arbiters of quality and safety for vaccines”.

I have mentioned this organisation before, in my April 2021 article Divide, Rule and Profit: The Intersectional Impact Racket.

Here I revealed that its “partners”, as listed on its website, include investment company Eurazeo plus the Fred FoundationOak Foundation and Ford Foundation, all three of which are heavily involved in impact investment.

It seems highly unlikely to me that so many “left-wing” groups could have simultaneously and independently arrived at the same strange position regarding Covid jabs – not to highlight the dangers or the threat of compulsion but instead to call, stridently, for the whole world to be injected in the interests of equality!

So where has this position come from? And why has it been adopted by all these organisations?

One clue may come from the fact that every single one of the “vaccine equality” groups named above has its own page on the Transnational Institute website – Global Justice NowThe Left in the European ParliamentAmnesty InternationalAttacTax Justice Network and Human Rights Watch.

Could that really just be a coincidence?

This is a blog post from Winter Oak and was first online on October the 20th this year.

The whole premise of the Fake Left movement rang alarm bells with us as it should have done with anyone following the machinations of the fake left leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer.

As residents of the Netherlands, we at the Dangerous Globe also identified with the “Dutch Connection” mentioned here, where Fake Leftery is a popular pastime. Right wing corporate capitalism is alive and well here, covered with a gossamer thin veil of Liberalism

Very pleased that its author Paul Cudenec gave us the thumbs up to repost it, for which many thanks and here is hoping this is just a sign of things to come.

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