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UKIP, Dead but won’t lie down, (the gift that keeps on taking).

Meet Richard Billington, a UKIPPER of very little principle, and judging by the Emails he puts his name to, he is a complete and utter moron. From his pre-election blurb: –

Richard, who lives in Foxton near Market Harborough, taught for 14 years and now runs a financial services limited company. He joined UKIP in 1990. Richard, said: “Should you elect me, my focus would be to serve the electorate of Rutland and Melton and to represent your views in the constant struggle to keep transparency, honesty and freedom.

I suppose the last 3 characteristics fit well enough, he has somehow found the freedom to talk absolute shite, while honestly admitting that his party support a fraudulent claim to be active politicians, and the empty space between his ears can be seen transparently by the way he openly admits all of this crap and writes it down in an Email. He was a Teacher FFS? Would you let him teach YOUR children?

IT seems to be the Standard UKIP modus operandi. First, bullshit your way into office using a load of hot air and racist rhetoric and once in power sit back and bleed dry the very people who elected them.

The UKIP Leech party have been raking in millions from the EU after a decade and a half of lying and cheating using these exact same strategies, not turning up for meetings & failing to vote either for or against anything AS A MATTER OF PRINCIPAL??  They are the very cause of the UK having so little voice in the EU.

UKIP strangled that voice quite deliberately. To cap it all they took funds from the EU that were specifically intended for use as EU campaign funds and used it to campaign for Brexit. As a result, it has cost the UK Billions in devalued currency and cause it to be viewed as a laughing stock by a greater part of the world.

Of course the wheeler dealers in the City of London and Wall Street, the Nigel Farages & Billingtons of this world, are coining it. In the twisted world of economics, a nations falling currency is JUST what the Traders want, they make more money when a currency is going down the toilet than they ever do when it’s going up

One thing this shyster did get right though, Democracy IS on life support, but it was UKIP that drove the bus that crashed democracy in the first place, putting it into the ICU.

Let’s face it if democracy had been working properly, lying bastards like Billington, Nuttall and Farage wouldn’t have got anywhere near a political office, let alone receiving fat pay checks for it.

You can hold this up as a failing of the EU if you like but remember, Lying, Deception and Fraud are usually punishable by imprisonment of the people committing the crime, NOT the victims of that crime.

Fortunately, UKIP is past saving, it’s in terminal decline, and any government worth its salt in future will make sure democracy is repaired in such a manner as to never allow the rise of a Populist junk party like this again.

Meanwhile, the EU Fraud investigation authorities are working through a mountain of paperwork working out who did what and how they did it so that they can start charging UKIP officials for the crimes against democracy they have so far been unpunished for

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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People that tell the truth are quite easy to find because they cite references and sources to back up what they say. The opposite is also true.

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dave smith
dave smith
6 years ago

absolute BS. everybody who voted for ukip know they use EU funds to campaign for the wishes of the electorate. The electorate are in no way under any illusion about ukip wanting to leave. To use party funds given by the EU (which is our money anyway) to fight the EU is what we voted for and we approve. 30 tories under investigation? what about J i m Me ss ina running tory campaign again? GE 2015 electoral fraud, he was linked to electoral fraud in the US……

Lord Fuzztone
Reply to  dave smith
6 years ago

Hi Dave and thanks for pointing out to us that “Everybody” who voted for UKIP knows about EU and UK finance and how political campaigns are funded. It is always good to be informed by our readers that we do not know everything and thankfully we are open minded to new sources of information. (hence allowing on this site your clearly deluded comment). We of course know that some of UKIPs followers actually have a modicum of intelligence, possibly an ok education and are not morons with delusions of Great Britain being Great, but thanks for putting us straight.

Tony Broomfield
Reply to  dave smith
6 years ago

That will probably explain why the EU wants the money back then.
The Money that the EU have is not YOUR money anyway. Your Taxes aren’t your money either, they are what you owe the country for the things that you use.
No bullshit, just plain talking