I am trying to find out how the UK got itself so badly bent out of shape, particularly over Brexit. I cannot believe that a system as robust, albeit bent, as the UK parliamentary system let itself get caught on the hop the way it did. We know that Cameron promised a vote on Europe and we know that he did so because UKIP were blowing smoke up his arse…. but Really?

Hence these scribbles

“If you want to know what’s going on in the world follow the money” a well-worn maxim often attributed to the wrong people when it just came from Hollywood, the movie, “All the President’s men”, to be precise. It is also a good maxim in reality and if you apply it diligently it really does tell you “Whodunnit”

Maybe it’s because money seems to be the only thing that’s important to everyone these days, certainly the worlds politicians.

I don’t remember any time in the last half century when the UK has been so internally divided. The nation is split in half and an armchair civil war has broken out. It is being fought on the pages of Facebook and with angry Tweets hurtling to and fro in the blogosphere. “Where’s it all going to end”? you hear me cry, hastily typing a rear-guard retreat to a safer position. Well, one thing I do know is that this yawning chasm was man-made, it didn’t just happen, NOTHING “Just happens” in politics, not even coincidences.

I don’t believe for one second that Brexit was just an accident or some kind of organic uprising of the “ordinary” folk. That will come soon because people are waking up to find out just what a load of sleazebags our politicians really are, but the real revolution is not quite cooked yet, give it a few more months. Meanwhile sudden spontaneous uprisings are the stuff of manipulation and propaganda.

So we get Brexit then, the people have spoken, it’s a triumph for Democracy! And a very small majority gets to screw the country over jeering and hissing, and it’s just a pure fluke? I don’t bloody well think so.

The whole thing was planned and executed brilliantly, and one thing I know for certain is that because so many people were involved in “The Grand Design”, the truth will inevitably leak out. We will find out what really took place in 2016 even if it isn’t quite the “Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but The Truth.” It just takes time, and maybe a little “incentive”


Let us look at a few basic “facts” as of mid 2016

Brexit was landed on our plate by David William Donald Cameron, a Conservative, and a staunch (His words not mine) supporter of the European Union.

UKIP the UK “Independent” party, (but not Independent of Private Funding) had for some time been chiselling support from all parties to add to its own, based on nothing more than rhetoric specifically blaming the European Union for ….

  1. Immigrants swamping the country, stealing our jobs, raping our women yadda yadda
  2. Britain no longer controlling its borders because of EU regulations.
  3. Britain losing its “Sovereignty” to the EU and unable to make its own legislation.  Interference by EU courts in British affairs.
  4. Britain paying the EU £350 Million a week for membership.
  5. Britain being excluded from the decision to accept Turkey into EU membership (Something that Britain didn’t want to happen).
  6. UKIP, was not particularly successful in the UK parliament, but had broad success fielding MEP’s for the European Parliament.
  7. UKIP had an appalling record and reputation in the EU for lack of attendance at meetings and voting sessions.
  8. This barrage of anti EU sentiment created the environment for Cameron to call for a referendum as promised in his election campaign. (May 2015).
  9. The Conservative view was that there was a “Wave of anti-European disillusionment in the UK” at the time of the election.
  10. The Labour view was that any such wave had been created by UKIP and had scared the Conservatives into the Referendum promise fearing loss of Tory seats to UKIP.
  11. The Main Stream Media view was that controversial politics and elections are bloody great earners, and the more bullshit that’s printed or spoken, the more money there is in the bank.
  12. The referendum was only about leaving the EU, and NOT about losing access to the single market place.
  13. The referendum was an Advisory one, not legally binding on any party

Authors Note, Items 1 – 5 incl are Lies

So whose bright idea was it in the first place?

Nobody has come forward to claim that one yet, hardly surprising with the warfare still going on, but we can start with the three stooges that played the leading roles, namely Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, and Boris Johnson who all led the charge in the “Get out of Europe Stakes”, each taking equal turns as pacemaker while sharing the limelight between them. Funnily enough, when they passed the winning post and the referendum was won, they all disappeared, like a rat up a trouser leg, not even returning to get the trophy. Basically they never expected to win, and were stunned with the size of their stupidity. It all went suspiciously quiet for a while.

The media says that Brexit was brought about by a wave of public popularity, funny that’s exactly what they said about Donald Trump…Hold that thought. Anyway, you don’t get a “Wave” of any kind of sentiment from the British public without there being a damned good reason. Left to their own devices the British are a pretty level headed bunch of folk who want to get on with their lives, we are very far from hysterical, even on a bad day. So we need some form of external Power supply to generate it, and it wasn’t a group of blokes in the pub, or rebel ladies of the Women’s Institute that suddenly rose up in rebellion against the EU.

If the people didn’t start it, and the government didn’t start it, it must have been either Industry or its twin Brother, Capital? What could industry possibly gain from upsetting the EU applecart? Well we have a theory about that one, which can wait for another report.

Let’s focus on the Money/Capital/Billionaires because it needed money to drive the campaign, thus meaning people with a financial interest in getting out of the EU surely?

The Neoliberal economy that has bled the working and middle classes dry over the last few decades was first introduced to the UK by Margaret Thatcher at the behest of her chum, Ronny Reagan. The model was stretched to almost breaking point by Tony Blair (Wearing a Sky Blue Pink rosette on a pin striped suit), and between them plenty of Billionaires span through the revolving door between Whitehall and Silicon Valley

This model shouts, “Hands off our Businesses, we know what we are doing, the market decides on what rules we need and we accept no government interference or meddling by foreigners in our own internal affairs. We manage our own rules and regulations for protection of the rights of workers and consumers, or protection of the Environment”

This model requires “Small Government”, and the removal of any and all “Obstacles to Industry”, in the form of regulation. Hint – They are not poor people struggling to make a living

This model is also the Corporate model, originally the providence of Big Business and Industrialists, but recently shown to include a solid Financial sector plus an ever increasing number of politicians and members of Government.

Let’s look at some numbers about politicians: –

  • Across all parties the number of MP’s who are renting properties for profit has grown to 196.
  • A significant number of active Politicians and their advisors simultaneously benefit from business relationships within the NHS
  • 2,800 active directorships are held by Westminster politicians, and according to The Business Insider UK, only 40% of these are declared on the register of MP’s business interests.

We now have the UK business community, and the Governments Politicians operating hand in hand while applying the rule of neoliberalism that requires a “Government Hands Off our Business” approach. What could possibly go wrong?

This war of ideologies of course produces casualties, and it’s usually us, the public at large.

Let’s face it, who needs clean oceans and rivers, or the safe testing of Drugs, foodstuffs and chemicals, and why must we reduce atmospheric pollution & CO2 outputs?

Don’t we realise that it costs the corporations a lot of money? Hell all those bloody EU regulations are getting in our way, the money would be much better spent on CEO bonuses and sweetening shareholder dealings.

We can all see the “Horrendous” pressure these Industrialists must be under to comply with all these unnecessary regulations, and obviously they would make a lot more money by leaving the EU.

So are we safe in the hands of big business then? No, we are not at all safe, the Neoliberal Industrial machines of the US and UK (Big Business straddles the Atlantic with ease) may be allergic to Rules & Regulation, but there is a growing body of opinion among economists that Neoliberalism doesn’t even work on any level, let alone in economics, where it was supposed to be everyone’s saviour.

The whole thing is a giant confidence trick.

The USA used to have an amazing reputation for regulation of extremely important areas. They were once world leaders in FDA regulations, Emissions controls and Car Safety, thanks to Ralph Nader and many others like him…. but then came the march of the Neoliberal Economists, under Hayek & Co.

What proof do I have and where did I get it from?

Do you remember last year’s scandal about VW and some faked emissions tests on Diesel engines, truly scandalous behaviour by a Multinational Corporation grabbing lots of media attention, and highlighting it as a “one off” event, when in reality it was Business as Usual for corporations all over the globe.

Some Industry buffs even reacted as though we should all know by now that Emissions tests were fiddled, “Everybody knows that, are you naive or just stupid?”, someone wrote to me. Somehow now the Public winds is supposed to feel guilty about not acting on terrible corporate lie that’s been a secret for 40 years.

Databases compiled by the Corporate Research Project, tell a different story about how we are treated by Corporate interests.

Inside the CRP we find the Violation Tracker,* listed as “A database on corporate misconduct”, and inside there is a sad and sorry tale of corporate greed, arrogance and downright dishonesty, please take a look for yourself,

I am just going to give you 2 lines of data,

No1        Offences against the Environment

Data from 2010 – 2015,                 702 Penalty Records – Total penalties $64,502,465,910.

 No2        Offences against Consumer protection law

Data from 2010 – 2015                   260 Penalty Records – Total penalties $9,771,087,864.

*BTW this is a brilliant site with a wealth of information on how big business takes the piss out of legislation

In answer to your question, “Are we safe in the hands of big business”, I would argue vehemently that we are not, in fact, big business is taking the piss out of the rule book, and laughing all the way to the bank, and that bank is now offshore. We are reaching a point where the plutocracy doesn’t need us any more, big businesses now trade worldwide, and don’t even have a tax base, they just need access to our pension funds and credit cards, and won’t even need to get their feet wet

So back to the Brexit “Wave of spontaneous public protest”, a popular uprising against the elite, blah-blah-blah, that we are being sold by the Corporate media

Corporate interest was at the bottom of building the “massive wave of public disillusionment”, it was totally fabricated out of rhetoric, spin and jingoism, spouted by the likes of The three stooges.

But like hundreds of politicians before them, they are all guaranteed a big slice of Pie in their “Life after Westminster” where are magically reincarnated into the lucrative afterlife of after dinner speaking (At a couple of hundred thousand quid a pop)

Some of them even get that new job WHILE they are serving MP’s, Mm mm, double bubble, lovely job, a Nice business to do people with indeed

Be honest, who has cashed in big style on Brexit…did you?

I know I didn’t,

I lost about 30% of my pension.

Now we have established who was driving the Brexit bus, at the time of the wreck, how did the word get out so far and wide?


Feb 2017


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