Theresa May

Prime Ministers No-Questions Time

So all the excitement of a General Election is upon us, assuming your excitement is derived from listening to a women who looks more at home in a Tena Lady advert, repeatedly failing to tell us why we are having an election.

It seems todays blame story is the opposition to Brexit in the Palace of Westminster, I am sure you remember them, they are ones who triggered Article 50 to action Brexit a few days ago. It seems the lady is as confused over the subject as she was a year ago when she started the journey dressed up as a Remainer.


Apparently she wants to bring ‘stability’ to the subject in question, and thats is more than could be said for Tim Farron or Paul Nuttal. Tim Farron, is the leader of the Liberal Democrats and is the one who looks like a prepubescent balding 13 year old who gives off a faint aroma of wee. He looked even less stable last week when discussing, or maybe not discussing, homosexuality. He should have been honest, Its tough for a Lib Dem to be honest I know, but if he had simply said that he was a bigoted idiot, having based his views on the highly illiberal views of his church, he could easly have made Prime Minister on June 8th.

Tim Farron and Tim Farron in drag.

The next highly strung (And so he should be) arbiter of stability, one Paul Nuttal by name, is highly stable if madness can be considered a stable condition. Not only has he annoyed the fundamentalist wing of the beekeeping community, but he has also decided to lock himself in small cupboards to avoid answering difficult questions. One that had him totally stumped was “Do you as a party leader fancy being an MP?’ There was a long and painful silence, mind you I can easily see how having Theresa in the same cupboard rocking back and forth mewling ‘Brexit means Brexit’ over and over could well put one off the “Answering tough Questions ” game.

Paul Nuttall

If only Jeremy Corbyn got easy questions like that. He tends to get questions from Andrew Marr, the pre-aborted Mr Tickle, such as  ‘So Mr Corbyn you want to bankrupt the UK economy and you also worship Tiamat the mesopotamian dragon god of fertility don’t you?’ Corbyns simple, quiet “No” perplexed Marr, he is working on it for next Sunday. Meanwhile the autocue scrolled on until it reached, “So Jeremy you commie bastard, why do you expect millionaires to pay their nannies enough so they can eat?’ Or “when will you introduce a pussy cat tax?”, all stuff the viewers really want to know.

I am afraid that all this stability is about to push me over the edge. Clearly Stability means not answering any questions.It means not having the credibility to appear on a TV debate and argue your case with other politicians. Stability means cowardice. #chickenmay.

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