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Handbag Hammond’s Budget Backhanders

Well it has been a funny old week in British politics, unless of course you were unfortunate enough to hear Philip Hammond’s budget funnies. His budget made as much sense as a Louise Mensch Sunday Politics interview,.. and she makes David Icke appear rational.

So as the wheels fell off the budget, and ‘Spreadshit’ Phil became as popular with Tory backbenchers as Douglas Carswell at a Nigel Farage dinner, the Telegraph still dedicated its entire paper to stories about Jeremy Corbyn’s cat.

Of course the sustained media onslaught is usually reserved for the days after the budget, not usually whilst the speech is being made. The big media corporations who got a nice backhander decided to slam Hammond’s ham fisted budget through the windscreen, but hey, he doesn’t like Brexit anyway does he.

The confusing thing about the budget, for me at least, is people banging on about the Tories breaking their election manifesto committments. Where have these people been living for the last 70 years? The current batch of Tories make Trump’s Twitter account look truthful. Have they so soon forgotten ‘No top down reorganisation of the NHS’ or ‘We’re all in it together’?

So after a dreadful week for this Chancellor it’s worth noting his old friend Gideon has had a stonking one. £650k to do part time Mr Bean impressions is a great effort. How can a former chancellor be allowed to work for a merchant bank after only a few months out of office?

Smells even fishier than a mackerel’s underpants on a hot day.

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Brad Kent
Brad Kent
4 years ago

Wonderful to have such a commander of the English language with such an acidic wit contributing to the site. Merci buckets IrasciBill