Theresa Trump

Fifty Shades of Magnolia

As we enter the second week of the ‘most important general election of a generation’ according to Theresa May, and a phrase never over used, she still has not demurred from her ‘Fifty Shades of Magnolia’ platitudes, promising absolutely nothing, and likely to deliver very much less for the hard working families that her lousy party has impoverished.

The one highlight in this “B4 election (Biased Brexit Based Bullshit) is the energy that Jeremy Corbyn has displayed. For a man approaching 70 he has more bounce than a randy kangaroo seeking a mate, and he seems to be well up for the fight.

When you look at the failings, delusions and sheer ‘despottery’ of other party leaders, Corbyn is looking even more credible by the day. Yesterday the laughable non entity who leads the Lib Dems (forgot his name already) said he wants to lead the opposition against the Tories. Coming from a party complicit in every poverty measure inflicted upon us by the Pig’s Head Fucker and his oft stoned Bullingdon sidekick, that’s a sicker joke than owning your very own royal family. LibDem man should stick to being a bit part actor in the Bash Street Kids.

In the field of truly delusional party leaders there is only the one true top Trump. We refer of course to the one and only very odd face that was once rejected by the popular 1970’s board game Guess Who, (The Makers rated it XXX or “Too scary for Children under the age of 65”) Yes its Mr Paul Nuttall, or Mahatma as he likes to be known. Clearly more of a Goebbels than a Gandhi type, he still clings to the belief that his party is somehow relevant. The wider public has long since cottoned on to the fact that UKIP are about as relevant as a live Showaddywaddy guest appearance in the middle of a Goth convention.

Surely then, the time is right for change.

Is it not only just that after the last 7 years of belt tightening and food bank robbery, the progressive side of politics had a small win?

Could we not have a tangible win for once, against the bat shit crazy bullshit and callous indifference of millionaires?

Why do we keep expecting the landed gentry and the tax dodging workshy scroungers of the millionaire sect to care about hard working people?

Just vote Labour

It makes much more sense than blowing both your feet off with an AK47

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