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In keeping with the traditions of the great “British sense of humour”, an awesome website popped up the very same day as Theresa Mays disastrous hilarious party conference speech. If we can make jokes, albeit in very poor taste, about the holocaust and the collapse of the twin towers, I’m bloody sure that the grey lizard lady and her sociopathic, inbred, cheap suited leeches are fair game.

Just when we thought the laughter had been exhausted by the genius move of comedian Lee Nelson (real name Simon Brodkin) giving May her P45 [note]A P45 is a UK termination of employment notice[/note] in the middle of proceedings, which was a great TV that even the BBC couldn’t ignore, we were then treated to her losing her voice, followed by the all-time-classic crowd pleaser of the set falling apart in the background. The phrase “you had one fucking job” springs to mind, but I’m convinced that it wasn’t bad workmanship, but rather another example of how Brits like having a laugh. I guarantee the person(s) responsible still haven’t had to pay for a drink.

It is not just the content and topics of British humour which I find extraordinary, but also how quickly the Brits jump on a disaster with totally inappropriate wit. The normal time difference between a major tragedy and hearing a joke about it, is counted in seconds.

That said, hats off to the creator of The British Drea (Sic), for the speed of putting online this great time-waster of a site.

Click the link below, to go to what can only be described as a Theresa May Party Conference Background Stage Falling Letter Creator.

Fucking sack me already
Fucking sack me already (

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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