In 1997, Liam Fox founded a Think Tank called Atlantic Bridge under the patronage of Margaret Thatcher

Liam Fox is on record stating that Atlantic Bridge  had been created to “Defend people of common interests from European Integrationists who would like to pull Britain away from its relationship with the United States”. So not exactly big fans of the Union of Europe even 20 years ago, but great fans of the Union of America.

I stop and pause to consider who exactly those “people of common interests” might be, could he be talking about you and I? Of course he isn’t, he is talking about billionaire Bankers and Industrialists who cannot tolerate a Union of Europe in which they might have to abide by the rules of Democracy.

Dont believe me?  Then please explain why the Governments and Media of America and Britain are owned and run by exceedingly rich white men that just happen to have gone to a handful of very elite schools and colleges that preach and practice the dark art of Libertarianism…..Because they are worth it!

Who said that by integration in Europe the UK is being “Pulled away from America”? Does America not have big ties with Europe too?

Past directors, or “Advisory Council” members of Atlantic Bridge included Michael Gove, George Osborne, William Hague, Boris Johnson, Norman Tebbit, Malcom Rifkind and Chris Grayling (Cabinet members to a man). If you cast a net over this lot, you would have to cast it way over too the extreme right of British politics.

I got some raised eyebrows when I first wrote this in 2016, but its 2020 now…and Johnson and Trump (Tweedledum and Tweedledee) are lying their way through another year of BS inspired far right extremism. They eyebrows are not to raised now I notice.

This is a snapshot of the state of play in 2007 and the similarity between this group and the Brexit Gang is “probably” not a coincidence



A bridge needs to span two places to be called a bridge, and the other end of the Atlantic Bridge was also made up from the far right. US Tea Party folk to be precise.

A nasty group of people cemented together by the love of war, a hatred of anything that might unify people against them (The dreaded Collectivism that scares the crap out of Neo-Cons and ultra-Zionistas,(Well Somebody has to control Iran) Climate scepticism,(Standard Oil, Rockefeller 2000 Book 1) and the very convenient libertarian economics. The latter group sucked into the Austrian fake economic teachings of Friedrich August von Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, to be spun into the fabric of society by the celebrated Austrian American, Edward Bernays (Nephew of Sigmund Freud).

Bernays held the belief that the masses were “irrational and subject to herd instinct—and outlined how skilled practitioners could “use crowd psychology and psychoanalysis to control “the herd” in desirable ways.” Note here how Bernays is happy to call us all herd animals, but finds it necessary to invent groundbreaking ways to manipulate us into a herd in order to con his masters into believing we are all Herd Animals. This convoluted tale reminds me of my dad talking about certain dozy military officers in WW2 who found it necessary “To spin round and round in ever decreasing circles , eventually to disappear up their own fundamental orifices”

I call ” Oxygen Banditry”  on Edward Bernays and his Rockefeller sponsors. Take a look at some of his finest achievements.  Does this man stack up to a really useful member of society?

These 3 Austrians and their very rich American backers, had a profound impact on the entire post war planet.



Needless to say, Atlantic Bridge had no problem getting funding then, but as usual, the right wing instinct for acquiring money also triggers the “You can never have too much money ” syndrome.

In 2009, as if to prove that you can never have too much money, Mr Fox, then a Tory Shadow Cabinet Minister, found himself in trouble over a scandal involving expenses which reached far and wide into the corridors of power. Mr Fox was left with the dubious distinction of being the largest, expenses fraudster in the entire House, and that takes some doing. It also culminated in him having to get his cheque book out and return £20,000 he should not have had.

That’s a lot of money to have tacked on to an expense claim without being sure of one’s own proberty.

In 2011 the Atlantic Bridge was found to have been be registered as a charity way back in ’97. Quite how the propagation of far right politics and the delights of offshore banking and the navigation of private yachts in deep water tax havens ever justified charitable status we will probably never know, but unfortunately for the Bridgekeepers they were investigated and found not to be a Charity at all.

In a normal and sane world, those people found running a charity under false pretences would be prosecuted. Atlantic Bridge however, just closed its doors for business and quietly slipped away into obscurity. (Well that was the official line…. But Atlantic Bridge Inc. took up the slack Stateside)

Mr Fox might not have been prosecuted for running an organisation as a charity when it clearly wasn’t, but it still shows him to have lousy judgement and business sense in addition to a very relaxed attitude toward right and wrong, especially when you add the fiddling of expenses into the mix.( Guess what he is now doing in 2019 …Secretary of State for International Trade where fraudsters reign supreme)

As is usual, when you screw up in the British Conservative party, you get promoted. It is almost a reward for bravery in the face of the enemy. Fox got his reward in 2010 when he was appointed Defence Secretary no less, under his old chum David Cameron.

You would think someone would have had a word in his ear and told him to keep his schnecker clean after blotting his copybook twice, but when you are a member of Clan-Tory, the rules are only applied to the Little people (A bit like taxes)

Is it just me or does anyone else find that changing careers from GP to Defence secretary could well be a bit of a tall order? Why? Well on the subject of Doctoring I always thought that the Hippocratic oath was worded to ensure Doctors of medicine helped people to stay alive wherever possible, so the thought of bombing of people onto a pink mist, and selling WMD to anyone with the right amount of cash must require a certain kind of singlemindedness (Or maybe just skin as thick as a Hippo?)

In any event,it wasn’t long before the new Defence Secretary got in more hot water. During the course of his duties, he decided to take his old mate Adam Werritty along with him(He is in the table above) to stop getting lonely on all those long flights to all those places that need defending and need the weapons to do it with. The MoD folk got a bit twitchy about all this matey boy nonsense, and especially twitchy when Werritty popped up at meetings as Fox’s adviser, yet wasn’t actually on the Ministry payroll, despite his nicely printed business cards that implied he was a Government official.

If Werritty wasn’t on the payroll, he hadn’t signed the official secrets act and without that he had no obligation to keep his mouth shut about some of the things that were discussed with the country’s highest officer in the realm of defence.

By way of a little colour, Werrity has not been the innocent companion to Fox they would have you believe. Fox was warned by MI6 about him, he has been mentioned as the recipient of funding from Israeli billionaires, and there are also links between Werrity and Mossad seemingly lending truth to the proposition that Fox and Werrity we an appendage to the Foreign office but far enough removed to be deniable, while they dabbled in pro Israel/ anti Iran machinations

Of course when they were rumbled, all suggestions of any impropriety in this unofficial role for Werrity were hotly contested by the deadly duo, but the pressure kept building, and eventually Fox had to go, so he resigned. Thrice now disgraced and again out of work, you would normally expect that to be the end of political life for one so prone to screwing up very important issues and generally being a total pillock, but NO, it was not to be, the Fox gets yet another bite of the cherry when good chum Theresa May appointed “His Deviousness” as Secretary of State for International Trade.

On the subject of Trade, George Monbiot wrote a very detailed piece on “Corporate Dark Money” a while back, and this whole Atlantic Bridge thing is explained in eye opening detail.


With the UK buttress of the Charitable Atlantic Bridge having taken a knock financially by virtue of now having to be a Business and pay taxes, , the US buttress called, originally enough, The Atlantic Bridge Inc. carried on business as usual with a team comprising the heady distillation of US Neo-conservatism, among others, James Inhofe, Jon Kyl and Jim DeMint. (I am sure it’s just coincidence but these gentlemen all seem to be working for The Donald Trump.)

One of the things Fox has been briefed to bring home as Trade Secretary  is the CETA trade deal, which has been 7 years in the making.

In Europe there has been massive protest against the CETA and TTIP Trade Deals, with over 7 Million signatures collected against them, caused primarily by the almost total secrecy that has shrouded these deals.

There was an enormous huffing and puffing session in the UK when little Wallonia blocked the EU-Canada CETA deal back in October last year. Lots of “How dare they” shit from the Tories but not a mention of the 7,000,000 signatures gathered in protest against the infamous Trade deal.

Quite rightly Wallonia cited 2 major stumbling blocks. The first was the fact that the TTIP with the US had been stopped by Europe, primarily over the loss of sovereignty under the Investment Courts system(ICS).

These are the abomination that allow “Investors” to recoup loss of profits/earnings if a product, or contract they never even had, gets blocked by local legislation. Never mind the fact that such a block might have been caused by sub standard goods, contravention of employment rights or Environmental legislation.

So “Unscrupulous Businessmen”, of which there are far too many, could introduce the most abominably shoddy goods built by slave labour in an area of once pristine rain forest and when told by the EU that they didn’t fit the criteria get to claim compensation. What could possibly be wrong with that?

US corporations have been making a bundle in places like S. America, suing governments for billions. Typically, Local regulations that demand Labour law or Environmental law take precedence are viewed under the ICS as deliberately blocking free trade

Truly a Nice Business to DO People With.

The other, little-mentioned complaint, from little Wallonia was that a vast number of US corporations had in recent years opened sub offices in Canada, and were as a result, slipping through, where TTIP was not.

So now we have CETA slipping in the UK back passage, with the most recent events at attempting to ratify the CETA trade deal, reading like a Brian Rix farce. The public must not be allowed to see any information on CETA, and only MP’s and MEP’s can get a glimpse at a special room in the HoC

Liam Fox has been placed in the driving seat for the next round of CETA talks, and it has promised ad nauseum, that CETA will get a full debate in the House of Commons, only they just never seem to quite get around to it.

CETA has been developing for 7 years, but now there seems to be an all fired hurry to get it signed and ratified asap. Brexit is the motivator, and in the light of all we have learned about the Atlantic Bridge recently I wouldn’t mind taking a punt that they are the real instigators of Brexit with the very specific task of bringing home a hostile Corporate take-over of the UK and a subordination of all, to the level of becoming the 51st State of America.

51st State
51st State

Why do I feel this way? Well alarm bells go off in my head when I see a deliberately concocted strategy like Brexit. The UK Pound has taken a massive beating losing 20% of its value opening the showroom doors wide open for a cheap buy out of anything left that isn’t screwed down. Between Thatcher, Blair and Cameron there cannot be very much worth flogging…can there? Well yes there is, the US model wants to buy Schools, Security forces, Jails, Colleges and the NHS would be a nice little earner I am sure.

Don’t mind me on my flights of fancy, let’s get back to the real world huh? On the 26th October 2016, The House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee convened with Liam Fox as the witness, to find out why the House debate that the ESC had asked to take place on 7th September had not taken place, and to find out when it would happen.

The Brexit situation is providing the perfect smoke screen for Fox to tip toe round the Tulips and play one side off against the other. You can get a sense of his fancy footwork by reading the Oral Evidence he gave on the 26th October last year here

“You can trust me squire, of course we are going to have a full and open debate,  I’ll get my diary out and get right on it”, say’s Fox only it didn’t quite pan out that way did it Liam?

Instead of a full debate on the House floor, as promised, the document that took 7 years to compile and runs to hundreds of pages, got a paltry 2 hrs and 19 minutes in Committee room 10 with about a dozen people present. So much for democracy then Liam, I can almost feel your middle fingered waving in my face.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 4.30 pm on the 6th February 2017.

Ring any bells?

It should for it was the very date, and a similar time that had been set aside for the whole house to debate the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill or Brexit in other words.

Cleverly done Fox, guaranteed to ensure the CETA debate was totally overshadowed by Brexit, the very cause for the panic to debate CETA in the first place.

Noticeable by his absence in Committee room 10 was Liam Fox, who left his trusty sidekick, Greg Hands, Minister for Trade and Investment to do the talking in the committee room.

It is important to understand what is going on here so let me add some direct evidence from the parties at the committee.

In the words of the Labour MP Barry Gardiner, attending the committee.

I want to pick up on the idea that the Secretary of State has done everything that could be reasonably required of him. He appeared before the ​European Scrutiny Committee on 26 October, which was after he had given the commitments on 7 September. He stated that he was “very happy” to have the debate on the Floor of the House. He claimed that the failure to set a date for the debate had been owing to a scheduling problem in the parliamentary calendar. In reality, as a freedom of information request submitted by my office revealed, the Government had not been delayed by a scheduling problem in the parliamentary calendar; in fact, the first time that the Department for International Trade had even approached the business managers to discuss a potential debate on CETA was on 25 October, precisely one day before the Secretary of State was due to appear before the Committee and account for his failure to schedule that debate.

Worse still, the email trail shows departmental officials asking whether they actually needed to set a date for a CETA debate at all, or whether it might be enough just to tell the Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee that “they were in the process of scheduling a debate”.

The email actually reads: “What advice would you give,  would it be better to have an actual date or do you think we can just tell the chair we are in the process of scheduling a debate.”

Greg Hands, Minister for Trade and Investment replied

I really do feel that I have already answered these questions.

Not to be fobbed off with this Barry Gardiner continued

“The hon. Gentleman is right that all Members of the House have the right to attend the Committee, but he will have noticed that this one and only opportunity for them to do so was deliberately timetabled at the same time that the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill is being considered in Committee on the Floor of the House. I do not believe that is a coincidence. I do not believe that is a mistake. I believe that it is part of a deliberate attempt to stop proper scrutiny. The hon. Gentleman talks about scrutiny and about moving this debate on to substantive issues within CETA, but the debate on the motion and amendment is precisely about whether this matter should go to the Floor of the House. That is why the process is important. We need to see that proper process has been kept, and sadly it has not.”

Hansard See Link

This was the third time that the Opposition raised the issue of deliberate manipulation of the debates venue, time and make up. A sitting committee of a dozen people is NOT a full Commons discussion on the floor of the house, and that was what Liam Fox had promised.


It gives me the uneasy feeling that the Conservatives are breaking their balls to ensure that the whole CETA thing gets squeezed through without a full parliamentary debate. That is unconstitutional at best and at worst it is Sleaze. It seems like Liam Fox and Greg Hand are taking the piss out of the entire process of debate, the democratic Parliamentary system and the people of the United Kingdom.

Brexit? A total sham dreamt up by the most extreme right wing bastards out there, and they have been planning it for years.

The fact that Trump the Obnoxious is in power in America really is totally irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who is POTUS in America, because like Obama, the moment you get into the White House, your arse is owned by the NeoCon machine. No Laws, no regulations, maximise profit, Fuck the workers, we got robots, pro-Israel (Good to have military might in the middle of the ME) all Muslims are bastards, so are Pinko Lefty snowflakes & leftist democrat scumbags………………you get the picture?

Stop me if I am boring you, but the fact of the matter is that we are all to blame for the rip off we are now enduring, and unless somebody shouts loud enough, they will be getting away with even more of it……Tomorrow.

I’m not making it up, you can read all this slime and shit every day in every lousy “Bend the Knee” news outlet in the western world

On the subject of the media, there has never been such a slimy and pliable bunch of shitheads in the worlds media as there are now. They have had the reins for nearly 50 years and have quite literally brainwashed people to accept that this is the way ahead.

We are in deep do-do people

What are YOU going to do about it?

I have said my piece.



Ross Bevevino Alexander Capital –

Scott D Syfert Head of AB Inc USA

John Falk –

Questions to Charity commission investigation.


A special thanks to Dayvid Art for the original title image. There is a lot of his great political imagery comments on this site and you can find his site here…



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Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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Jim Shelly
Jim Shelly
6 years ago

Hi there, I enjoy reading through your article. I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

Reply to  Jim Shelly
5 years ago

I found that read was truthful in every aspect that I know. I am well aware of 26 October date when Fox dragged his heels (I didn’t realise that the liar had only applied for the debate the day before) I knew also that on 26 October he promised action in Parliament before Christmas then just before Christmas he made the excuse of no time in the calendar. However we can have the debate in the New Year and the good news is that the European Parliament (to whom we have to report – via the European Scrutiny Committee) has… Read more »