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Its 0400, Today, 25th October 2020

I downloaded a documentary a couple of years ago thinking it would be important, and yesterday I discovered it was, but YouTube had deleted it. I had a copy….only what had I called it and where had I put it? This morning I woke up knowing exactly where it was, I had it both on my machine and on a back-up Hard Drive.

Wonderful how the brain  functions while we sleep, processing data we didn’t even know we had. At the Dangerous Globe we sift through so much material each week that finding it back can often be a pain in the bum and having an untidy mind doesn’t help much either. Neither does “”, or “404 File not Found”, and negotiating the “WaybackMachine” is not something you want to do on an empty stomach.

So where did I put that hard drive? As I wake up each day my head is busy re-running the daily video wake-up call of a quintillion microsecond clips of things I would rather not be reminded of.  The file marked ‘Todays’ is synchronised with the file marked ‘Yesterdays’ amalgamating all information received during the last 24 hours along with my general headsw’th of memories.

I sometimes wish my brain had a built-in editor like the ubiquitous Phillip Cross of Wikipedia[i] fame. Somebody who could pop into my mind every now and then and just sanitise my memory as Mr. Cross does with Wiki entries he doesn’t like.

Anyway, serious question…am I the only person who has noticed a global political hysteria setting in over the last few years?

On the positive side, the madder it gets the easier it is to see what is really going on, for in the sheer weight and volume of News traffic we can begin to see clearly the patterns and the same groups of names, characteristics and trends cropping up time and time again, and that is what we have been doing at The Dangerous Globe for the last 5 years, evidence gathering, and when you lay out that evidence side by side you can see how the Big Picture got painted, and by whom.

Democracy gunned down in its prime?

On the negative side, todays video in my head started with the frame by frame annihilation of Democracy in the worlds politics since the end of WW2, like a time lapse nature film of something rotting away.

I watched as past and present US presidents and UK prime ministers came and went. They were replaced by Think Tanks and Lobbyists fuelled with unpaid tax money avoided by the charitable foundations of Billionaires, the true enemies of Democracy. Like a  Zombie movie, the oligarchs rose from the graves of once elected world leaders, as did the heads of  the major Royal families of Europe, (except from the French of course.)

Britain, (Just call me Great!) was not entirely the land of Biggles, the Ladybird books[ii] and Jolly Hockey Sticks of my childhood, is was in fact at the very root of modern day Imperialism, Racism, Slavery and Corruption. Many of the people that used to run the UK were often plain evil, but they did speak very well and had some lovely costumes to dress up in, it was not just Britain at fault either, the greater part of Europe were up to their necks in it (Except for the French again). The video in my head returns to the History classroom of my youth and the drone of a master is punctuated by rapid frame by frame portraits of Kings and Queens of Europe.

“Idle hands make work for the devil” it is said, and the lilywhite hands of European Royalty took this to the extreme, playing a monstrous game of Throne of Kings with the entire human race. Continuous warfare for centuries, too many Wars to count, and too many dead peasants.  {But peasants don’t count}

Ships had started to come off the production line that had grown big enough to carry profitable amounts of loot. Meanwhile much of the Old Growth oak forests in Europe disappeared, but thats another story. As if to compensate for the disappearing woodlands,  Jack Sparrow and Walter Raleigh appeared, and started colonising, plundering and exploiting far flung places. Gold, Spices, exotic Furs, Silk, and Slaves all found their way to the courts of the European dynasties and the very best of the skippers found themselves becoming members of the landed gentry overnight…some even got as far as 21st century Hollywood, Yo Ho Ho and a bottle ‘o Caribbean Bacardi. The Cranial movie ground on.

Fast Forward to today’s date when we find that merely pointing to this theft, enslavement, and vandalism triggered the likes of Spaffer Johnson and Nige de Farage producing howls of protest. “Bloody political correctness gawn mad” They screech. “Why should we apologise for being pirates, murderers, and slave dealers all those years ago, it is the very stuff of conquest and derring do!”

I stand handcuffed in the dock convicted of “Serial Wokedom”….. awaiting sentencing, The black cap goes on and its not looking good.

Any last words? Well yes, I have actually.

“I have no intention of apologising for our sins 300 years ago, why should I? My family line going back beyond 1800 shows a long line of Farm Labourers. My family never owned slaves or any other kind of property. The Likes of de Pfeffffell however are quite a different matter”

“Take the Commie b*stard down”…..Fade to black.

Throughout my “Woke” nightmare video this morning the faces of familiar “Right Honourable” Gentlemen rear into view. They were replaced one by one with the faces of their present-day counterparts.

“Look there goes Enoch Powell paddling across a river of blood!” …he quickly morphed into Nigel Farage paddling an inflatable kiddies swimming pool across the English Channel.  Winston Churchill became Boris Johnson for a brief second and then, with a Flash, and a “SPAFF”, turned instantly back into Churchill, cigar in hand…who ran out of my head screaming something about being chased by Letterboxes with Watermelon Smiles.

Four Cunts
Enoch “Breathmint” Powell, Nigel “Fuck Off” Farage, Winston “Look a bit deeper” Churchill, Boris “Master of Corruption” Johnson.



War, what is it good for?

Absolutely Nothin’!

A little girl runs toward the lens, her skin and hair smoking. Napalm dropped all over Vietnam in the name of conquest of communism by the forces of Coca Cola, Apple pie and a Double Big Mac ( You want Diet Coke)? Menu.

I met plenty of US young men in Europe back in the dark days of Vietnam, some dodged the draft, some went AWOL, and many just mutinied and told Uncle Sam they were not going to kill any more women and kids. You did not read about that in the press at the time.

Phan Thị Kim Phúc, Vietnam, 1972
Phan Thị Kim Phúc, Vietnam, 1972

Not to be outdone by the US Oil Industry’s Napalm production, the US Chemical Brothers (in Arms?) in Vietnam scored some bigly Brownie points with their new product line, Agent Orange.

Uncle Sam’s ingenious answer to losing a war seems now to be the poisoning of the very landscape it was trying to conquer. {Between 1962 and 1971, U.S. military forces sprayed nearly 19 million gallons of herbicides[i] over approximately 3.6 million acres in South Vietnam.} Some of this was for strategic reasons but a lot of it was to kill crops and starve people out into the open – where they could drop Napalm on them.

I believe they call this the winning of Hearts and Minds, but I am f****ed if I know quite how that works. In Iraq, at least the US tried to clean up their act and began to introduce recycling into warfare. The US turned their troublesome stockpile of depleted uranium[ii] into shells bombs and bullets and aimed them all at the Iraqi population using guided Democracy algorithms.

Everybody got a share of The Great Re-Cycling. Pity about all the American servicemen poisoned by the stuff, but that as they say, is just the price you pay for a barrel of oil these days.

Incidentally, that was the video I lost, the one where the Medic asks awkward questions opf congress about not having enough beds to treat the Iraq vets for radiation poisoning


So Much more than a False Flag

Fast rewind to 2001.

I am not long home after a 3 month long Geophysical project in Iran. I am standing in a Dutch hardware store trying to buy stuff to do all the jobs I should have done during the last 3 months.

All 6 guys in the store were clustered round a small TV set watching aircraft fly through buildings. “What is the film called”, I asked them. One of them said “9/11” and went back to watching the TV. I thought they were joking. What the hell, “The building work has waited 3 months it can wait another week”, I thought and headed off to a nearby bar run by a good friend of mine. I had been based on Kharg Island for 14 weeks and needed to wash the taste of crude oil and Sulphur out of my pores and mouth. The crowded bar had a big screen projector on the wall, normally used for football matches. Everybody was watching the same “9/11” film, like the guys in the store.

“Hey, they were watching that film in the hardware store” I said to my friend. ‘That is no film it is Live News happening in New York right now’, my friend solemnly replied. I took a Beer and an exceptionally large Jamiesons and found somewhere to sit down while people fell out of burning buildings to the ground. We were all stunned. We all got very stoned.

As the news unwound over the next few days, we learned of planes being hijacked, with a full complement of passengers and crew and being deliberately flown into the twin towers of the New York World Trade buildings. The death toll was staggering. As was the US government reaction to it.

The hijackers were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda[iii]. Fifteen were citizens of Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one Lebanese, and one Egyptian

The George Bush “War on Terror” roadshow kicked off shortly after. George was “determined to root out the 9/11 perpetrators and bring them to justice” he said. I remember thinking that Saudi, UAE, Lebanon, or Egypt was about to get a visit from the USAF.

I was Not even close.

In the ensuing years, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria have all been bombed flat by the US, with various other NATO nations pitching in to help. All too scared to tell Uncle Sam to sod off. This in the name of a “War on Terror” that unleashes that same Terror 100-Fold upon completely innocent women and children for the most part.


The Organ Monkeys Grinder.

Bizarre images flash into my mind. Assorted senior UK politicians, standing with their feet wide apart, in what is somehow believed to be the “Power Stance”. (Months later I realise that our politicians are as susceptible if not more so, to brainwashing than we are)

The underlying premise is that if you stand with your feet planted wide apart it makes you look bigger and more powerful. This in turn leads to you feel bigger and more powerful, and once you have convinced yourself of that, you will miraculously BECOME bigger and powerful.

It is of course B***ks, and aside from looking like complete pillocks, this particular group of people have simply succumbed to the lure of large amounts of Money. Instead of taking care of the population they pretend to represent, they are busy milking them for all they can get. Big and Powerful they are not. Small and Parasitical they most certainly are.

A procession of ghastly ghostly faces slide past my eyes. Blair staring into space with a distinct flavour of a cult figure preparing to sacrifice thousands of people on the altar of The Holy Free Market. Madeline Albright, flies across the stage, the woman to whom the deaths of a million kids is just “A price we have to pay”, yet she has not told us who or how she plans to pay, nor in what currency.

I watched them set up the circus tent, in Washington, London, Canberra, Brasilia and Tel Aviv taking on the rest of the world with a quintet of sociopaths in the form of Trump, Johnson, Morrison, Bolsonaro and Netanyahu. Each one a Mobster, and as corrupt as the last. Wall to wall charges[i] and counter charges against Trump, an ongoing Bribery/Corruption case[ii] against Netanyahu, Johnson on tape[iii] conspiring to have a journalist beaten up and Morrison’s government permanently in the news over one form of corruption or another

We are supposed to accept that these are our 21st Century world leaders, after all didn’t that nice Rupert Murdoch go to such pains to get them there in the first place?

True leaders are never led, that is the whole point of being a leader, they lead, we follow. If you have a situation in which those who profess to lead us are being led by somebody else you do not have a Democracy or anything even close to it.

These 5 are just the Front Men with no real Power, they are just the clockwork monkeys that sit atop the big Organ. They gibber and chatter ceaselessly and occasionally bite people they do not like. The real power is faceless, hiding in the shadows, because if we ever found out what they had in mind for us they would not last 5 minutes.

Haven’t you all noticed recently that the Music from the big political Wurlitzer is false, Off Key, no Rhythm, and no apparent Rhyme or Reason either?  Probably not with all the Covid scaremongering, and the loss of lives, jobs, and liberties.

In our rush to get back to work we toss yet another years hard earned Tax dollars in the hat and put a tick on the ballot paper marked “More of the same please”. We can now walk away safe in the knowledge that we have done our Civic Duty for another 4/5 years


About those fair and free Elections

I stood above me looking down at myself as I spent hour after hour building Excel spreadsheets of UK election results marvelling at the vast numbers of Postal Votes that went missing. That is a great way to rig an election. Excel spreadsheets are also a great way to go mad.

You can say what you like about Trump, but you cannot say he is not cunning. With that thought in mind, nip across the Atlantic right now and witness Trumps removal of thousands of post boxes and the crippling attacks on the USPS in a wholly different light. He never acts without a reason.

The video jerked forward as though the last scene was a prompt…Headline 23-08-2020, “Trump Hammered by Pelosi for FDA[iv] comments, so now what’s he been up to? He said something about the FDA in the US being part of the “Deep State or whatever”. Pelosi tried to shut him down and all is back to normal, whatever normal is in the year 2020.

Far off in the distance I see a huge glass revolving[v] door spinning at high speed with members of the FDA & EPA swapping places with businessmen from Dow, DuPont, and Monsanto on every revolution.

I am suddenly buried under an avalanche of books. In an effort to free myself I dug my way out of the heap, stricken by the discovery that they were all titled Who killed JFK? At warp speed I found my 15-year-old self, back in my folks lounge doing my homework when my ashen faced Dad came in and told me JFK had been assassinated. The bit he added about “we are probably going to have WW3 any day now” really cheered me up.

WTF do I need a Maths O level for if I won’t even make it to Xmas. Oh, happy days, life was such fun growing up in the 60’s

60 years later I am interviewing myself on TV and I have just asked me, ” How is it that ‘We The People’ have to work 60 years and pay taxes every day while the “Elite” of the world, do neither of those things?

I take off my mic and walk off the set, I don’t have an answer to the question.

The US has been continually interfering in other nations politics since WW1 but is now highly active across the entire globe, Brazil, Bolivia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen spring to mind but there is a long list of other nations that are feeling the hatred of American foreign policy.

These relentless interventions continue regardless of which American party is in power.US Foreign policy remains constant, almost as if there were people behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Head bowed over Laptop, I look over my shoulder, I am in Iraq on a Geophysical exploration project for a Russian Oil Co. I didn’t hear the bang of the Kalashnikov as one of the “Security”guards returning from assignment proved he had unloaded his weapon by pulling the trigger into the discharge tube outside camp. Turns out he hadn’t unloaded it after all. Joy.

I was reading NSSM 200[vi], – National security Study Memorandum, or The Kissinger Report written in 1974. From the Foreword,

“ In this report, thirteen nations were mentioned as particularly problematic with respect to the United States security interest because these countries are projected to create 47% of all world population growth; one of these countries includes our own, the Philippines.”

Another report entitled The Crisis of Democracy[vii], known as the Huntingdon Report of 1975 is also full of unfounded speculation and spurious claims, commissioned by the Trilateral Commission and no doubt passed round the members to further fan the anti-democratic sentiments of its Princes and Princesses.

Population growth and Democracy seen by the billionaire class as a major threat to their “American Way of Life”

Both of these reports are steeped in speculation, fiction, and bias, devoid of any kind of research data, and heavily reliant on anecdotal gossip. Also, worth noting here that Kissinger was a Rockefeller protégé and the Trilateral Commission was a Rockefeller project. Pure coincidence of course.

My experience of large reports written on behalf of bosses with a lot of money and even more clout is that they are often filled with over engineered flights of fancy designed to deliver just what it was that the writer thought the boss wanted. This is not the same as delivering what the boss really wanted OK?  Hearing the truth and nothing but, is totally out of the question.

My mind goes through a Flick Book of US VIP’s, their faces all connected with one murderous incursion after another, from Korea to Kabul.

Bush, Carter, Clinton, Biden, Cheney, all CFR Members (another Rockefeller Project). The faces doing the deeds change, but the body count stays pretty constant. Silver tongued Obama[viii] gave some hope for a while, but when the smoke cleared he turned out to be just the same as the rest of the murdering bastards. Forever hiding behind “We are working to Protect American Interests” as though a nation of 330 million[ix] people had any more right to exist in peace than any other nation on Earth. {At this time, the US represents 4.3% of the World’s population yet drops 99.9% of all its bombs}



In a parallel universe, the top 10 richest families in the US, live in splendour and luxury, happily tinkering away with a bit of Philanthropy here, and a Social engineering project there.

This world wide web is woven from a fabric of Institutes and Societies, Think Tanks, and world-wide organisations.  Created by billionaires and made in such an image that many people still believe that they are what they say they are, instead of what they really are – constructions of power to control and regulate us.

Most Americans believe that the Federal Reserve bank is a Government central bank instead of the consortium of Private banks that it is.

Most citizens worldwide believe that the W.H.O. is really a World organisation of the top medical expertise known to man. The current director, Dr Tedros, as he likes to be called, has an abominable past[i] but because he is linked with US billionaire Bill Gates, a major contributor to the WHO, he has become Mr Nice Guy. Pity he is not a doctor though, he might have more of a clue about managing a pandemic if he was.

I went swimming in this acronym infested waters of the Think Tanks, reeking from the stench of the rotting corpse of democracy littering the bottom. The CFR, AEI, EIA, UN, NATO, WHO, were all different species of shark, bred in the same dollar rich waters lapping at the shores of prime beach front real estate. In the post war years of my life these private and opaquely funded sharks had gnawed their way through Democracy and democracy never felt a thing, it had been anesthetised and castrated………about a year after it was born.

“If voting ever changed a thing, they would not let you do it”

Money was injected into politicians veins, big money, dark money, dissolving everything in its path. Scruples, principles, integrity all put on their charcoal great suits and left the building. Money dissolved the very fabric of ideologies leaving behind only a monstrous craving for Power and Control, and the money with which to buy them.

I am suddenly on the airport apron watching a private jet fill up with lots of familiar faces. A Duke and a POTUS took to the air taking a School for Young Girls with them.  I ponder where they are going, probably off to “Feel the Power” on a private Island somewhere?

Looking deep into the tank, below the murky surface of Bilderbergers, Commissions (of the Trilateral & Texas Railroad kind) , World Health Organisation, Council for Foreign relationships, United Nations, I am slowly getting buried under the weight of giant institutions…all man made…mostly by the same man, Homo Rockefellus, his footprint was everywhere.

Know your place little people, take the mans dime and be grateful. Legions of Police, State Troopers, SWAT Teams march in front to me all in Lockstep[ii]. These are the Billionaires foot-soldiers and they have been well trained in the art of kneeling on the throats of little people.

We are soon to be told that it is OUR greed and demand for a better life that has brought the world to crisis point. We only have ourselves to blame for the climate crisis, the pollution of oceans and the atmosphere, because we keep insisting that we need more things.

This is how the elites of the world work, they manipulate us and pit one group against another while they carry on their master plan to become the owners of the world. There is no limit to their hunger for power, they make weapons of war to destroy lives and nations, profiteering from every aspect of the process, the mining of the raw materials, the weapons production and sale of arms and ammunition and the rebuilding of the damage they have caused. There is profit in all of it.

These people really do believe that they are the Chosen Ones, the World Leaders, they have a lot to learn

Enough of this, its 0430 and time to get up, have a cup of tea and start writing.


















Page 18 is interesting, as is the fact that the so called Fact Checker Snopes, now long discredited, believes that although this is a genuine document, there are no plans to implement any of the scenarios. The Rockefeller Foundation just spent millions on this for a bit of a laugh.



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Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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