Deep State
From a new contributor; Matthew Angst
“I heard Matthews heartfelt plea from right across the Twittersphere and thought he needed a bit of support”
Tony Broomfield


“I think we need to stop beating about the bush and call a spade a spade.

I’m tired of hearing the term deep state, since I was a boy I have known there is something very wrong in our world, not just a little bit off but something deeply not right.

A darkness if you like.

I have watched over the decades as the cameras that monitor us night and day have reproduced faster than the population of China.

New technologies arrive daily now and have become unbelievably effective at tracking our every move , our every action, within our homes and without. As a man born in the 70s I have never been at ease with them as they have stealthily crept into our daily lives. I have always found them disturbing.

I sometimes long for my boyhood days where such things never entered my consciousness . I lived in a different world once. And now I find myself living in a world that is not just Orwellian but is even beyond any of Orwell’s worst predictions.

A true dystopia, and an ongoing nightmare .

I have watched with dread as the world has sleep-walked into this dystopia, this deep state monitored prison planet, and now this global New World Order is rearing it’s ugly head, so brazen now that they feel no need to hide.

You can identify many of its key protagonists and key players . There was a time when they were called ” The hidden hand” but this hand no longer hides.

They are the secret societies that John F Kennedy warned us about. the people who utter secret oaths , the secret architects who have left their mark on the monuments of today and of the past aeons placing Egyptian monoliths In London, Washington, and Rome to mention but a few.

Their art, their symbolism, is everywhere to be observed, there are so many indications of their agenda and their religion. That is the word we need to pay attention to here, this is a religion, it is not some political play gone bad .

This is a darkness creeping in .

Whether you know it or not this is a spiritual battle we are in, I am dumbfounded that at least two thirds of the world seem to remain oblivious to this, literally see nothing amiss, sitting watching TV shows that show CCTV footage as entertainment- Oh the irony of it!!

You cannot look at what is going on with these people, the Luciferian New World Order or Deep State,  and not know you are in a spiritual battle.

They are organised psychopaths and you are a flea to them. Your life, indeed your very soul has no value to them.

The agenda goes on.

I am a Christian myself , but I don’t come here to ram my God down anybody’s throat, there are other platforms for that, but whether you have any faith or not, THEY DO !

And you need to wake up to that, so that when you hear the term Deep State – blank it out. This is a well organised and centuries old brotherhood of the occult, and they are getting bloody close to Checkmate.

I’ve known this from childhood!

Come on guys you must have looked?

Can you not see?

NOTHING is as it should be?

Are so many of you lost and caught up in the cares of this world that you don’t see? So sedated by the electric valium TV shows , so consumed by social media Shares,  and Likes that you cannot see the dark reality creeping up on you?

You all need to WAKE UP !!

Like I said , these people no longer hide , they are in your face daily. Plato once said the price of apathy toward government is to be ruled by wolves and tyrants !

Plato was very perceptive.

So I leave this with you in the hope you will at least look into what I am saying.

I am just planting a seed in the hope it will grow in us all, praying that you may become more aware of this spiritual battle we are all in. If it grows great! If not ,well that’s life .Either way I hope it does not ruin your happiness or your blissful ignorance.”

Be blessed, Mat



Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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2 years ago

Deep state, this leaves plenty of food for thought. As an atheist myself I wouldn’t put a religious context to it, but I understand your principle. Very good article thanks.

Dave Middleton
2 years ago

Good article. One factual point China’s population is currently in decline, hence the lifting of the 2 child policy.