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I am furious about Brexit, I am incandescent with rage and have been for months now and it is a fury driven by many different reasons.  I am not furious at the people who voted to leave the EU, I fully understand why they voted that way, what I am furious at is being manipulated by politicians working solely for their own personal gain and this is an attempt to explain how that came about 

Brexit was not a last ditch effort by Cameron to save the Tories from defeat at the hands of a UKIP vote. Why? Because the Media sold that story to us for months and how truthful are they these days?  

18 months ago, we wrote a report about the Birth of Brexit, and while nothing has changed since then, we have added to our knowledge, and have added a few paragraphs to that report by way of an update. 

In short, a group of US and UK Businessmen and Politicians felt the UK was “Being dragged away from its special, relationship with the US by the European Union”, and thus set out to do something about it and so far it is working a treat. 

Part of the strategy to deliver us to the USA, trussed like a Thanksgiving Turkey, was to put in place a “Bogeyman” and you know the story by now, there always has to be a bogeyman to attack. 

Enter UKIP and MEP, Nigel Farage. If you look at Farages Wiki entry, you get the sense that he is just posh version of ‘Del Boy. Trotter, a chancer, dodging from 1 party to another with little conviction and a great deal of controversy, he is also calls anyone who opposes his world view. Scum! It can be no surprise that he has stood for election to parliament on 7 occasions and failed every time yet is treated by the media as a VIP, funny that!

Arron Banks publicly appeared on the UKIP scene in 2014 with a £1Million donation. When you look at his Wiki, he comes across as another chancer, well clothed in controversy. Starting with his expulsions from school, one of which was for “selling lead off the school roof”., his early career exploited his love of the bullshit era to the full. What do you think of this for example?  

According to The Guardian, by the age of 27, he was running a division of Norwich Union, a very large UK Insurance combine. The article also claims that he spent a year working for Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company of Warren Buffett. However, in another investigation, both Norwich Union and Warren Buffett reject Banks’ claim that he worked for them. He has since given UKIP 11 Million quid, honest mate!

Arron & Nigel & Del & Rodney

So here, we have it, the big Brexit roadshow is given to a couple of chancers and is now the shopfront for a major assault on UK democracy. If the truth behind the Americanisation of the UK gets out later, the cover story is fine and both Farage and Banks will be thrown under a big Red Bus.  

I would also like someone to explain to me why Farage and Banks spent so much time in Washington and Moscow while all this Brexit stuff was happening. Let’s face it, with all the Trump driven Moscow connections it comes across as a little fishy. 

Right on cue, we find Cambridge Analytica helping us join the dots, hired by Banks, Theresa May and Donald Trump at various times (Usually Election times). Do you believe in coincidences?  

CA mess about with data, obtained, often without the owner of that data knowing about it, and use it to deliver “Specially Tailored messages to match precisely the targeted demographic”. What this means is that they feed you suggestions and you cannot quite work out who did it and how. 

Alexander Nix, the former head of Cambridge analytics, has a couple of “Specially Tailored messages for everyone too….  

It is no good fighting an election (or referendum) campaign on facts, it is all about emotion.


Things do not have to be true, as long as they are believed.

Shortly after this CA disappeared up its own fundamental orifice somewhere deep in Companies House, it is no more, it has shuffled off this corporate coil Etc.,  

This brings up several points at once:- 

The Brexit Referendum, The Trump US Election, and a possible UK Election all subjected to the scrutiny and manipulation of data at the request of major players in those electoral proceedings….and we are supposed to believe that all 3 are just coincidence, do you still believe in them?

Cambridge Analytica is a subsidiary of the SCL Group who work with anyone who will hire them, from Defence Departments & Politicians to “Civil Rights “activists”. They boast about getting clients like Duterte of the Philippines elected to office.  Duterte has made it policy to tackle his in house “Drug Problem” using a popular new brand-name called “Deathsquad”. An age-old remedy guaranteed to remove those stubborn drug induced stains on the face of your society, just add lead then point and shoot!  

Well done SCL, you’re on to a winner there. Great news for British Industry, you must be proud and I hope you got paid. 

The Electoral Commission has established that Vote Leave, headed by Farage and Banks, broke the Law relating to campaign spending limits and hid it by putting the wobbly money in the name of another entity. Hardly an original strategy, and hardly clever from such brilliant business minds surely. It is looking likely that this massive overspend was to pay the CA/SCL bill. 

When you put all of these issues together, it is obvious they are all connected, and they are all the work of people very high up the food chain in World Politics. One thing is certain, none of this is Democracy in action, this is Fascism at work and it is not the only recent manifestation.  

All this has been covered elsewhere I know and there are links here to prove it, but the outrage and objections that have surfaced are missing a voice from the narrative, and it is ours.  

Psychological warfare was developed to intimidate and manipulate enemies of the state but private companies like CA and SCL have taken it a stage further, and turned it into a business opportunity, bad enough in its own right. Now add 2 shysters like Farage and Banks into the mix, and turn that very same technique on to your own population? Really? Nobody else see anything wrong in that? 

Now we find that social media accounts were raided to find that certain type of person susceptible to that certain type of message, nothing wrong with that either??? 

This is Mind Control plain and simple, funded by 2 spivs and operated on the We’re only in it for the money, principle, for the purposes of swinging a vote to make the UK leave the biggest single market during the most peaceful epoch in European history.(Remember that last bit for later)  

Frank Zappa performing The Slime in 1973

Check out the lyrics above from the 1973 Frank Zappa song – “I am the slime (from your TV Set)”, they were spot on in ’73, and are a thousand times more accurate in 2018 .

Nobody asked my permission to bombard me with weapons grade disinformation; they may NOT have my Facebook data to use for any purpose they like and I don’t give a fuck how much money there is to be made doing it.  

Creeps like Banks and Farage facilitating the manipulation of my mind, just because they have spare cash to enable it, is a direct assault on Democracy, and is not OK. 

Telling me lies in the hope that I believe them, is not OK. 

Withholding facts from me, while tugging at my emotions to distract me from making valid decisions at election time is not OK. 

Fast Forward to 2018, and bums are twitching, the time to leave the EU is getting close and none of the main Brexit supporters have a clue what is going on. 

July 2018  

The Tory party rigged a vote on a “Hard vs Soft” Brexit in the HoC by getting 3 paired MPs to miss the vote …Ooops.  

At the same vote, 2 of the most vociferous Remain politicians, Lib-Dems Tim Farron and Vince Cable did not bother to turn up, thus supporting the Tories themselves and Lib-erally failing to do their Dem-ocratic duty for their constituents in the process.  

So five votes side-lined and the government got their vote passed with a majority of three, and a perfect opportunity to get them out was wasted, how very convenient. Another coincidence perhaps. 

Plenty of food for my rage here then, but not what I am really driving at. The players in this nasty little Brexit drama are just that, players, actors filling roles in a systematic assault on Democracy.  

What really makes my blood boil about Brexit is the fact that it has been created for the sole purpose of diverting our attention away from the real, big and potentially fatal issues that need us and our inputs. If Democracy fails us now the planet is finished. 

Here are the main issues of the day that we should be talking about, not little shits like Farage, Banks or Boris ‘The Bollox” Johnson. I have skated through them I know, because if I stop to dwell on any particular one I will get sick with rage in the knowledge that all of these things can be tackled, but only by tackling greed first, and those that want a “New World Order” next. 

The order I have put these in is irrelevant, we tackle them all, or not at all. 

1. Climate change. 

This is the Planet Killer.  

The Elite are trying to pull up the drawbridge, even knowing that they can only prolong the agony for maybe a decade or so. It is all being done for the “Freedom” of Billionaires to spend their money how they like, instead of taking responsibility for their actions and paying their dues to a planet and its people that support them. If you think I am being alarmist, you are either a fool, or one of them.  

If you dispute the science, you need to ask yourself why ALL of the major fossil fuel corporations identified this doomsday scenario decades ago and consciously decided to deny all knowledge. Don’t take my word for it, see Shell, or Exxon. 

This undisputed evidence means that people like Trump, Pruitt, Monckton, and this band of cretins are in fact criminals. They are fully aware of the oncoming scenario and not only continue the process of generating more Co2, they hamper every attempt at stopping further damage and repairing the damage already done. 

All of this is facilitated by the politicians and supported 100% by the main stream media whose sole motive is money. They are sending us to our doom just so they get a bit longer to play with their toys. 

2. Biodiversity 

Oceans full of plastic, the Pacific is now radioactive thanks to a continuous feed of toxicity from Fukushima and every species of marine life now carrying plastic in its gut or toxic burns on its shells and skins. We still go on dumping stuff in the oceans and seem surprised when our fish are either gone or inedible. 

Bees are dying out, farmers continue the same AgriBizz monoculture routine, intensive fertiliser use, destroying the topsoil, forests trashed for cattle to graze, species become extinct that we have never even seen and the US EPA is a subsidiary of Monsanto and the Rockefeller (Green Revolution) dynasty 

Biodiversity? What Biodiversity? 

3. Resource Overshoot 

Every atom of Gold, Oil, or Tin, took millions of years to create and we are using them up way too fast, it really is as simple as that. We have geared the whole world up to relying on those resources for food, agriculture, transport and supply.  

When the resources dry up where is Plan B? We do not even have one for Brexit. We just had Earth Overshoot Day and how is Brexit going to help? Don’t tell me that we will make trade deals with distant lands because that is the worst thing we should be doing if we are to maintain a sustainable planet. Barking Mad is where we are at. The complexities of the problems we have made for ourselves are beyond the intelligence of individuals, it needs a concerted effort. We had one in the EU but now it is being trashed by spivs and greedy bastards. We are the pawns of the Billionaire Globalist Libertarian Ideology, we are just here to feed them and catch the odd crumb. 

4. Water scarcity. 

No Swimming

Fresh Water sources, springs, wells, even underground aquifers, are being bought up by the likes of Nestle. “Free Market economy” requires that when things get scarce, they get expensive, and water is getting scarcer every year. As climate changes and the increasing heat demands we use more water, the water supply is shrinking. The perfect example of “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”. We could forestall water scarcity, simple lo-tech systems are out there and they have been for years but they cannot be patented. The High Tech stuff is patented and will be put in place just in time to save enough people to be able to pay for it and make even more rich people richer 

5. Food scarcity. 

This one reared its head recently over Brexit. We were told by the Government that it wasn’t a problem, but it is of course. Our food chain is dependent on J.I.T. (or Just in Time ordering). Stores hold minimal stock and even the biggest of supermarkets can run out of product in a couple of hours. The Brexit debate has not considered the Border controls between the UK and the EU and it could happen that food runs short. The big picture is that with the climate changing rapidly, we may not get enough food anyway, but we sit fascinated watching the small picture. 

6. General pollution/Unrecyclable plastics.

Pollution is everywhere. Australia had a shock recently when they found that all of their recycling efforts; the separation of paper, plastics and glass etc, had been a complete waste of time. Their glorious government had been sending it, all mixed up again, to China to go to Landfills…! Yay, more Green revolution. Single use plastic bags, cups, bottles, spoons, knives, plates, forks, little gizmos to stop your plastic pizza sticking to the box, whatever did we do without them all before? (Wash the fucking dishes is what! Ed.)

7. Technological unemployment/wage slavery. 

Zero hours contracts, bots and robots, software packages, disposables, built in obsolescence, credit card debts, mortgages, getting on the housing ladder, (just try getting off it), cell phone usage, school and college fees, medical insurance, no medical insurance, smart meters, smart cards, smart TV,s, globalisation, bankruptcy, off shore banking, outsourcing, and on and on it goes. 

All of these things are connected and they don’t do anything for the ordinary working person but entrap them in a web of debt for the rest of their lives. When did any of those items help ordinary people have a better life? 

8. Government/Private debt. 

Through the roof, all of them.  

UK government debt is nigh on – £2,000,000,000,000 (Tn), 

UK personal debt as of 2018 – £207,000,000,000 (Bn) 

Average UK Credit card debt – £8,000 

1,900,000 people in the UK hide their debts from their partners 

National Debt by Country

9. Political nationalism/xenophobia. 

Go on tell me you have not seen any of this lately. Steve ‘Breitbart’ Bannon touring the UK to push his far right agenda. People stomping through the streets draped in flags yelling about Tommy Robinson and his right to Free speech.  

Robinson got dangerously close to having a court case overturned and guilty men set free, giving him little chance other than to plead guilty to the charge of contempt of court. That should have been the end of it but spurred on by the Trash media, more morons took to the streets to free him despite his guilty plea while giving the world the Nazi salute for good measure.  

We had a war against fascists a while back and the whole world took part, we will not be having another one, certainly not over tosspots like Robinson, Trump and Bannon. 

This veering of politics to the far right needs understanding in the context of what is taking place on the ground. NeoLib/NeoCon politics are a total failure. “Let’s scrap all the Banking rules Yay!” and right on cue “Boom”! The worst banking crisis of all time, still being felt 10 years later. 

“Do away with the precautionary principle, it gets in the way of making money”? 

No, it does not, it gets in the way of Big Business trashing the environment, it gets in the way of health epidemics when people have contaminated drinking water, it gets in the way of us using a years’ worth of Natural resources in 7 months. 

This all translates to very bad news because many of this Right Wing movement do not actually have to work for a living, they are part of a growing leisure class, born into money and with nothing better to do with their time than fuck about experimenting with other peoples health, education and security…and we didn’t vote for any of that shit either. 

Of course any attempt at getting the ship back on an even keel hurts these leisure folk, they do not want to pay more taxes or have to follow more damned rules and regulations they want Freedom FFS! …and so the ship lists even farther to the right until it goes into full capsize mode, better known as WW3. 

The entire Democratic process needs a major strip down and rebuild. The US, the UK, and the EU need to look at cleaning the house. Donald Trump was quite right about cleaning the swamp, but it’s a big deep swamp and Trump hasn’t even realised yet that he is working for the Masters of the Swamp. 

WW2 should have taught us a lesson, Brown Shirts and Nazis called themselves National Socialists, but they were fascists. Extreme right groups like the KKK, called themselves all kinds of things but the are just fascists too.  

Fascism is where you start in the Centre of Politics and spread out to the left and the right, and if you continue these paths to the extreme, they meet at a point we call Fascism, and these are just a few ways to recognise it,  

The last time fascists rose up and started trashing things, we ended up with WW2, the next time they do it we have to smash THEM up before we get to WW3.

Remember I spoke of war earlier? You need to know that the people that are driving this movement absolutely love war, they do not engage in the fighting, just the supply of very expensive weapons…..and the money to buy them. War makes a few hundred people even richer than they are now, and they already have enough, and I’ve had enough of them. 

Another article you may be interested in….. The Birth of BrExit.


Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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