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Because Spring didn’t know

This is one of the key reasons we started the Dangerous Globe back in 2016, was to share stuff from around the world and give everyone a chance to read things not normally written in English.

Below is a translation of a translation, the original is an Italian lady with a lovely mind, Irene Velle, and her story/poem was translated into Dutch by Susan Blanco

We took it a stage further.

I have a feeling that this could make the world a nicer and less Dangerous Globe after all



It was the beginning of 2020…

the people had a long dark winter behind them

February was a restless month, with many storms and heavy rains

Nature was unsettled, as if it wanted to tell us something

…it was as if nature wanted to warn us of something

And then it was March


March 2020

The streets were empty, most shops were closed

most of our cars stood at the side of the road, unused.

people almost never went outside

all over the world, entire nations went into lock down

we didn’t really believe it, it seemed surreal, but it happened,

we all knew what was going on.


But the Spring didn’t know

the Flowers bloomed, the Sun shone

the first beautiful spring day for a long time had arrived

Swallows came back, and the sky was coloured blue, evenings got lighter, and in the morning, the light arrived ever earlier through the window


March 2020

Students were studying alone online

children had no choice but to play at home… adolescents were bored…parents didn’t know what to do

people only left their homes to fetch groceries or walk dogs

offices, hotels,restaurants, football matches and bars, almost everything was closed,

The army began to guard exits and borders

people began working from home, business people ran into problems

and most children couldn’t go to school

Suddenly there was no more room in the Hospitals, all routine procedures and surgeries were stopped

Everybody knew


But the Spring didn’t know

she sprouted and blossomed, completing her incredible yearly display

she treated us to her very best flowers, and the scent that they gave us

it was March 2020


Everyone sat at home, quarantined, either for their own health or as a precaution for others,

some people could no longer go to work, everyone was uncertain, insecure

hugging, kissing or even shaking hands had suddenly become dangerous, a threat

everybody had to keep a safe distance from each other, which was horrible

supermarket shelves were empty and all the enjoyable things had stopped,

a line had been drawn, and nobody knew when it would be removed

people had their freedom limited, though there was a peace

All over the world people fell ill … it was highly contagious

There was isolation, sickness and panic…

…and the fear became even more real


The days all seemed to be the same..and weeks grew even longer

everybody hoped that there would be no more regulations

No more harsh restrictions

people were acting as though trapped in a movie, waiting for the hero to arrive

The world was ‘Delayed” but this was not a holiday journey

Nobody expected this

Yet everybody knew


But the Spring didn’t know

and the roses carried on flowering

magnolia buds got bigger

birds got busy building their nests


And then…

The pleasure of cooking and eating together was rediscovered

everyone was busy with tips for things to do at home with the children

it was again time to write, and to read, people let their imaginations run wild

boredom turned into creativity

Some people learned a new language, some discovered art

Some discovered that they hadn’t really been living, and found a path back to themselves

Some stopped pointlessly arguing

everybody, from one day to the next, had found more time for their families.

one closed the office and opened a Café for 4 people

others left their rusted-up relationships to seek a new Love of their Life

or offered to fetch groceries or cook for vulnerable people

everybody suddenly knew what a “Vital Occupation” really was

These people became heroes, and were valued more than ever before

people played music with each other, or sang in harmony with each other…from different places… so that they could be together.

some kept an eye open for loneliness, and tried to do something about it.

and some people actually started to recover from their stressful lives

total strangers spontaneously began to talk to each other

some made and flew paper aeroplanes out of windows with their phone numbers on them, the lonely finders could call that number for a chat

Governments helped business and people financially, stopping bankruptcies and unemployment

retired care personnel offered to return and help with caring for the sick

Life appeared from everywhere to volunteer and offer help, everybody wanted to do something

At 8 pm each evening millions of people worldwide people stopped what they were doing and opened windows, loudly applauding the doctors, nurses and care givers

those people that had lived dangerously while working tirelessly to keep hospitals open and people alive


it was the year in which the importance of health and connection, of togetherness and of social contacts,, maybe even of his calling,  was recognized

This did something to everybody

The economy almost went down, but it didn’t stop, it just reinvented itself

It was the year when the world seemed to stop, but also the year when we would all come together in the history books …

We all knew


But the Spring didn’t know

And the flowers kept on blooming

And the trees burst into life

And it got much warmer

And there were more and more birds


And then…came the day of freedom

everyone watched TV, we were told that the Emergency had passed

The Virus had lost and the whole of society, working together, had won

everyone took to the streets…tears in their eyes, no more gloves and masks, neighbors hugging like they were brothers and sisters

the world was more beautiful than ever, with the people more human and loving

They had recovered their values, and their norms, peoples hearts were open again…only to positive consequences, not negatives

Because everything had stood still, Mother earth could breathe again, she too was healing from some of the things we did to her


And then came the summer

(because spring didn’t even know she was still there)

despite everything

despite the virus

despite the dead


Even though the spring did not know

everyone finally learned the power of love and life

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