Another piece from the pen of Paul Cudenec, this one is about activating the Power of Life within each and every one of us. I have never experienced any other moment in my adult life when this advice was more necessary than it is now.

Short, sweet, and very much to the point. Thank you Paul.

Tony Broomfield. Boxing Day 2021, originally published here on the Winter Oak Blog



When an animal, such as a human being, finds itself confronted with a grave and immediate danger to its life, it reacts in a very particular way.

Understanding the severity of the situation, it releases in itself a reserve of defensive energy which it has held back for such an emergency – this, it knows, is the time to make use of its last-resort capacity.

I feel we have now reached that point with regard to the transhumanist technocratic tyranny being imposed on us under the so-called Great Reset.

We have all perhaps spent too much time discussing exactly what label we should apply to this malevolent force.

Its essence – that of a ruling minority with an insatiable lust for power and control, which it is able to gain by means of money – has until now usually been described as capitalism.

But it has now gone beyond that phase into hitherto-uncharted territory: old-fashioned capitalism was no more than the egg from which this monster hatched.

With its ruthless authoritarianism, its shameless use of the machineries of the state for private gain, its obsession with production, technology and a “scientific” remodelling of humankind, it looks a lot like 20th century fascism.

However, it is a 21st century phenomenon and goes so far in its worship of the machine, of artificiality in general, that it amounts to nothing less than a war on everything that is natural, organic, living – including us, our bodies, our children.

The time has therefore come, if we haven’t already done so, to pour everything we have into defending ourselves against this vile abomination, whatever we choose to call it.

The first step is to see through its smokescreen of lies and distraction to grasp that the threat to our existence comes not from “the virus” but from the system using this as a device for its own corrupt ends.

The second step, once that is clear, is to access our emergency life-protecting energy so as to be able to deploy it against this unprecedented threat.

This initially has to take place within each individual.

Now is the right time of year to be doing this, here in the Northern Hemisphere at least. After the Winter Solstice, the days gradually start lengthening, barely perceptibly at first, with this process accelerating from February into the glorious return of life and light. We can usefully align our efforts with nature’s tide of renewal.

The way in which we manifest our energy will vary enormously from person to person.

But the important thing is that the determined strength we feel within ourselves is seen and sensed by others, that it pours itself into something bigger.

Attending a protest can be a good way of doing this, of course, or putting up posters or banners in your window or your town, handing out leaflets, simply talking to as many people as possible…

We all have own way of doing things, but I think we now each have to go a lot further than we have been previously prepared to go.

A loop of positive human energy spinning faster and faster until it is simply glowing, pulsating, with potential


When each individual’s life-preserving energy makes itself seen and felt, it provokes the same response in others.

This energy itself then reinforces the first individual’s sense of empowerment and pushes it up to new levels.

Once this collective process gets going, it will feed off itself, gather speed, take on a life of its own.

It becomes what Gustav Landauer called Wahn, spirit with momentum, a loop of positive human energy spinning faster and faster until it is simply glowing, pulsating, with potential.

This is what we need above all in 2022: a red-hot hurricane of vibrant life-force which will tear into the machineries and mentalities of tyranny, rip them apart, reduce them to rubble and ashes, and clear the ground for a calm and verdant future grown in the fertile soil of nature and freedom.

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

A free to use, comprehensive and independent search engine which is about to become your favourite.

TheReal.News is a search engine that has had the spin removed. We use sites that we have studied for some time and monitored for integrity and we don’t use sites that we have seen which either spin or lie their way to the front page. Everybody is biased in some way or they aren’t breathing, but Bias and Bollocks are not the same thing.

People that tell the truth are quite easy to find because they cite references and sources to back up what they say. The opposite is also true.

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