Swine Flu - Revenge of Frankenstein

What follows is a Transcript from a 1979 CBS “60 Minutes” News report by Mike Wallace, a Journalist, unlike most who use the title these days.

The YouTube video, a very poor copy, is still online Here*. It is about the “Outbreak”of Swine Flu in America 3 years earlier in 1976, a year I remember well. In the UK we had a heatwave that lasted from May to October and large areas of the UK suffered a drought and some extensive wild fires. We didnt have any Swine Flu worth mentioning

We downloaded a copy of the film, because this sort of material has been known to disappear, like a lot of Modern History, and people tend not to believe things they dont see with their own eyes. I am also old fashioned enough to prefer reading a text sometimes in order to digest it, and nip backwards and forwards if I missed something, or need to check something out, which is tedious when watching a video.

I am curious to know if anyone recognises certain aspects and if any differences or parallels can be drawn.


Mike Wallace CBS       The flu season is upon us… which type will we worry about this year …and what kind of shots will we be told to take?

Remember the swine flu scare of 1976? That was the year the US government told us all that swine flu could turn out to be a killer that could spread across the nation. And Washington decided that every man woman and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nationwide outbreak, a pandemic

Well 46 million of us obediently took the shot and now four thousand Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to three and a half billion dollars because of what happened when they took that shot by far the greatest number of the claims two-thirds of them are for neurological damage or even death allegedly triggered by the flu shot.

We pick up the story back in 1976 when the threat posed by the swine flu virus seemed very real indeed.

Gerald Ford President of USA

“This virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919 that resulted in over half a million deaths in the United States as well as 20 million deaths around the world”

Film Narrator              See how easy it is ……..

Film Narrator              “plus the US government’s publicity machine was cranked into action to urge all America to protect itself against the swine flu menace”

Film Narrator               “Influenza is serious business. During major flu epidemics millions of people are sick and thousands die. Well, this year you can get protection. The vaccines are safe, easy to take and they can protect you against flu. So roll up your sleeve, protect yourself.


Mike Wallace              One of those who did roll up her sleeve was Judy Roberts, she was perfectly healthy an active woman, when in November of 1976 she took her shot. Two weeks later she says she began to feel a numbness starting up her legs

Judy Roberts               I joked about it that time I said I’ll be numb to the knees by Friday is if this keeps up. By the following week I was totally paralyzed

Mike Wallace              So completely paralyzed in fact that they had to operate on her to enable her to breathe and for six months Judy Roberts was a quadriplegic. The diagnosis? A neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome GBS for short. These neurological diseases are little understood, they affect people in different ways as you can see in these home movies taken by a friend. Judy Roberts paralysis confined her mostly to a wheelchair for over a year. But this disease can even kill. Indeed, there are three hundred claims now pending from the families of GBS victims who died allegedly as a result of the swine flu shot. In other GBS victims the crippling effects diminish and all but disappear, but for Judy Roberts progress back to good health has been painful and partial.

Now I noticed that your smile Judy is a little bit constricted

Judy Roberts               Yes it is

Mike Wallace              Is it different from what it used to be?

Judy Roberts               Very different I have a greatly decreased mobility in my lips and I can’t drink through a straw on the right hand side. I can’t blow out birthday candles. I don’t whistle anymore, for which my husband is grateful

Mike Wallace              It may be a little difficult for you to answer this question but have you recovered as much as you are going to recover?

Judy Roberts               Yes this… this is it

Mike Wallace              So you will now have a legacy of braces on your legs for the rest of your life?

Judy Roberts               Yes the weakness in my hands will stay and the leg braces will stay.

Film Narrator              So Judy Roberts and her husband have filed a claim against the US government. They’re asking twelve million dollars, though they don’t expect to get nearly that much

Mike Wallace              Judy why did you take the flu shot?

Judy Roberts               I’d never taken any other flu shots but I felt like this was going to be a major epidemic and the only way to prevent a major epidemic of a really deadly variety of flu was for everybody to be immunized.

Film Narrator              Where did this so-called deadly variety of flu, where did it first hit, back in 1976? It began right here at Fort Dix, in New Jersey, in January of that year when a number of recruits began to complain of respiratory ailments something like the common cold. An army doctor here sent samples of their throat cultures to the New Jersey public health lab to find out just what kind of bug was going around here. One of those samples was from a Private David Lewis who had left his sick bed to go on a forced march. Private Lewis had collapsed on that march and his sergeant had revived him by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but the sergeant showed no signs of illness.

A few days later Private Lewis died

Judy Roberts               If this disease is so potentially fatal that it is going to kill a young healthy man a middle-aged school teacher doesn’t have prayer

Mike Wallace              The new jersey lab identified most of those soldiers throat cultures as the normal kind of flu virus going around that year but they could not make out what kind of virus was in the culture from the dead soldier and from four others who were sick. So they sent those cultures to the Federal Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia for further study. A few days later they got the verdict. Swine Flu.

Film Narrator              But that much publicized outbreak of swine flu at Fort Dix involved only Private Lewis who died and those four other soldiers who recovered completely without the swine flu shot

Judy Roberts               If I had known at that time that the boy had been in a sick bed got up went out on a forced march and then collapsed and died I would never have taken a shot.


Dr David Sencer CDC Head of CDC                 The rationale for our recommendation was not on the basis of the death of a single individual but it was on the basis that when we do see a change in the characteristics of the influenza virus it is a massive public health problem in this country

Film Narrator              Dr David Sencer then head of the CDC the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta is now in private industry. He devised the swine flu program and he pushed it

Mike Wallace              You began to give flu shots to the American people in October of ’76.

Dr David Sencer CDC  October 1st

Mike Wallace              By that time how many cases of swine flu around the world had been reported

Dr David Sencer CDC   There had been uh several reported but none confirmed. there had been cases in Australia that were reported by the press uh by the news media there were cases in…

Mike Wallace              …..none confirmed! Did you ever uncover any other outbreaks of swine flu anywhere in the world?

Dr David Sencer CDC   No


Film Narrator              Now nearly everyone was to receive the shot in a public health facility where a doctor might not be present. Therefore, it was up to the CDC to come up with some kind of official consent form giving the public all the information it needed about the swine flu shot. This form stated that the swine flu vaccine had been tested. What it didn’t say was that after those tests were completed the scientists developed another vaccine and that was the one given to most of the 46 million who took the shot. That vaccine was called X-53a.


Mike Wallace              Was X-53a ever field tested?

Dr David Sencer CDC   Uh I… uh….I… can’t say I would have to uh….

Mike Wallace              It wasn’t!

Dr David Sencer CDC   I don’t know!

Mike Wallace              Well I would think that you’re in charge of the program……

Dr David Sencer CDC  I would have to check uh the records I haven’t uh, looked at this in some time.

Film Narrator              The information form the consent form was also supposed to warn people about any risks of serious complications following the shot but did it?


Judy Roberts               No I had never heard of any reactions other than a sore arm, fever, this sort of thing

Mike Wallace              Judy Robert’s husband Gene also took the shot

Gene Roberts              Yes I looked at that document I signed it, nothing on there said I was gonna to have a heart attack or get Guillain-Barre, which I never heard of.

Mike Wallace              What if people from the government from the Centre for Disease control, what if they had indeed known about it, what would be your feeling?

Judy Roberts               They should have told us.


Mike Wallace              Did anyone ever come to you and say, “you know something fellas there’s the possibility of neurological damage if you get into a mass immunization program”?

Dr David Sencer CDC No

Mike Wallace              No one ever did?

Dr David Sencer CDC   No

Mike Wallace              Do you know Michael Hattwick?

Dr David Sencer CDC   Yes


Mike Wallace              Dr Michael Hattwick directed the surveillance team for the swine flu program at the CDC. His job was to find out what possible complications could arise from taking the shot and to report his findings to those in charge.


Mike Wallace              Did you know ahead of time Dr Hattwick that there had been case reports of neurological disorders, neurological illness, apparently associated with the injection of influenza vaccine?

Dr Hattwick CDC         Absolutely

Mike Wallace              You did?

Dr Hattwick CDC         Yes

Mike Wallace              How’d you know that?

Dr Hattwick CDC         By review of the literature

Mike Wallace              So you told your superiors the men in charge of the swine flu immunization program about the possibility of neurological disorders?

Dr Hattwick CDC         Absolutely

Mike Wallace              What would you say if I told you that your superiors say that you never told them about the possibility of neurological complications?

Dr Hattwick CDC         That’s nonsense, I can’t believe that they would say that they did not know that there were neurological illnesses associated with influenza vaccination, that simply is not true. We did know that.


Dr David Sencer CDC  I’ve said that Dr Hattwick had never told me of his uh feelings on this subject uhm…

Mike Wallace              Then he’s lying?

Dr David Sencer CDC   I guess you would have to make that assumption

Mike Wallace              Then why does this report from your own agency dated July 1976 list neurological complications as a possibility

Dr David Sencer CDC   I think the uh consensus of the scientific community was that the evidence relating neurologic disorders to influenza immunization such that they did not feel that this association was a real one

Mike Wallace              You didn’t feel it was necessary to tell American people that information?

Dr David Sencer CDC   Uh I think that over the years we have tried to inform the American people as fully as possible.


Film Narrator              As part of informing Americans about the swine flu threat Dr Sensor CDC also helped create the advertising to get the public to take the shot.


Mike Wallace              Let me read to you from one of your own agencies memos planning the campaign to urge Americans to take the shot, “The swine flu vaccine has been taken by many important persons, he wrote… example President Ford, Henry Kissinger, Elton John, Muhammad Ali, Mary Tyler Moore, Rudolph Nureyev, Walter Cronkite, Ralph Nader, Edward Kennedy etc. etc. true?

Dr David Sencer CDC  I’m not familiar with that particular piece of paper uh but i do know that at least of that group President Ford did take the vaccination

Mike Wallace             Did you talk to these people beforehand to find out if they planned to take the shot?

Dr David Sencer CDC  I did not, No

Mike Wallace              did anybody?

Dr David Sencer CDC   I do not know

Mike Wallace              Did you get permission to use their names in your campaign?

Dr David Sencer CDC   I do not know


Mike Wallace                Mary did you take a swine flu shot?

Mary Tyler Moore       No I did not

Mike Wallace               Did you give them permission to use your name saying that you had or were going to?

Mary Tyler Moore       Absolutely not, never did.

Mike Wallace               Did you ask your own doctor about taking the swine flu shot?

Mary Tyler Moore       Yes and at the time he thought it might be a good idea um but I resisted it because I was leery of having the symptoms that sometimes go with that kind of inoculation

Mike Wallace              So you didn’t?

Mary Tyler Moore       No, I didn’t

Mike Wallace              Have you spoken to your doctor since?

Mary Tyler Moore       Yes and he’s delighted that I didn’t take that shot.


Mike Wallace              You’re in charge somebody’s in charge

Dr David Sencer CDC  There are…..

Mike Wallace              This is your advertising strategy that I have a copy of here

Dr David Sencer CDC  Who’s it signed by?

Mike Wallace              This one is unsigned but you’ll acknowledge that it was your baby so to speak?

Dr David Sencer CDC  Could have been from the department of health education welfare could be from CDC I don’t know, I’ll be happy to take uh responsibility for it.


Mike Wallace              It’s been three years now since you fell ill with GBS Right?

Judy Roberts               Right

Mike Wallace              Has the federal government in your estimation played fair with you about your claim?

Judy Roberts               No I don’t think so, it seems to be dragging on and on and on and really no end in sight that i can see at this point

Joseph Califano           Possible newsreel footage “ with respect to the cases of Guillain-Barre allegedly…….

Mike Wallace              ….. former secretary of HEW (Health Education Welfare Dept) Joseph Califano too was disturbed that there was no end in sight so a year and a half ago he promised that Uncle Sam would cut the bureaucratic red tape for victims suffering from GBS and would pay up quickly.

Joseph Califano           We shouldn’t hold them to an impossible or too difficult standard of proving that they were hurt even if we pay a few people a few thousand dollars that might not have deserved it …I think justice requires that we promptly pay those people who do deserve it.

Mike Wallace                Who’s making the decision to be so hard-nosed about settling?

Joseph Califano            Well I assume the justice department is

Mike Wallace                Griffin Bell before he left?

Joseph Califano           Well the justice department agreed to the statement I made, it was cleared word for word with the lawyers in the justice department by my HEW lawyers, and that statement said in effect, ……that statement said that we should pay Guillain-Barre claims without regard to whether the federal government was negligent if they were…if they resulted from the swine flu shot

Joseph Califano           I think the government knows it’s wrong

Judy Roberts               If it drags out long enough then people will just give up… let it go

Gene Roberts             I am a little more adamant in my thoughts than my wife, …it is because uh I asked.. told you to take the shot. She wasn’t going to take it and uh she never had had shots and uh I’m mad with my government because they knew the facts but they didn’t release those facts. Because they if they had released them the people wouldn’t take it and they can come out tomorrow and tell me there’s going to be an epidemic and they can drop off like flies next to me ….I will not take another shot that my government tells me to take

Mike Wallace              meantime Judy Roberts and some four thousand others like her are still waiting for their day in court.


End of Piece…followed by exmples of advertsing at that time

Advert 1                      I don’t need another flu shot I had a flu shot last year a swine flu epidemic may be coming

Advert 2                      swine flu shot well I don’t know I’ve been thinking about it… it could make you very sick

Advert 3                      Blue man, I’m too fast for that to catch me you’ll want to be protected

Advert 4                      I’m the healthiest 55-year-old you’ve ever seen Hey I play golf every weekend get a shot of protection the swine flu shot

Advert 5                      Joe brought it home from the office he gave it to Betty and one of his kids and to Betty’s mother but Betty’s mother went back to California the next day on her way to the airport, she gave it to a cab driver, a ticket agent and one of the charming stewardesses at school, Joe’s kid gave it to some other kids and Mrs Merrell got it and gave it to her husband, in California Betty’s mother gave it to her best friend Dottie but daddy had a heart condition and he died but before she died daddy gave it to her girlfriend.

If a swine flu epidemic comes this is how it could spread you’ll want to be protected especially if you’re elderly or chronically ill.

Get a shot of protection the swine flu shot



  • The link to the video posted at the top of the page* is on YouTube, which has removed this video on several occassions, so it might not work by the time you read this. The exact same piece is on the website of CHD, Childrens Health Defense, here.  In some parts of the world you may get a warning about this site that tells you that reading anything written by Robert Kennedy, the owner of that site, will melt your brain and give your entire neighbourhood Covid 19. It will not.
  • I only came across the fact that the video was on CHD while reading Kennedys new book about Anthony Fauci and others.  I had already spent considerable hours transcribing the text of the video, when I found that CHD already had the transcript under the video itself. A Double Bugger thus. That said, the words spoken are a powerful testament to the lengths that some people will go to to create vast wealth and status for themselves. They can pull down a video but they cannot burn all the books.
  • Somebody challenged us on Social Media about the number of deaths claimed under the 1976 Swine Flu pandemic, they had “Fact Checked” it, so we checked their Fact Checking. We found that the Bill Gates-funded fact-checking organization, Politifact, worked with Pharma-funded fact-checkers like FactCheck, which receives, funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The current CEO is Richard Besser, former acting head of the CDC, which owns $1.8 billion in Johnson & Johnson stock. The fact checkers prime function seems to be “debunking” stories and studies of vaccine injuries. There is only one Death attributed to the 1976 Swine flu fiasco and that is of a young soldier doing what soldiers are trained to do, he got up out of bed, after complaining of flue like symptoms, and went on a 5 mile forced march with his comrades. He collapsed during the march and had to receive mouth2mouth and died 2 days later.
  • One of these fact checkers stated that the 1976 Swine Flu film was not to be trusted as some of the numbers didn’t stack up and there was little evidence about the event to corroborate them, so we should all discount the films veracity. We called them out on this but as yet no response.
  • A study was made of the whole sorry affair, and the OFFICIAL history of it is readily available in Book form Here.  It goes into great detail, and I would advise a trip to its timeline analysis on Page 104 to get a feel of the thing…and to see the very first items that appear on it. In this respect, on the 5th January 1976, the first entry is                                                                                                   “Dr. Bruce Dull, Assistant Director for Programs of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), submits a memo to HEW Secretary David Mathews, sent via CDC director Dr. David Sencer and Assistant HEW Secretary for Health, Dr. Theodore Cooper; Dull states that liability problems may drive vaccine manufacturers out of business, and recommends that the Secretary support legislation to indemnify the manufacturers or to compensate all victims of vaccine”   Which happened just days before the unfortunate soldier died, and a pandemic was declared.

It seems that for all of my life I have been witnessing the struggle between “Big Business” and “The People that is modern America. The Business side is usually a blend of Big Pharma and Big Agri-Chemical giants, and the nature of their business makes the “discovery”of new stuff to poison the world with a very lucrative business indeed.


“The People” used to be represented by an elected Government, who would then set up specific agencies to look after the interests of “The People”  and to monitor and regulate specific areas. The checks and balances took the form of agencies like the FDA, FCC, EPA, CDC, NIH and NIAID, but over the years the agencies have become the instruments of big business,  They are what we call Captured Agencies and they really have no interest in the “Public Interest”. To complete the capture of the whole governing system, 99% of the worlds media are in the hands of the 0.001%, and guess who they serve, because it certainly isnt you or I

All the public have to fall back on now is the mere thought that the truth comes out in the end. Granted it may take a while, sometimes a decade or two, but out it comes nonetheless, but in the time it takes to surface however, many people are killed. A clear and lasting definition of the very end of Democracy as we knew it.


“Things will not be the same” we are told.

“There will be no return to the old way”, sing Schwab, Gates, Trudeau and Biden in fully rehearsed Chorus.

The democracy that our forefathers fought and died for has been converted into $$Trillions so that 0.001% of the planet get to rule over us and keep all the goodies for themselves.

The irony is that all of the helpers and minions that helped pull this woolly stunt over our eyes will be discarded the moment they have served their purpose, but for now they can be seen all over the world clubbing heads and shooting people to death for their masters.

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Another great site by the Dangerous Globe

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